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Enoch Reuben Adamson

Enoch Reuben Adamson
birth: 19 Feb 1841 in Delaware County, Indiana to Andrew Jackson Adamson and Rachel Ann Garner
death: 7 Jan 1910 in McAlester, Pittsburg, Oklahoma
burial: Rogers City Cemetery, Rodger, Benton, Arkansas

marriage: 18 Oct 1868 in Oregon, Holt, Missouri
Mary Elizabeth “Molly” Harmon
birth: 14 Jul 1849 in Boone County, Indiana to William Alexander Harmon and Emma Elizabeth Miller
death: 13 Sep 1912 in Rogers, Benton, Arkansas
burial: Rogers City Cemetery, Rodger, Benton, Arkansas

Children of Mary Elizabeth “Molly” Harmon and Enoch Reuben Adamson:

  • Lee Harmon Adamson (1869 – 1949), m. 1899 Anna Blake
  • Minnie M Adamson (1872 – 1927), m. 1894 Elias Ernest Musselman
  • Blanche Adamson (1877 – 1905), never married
  • Ray Weymouth Adamson (1855 – 1958), m. 1912 Mary May Harrison
  • Clair Donald Adamson (1892 – 1969), m. 1919 Lena B Dorough

Enoch Reuben Adamson Lived In:

  • 1841- born in Delaware County, Indiana
  • by 1860, the family lived in Taylor Twp, Howard Co, Indiana
  • 1861- enlisted in the Civil War from Kokomo, Howard, Indiana
  • 1865- joined his family, who had moved to Bremer County, Iowa
  • 1872 through 1880- lived near Kansas
  • 1880- Found in Chautauqua County, Kansas on the census
  • 1881- Settled in Pierce City (at the time, Peirce City), Missouri
  • Between 1884 – 1892- Moved to Rogers, Benton, Arkansas
  • 1910- Died in McAlester, Pittsburg, Oklahoma, buried in Rogers, Benton, Arkansas

Other Information:

Enoch Reuben Adamson was born about 1841 in Delaware County, Indiana and is with his family there in 1850. By 1860, the family lived in Taylor Twp, Howard County, Indiana. He enlisted in the Civil War in 1861 from Kokomo, Howard, Indiana. About 1863, while Enoch Reuben Adamson was serving in the war, his family moved to Iowa. He joined them there in 1865. He moved to near Kansas in 1872 and lived there until December of 1880. He is found in the 1880 census in Chautauqua County, Kansas. After a visit back to Kokomo to see family, he settled in Pierce City (Peirce City), Missouri in 1881. Sometime between 1884 and 1892, the family moved to Rogers, Benton, Arkansas.

Service records from NARA reveal Enoch Reuben Adamson enlisted 19 Apr 1861 at Kokomo, Howard, Indiana. He mustered in 22 Apr 1861 as a private in Company F (which became Co. D), 6th Regiment of the Indiana Infantry. He mustered out on 2 Aug 1861 after serving his three months. His age was given as twenty years. Enoch Reuben Adamson then re-enlisted in the 57th Regiment, Company G. He was a 1st Sergeant when he enlisted, a 1st Lieutenant when mustered out. The 57th was mustered in 18 Nov 1861.

There is a Pension File for Enoch R Adamson filed under Certificate #704100, Mary, Widow of Enoch R Adamson. On 19 Feb 1910, Mary Adamson applied for her benefits as the widow of Enoch R Adamson. She was living in Rogers, Arkansas at that time and her husband had previously received a pension. She states that Enoch was commissioned Lieutenant at Indianapolis on 12 Feb 1863. She was married as Mary Harmon at Oregon, Missouri on 18 Oct 1868 by J L Hatfield, VDM. She had been previously married nor had he. He died 7 Jan 1910 at McAlester, OK.

ADAMSON, E. R. – E. R. Adamson died Friday, January 7th in the hospital at McAlester, Okla. the result of pneumonia and complications. The body was brought to Rogers and funeral services were held Monday afternoon at two o’clock at the Presbyterian church and were conducted by the pastor, Rev. Arnett. Interment was in the Rogers cemetery. Mr. Adamson had been in charge of a Rock Island bridge gang the past three months with headquarters at Haileyville, Okla. Christmas Day he was sent to Shawnee to assist in clearing away the wrecked machine shops where a number of men were killed by the explosion of a locomotive boiler. He caught a severe cold and was ordered to the hospital January 1st. He rapidly grew worse and died before any of the family could reach him. “Col” Adamson, as he was familiarly known, was born February 19, 1854 at Kokomo, Howard county, Indiana. He grew to manhood there and served four years in the Civil War in an Indiana regiment. After the war he went to Missouri and October 12, 1870 was married to Miss Mary E. Harmon of Oregon, Mo. To them were born seven children, four of whom with their mother survive him. They are Mrs. E. E. Musselman of  Rogers and Lee, Ray, and Claire, who have been the past year at Quanah Texas. Two children died at Peirce City, Mo. and Miss Blanche died here several years ago. Mr. Adamson had been a Frisco employee for twenty-seven years, commencing about the time the Frisco company began work on the line south from Monett. He had always been in the bridge and carpenter department and in charge of a regular crew. The family moved to Rogers from Peirce City in 1890. In 1897 Mr. Adamson took charge of the Commercial Hotel of Rogers and owned it for about three years, although he was himself in charge and off the road for only one year. He was elected mayor of Rogers that spring and served with credit to himself and the town. For a number of years Mr. Adamson had owned a large fruit farm near Chester and a little over two years ago they moved down there to give it their personal supervision. Mrs. Adamson and the boys will retain the farm this year at least. Mr. Adamson was one of the most popular men that ever lived in Rogers and his list of friends was only limited by the number of his acquaintances. Big, jolly and with a hearty welcome for everyone, he was known from one end of the division to the other and the news of his sudden death will be learned with much regret by all. Mrs. Adamson and children request us to thank the friends who so kindly assisted her in preparing and conducting the funeral and for other kindnesses shown.   [“Rogers Democrat” – Rogers, Benton County, Arkansas, 13 Jan 1910] *

*It should be noted that Enoch Reuben Adamson’s birth date and place as well as the year of his marriage are incorrect in the obituary.

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Kay Haden
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John L Harmon

John L Harmon
birth: about 1767 in Virginia, father possibly William Harmon of Crooked Creek, Montgomery, VA
death: 1825 in Marion Co, Indiana
burial: Old Cotton Cemetery, Pike Twp, Marion Co, Indiana

marriage: 16 Dec 1787 in Montgomery Co, Va
Elizabeth Byrd
birth: about 1771 in Virginia to John Byrd and Sarah ( unknown). (Sarah Byrd married William Burch after John’s death)
death: after 1850, Carrol Co, Indiana
burial: maybe at Harmon Christian Church Cemetery, Harmon, Knox, Indiana

Children of Elizabeth Byrd and John L Harmon:

  • William W Harmon (1788 – 1866), m. 1814 Nancy Campbell
  • Richard Harmon (1793 – after 1860), m. about 1811 Mary (unknown)
  • John Bird Harmon (1795 – 1860), m. 1818 Mary Findley
  • James Harmon (1797 – 1847), m. 1816 Philadelphia Dickerson
  • Nancy Jane Harmon (1799 – 1872), m. (1) 1816 William Christ, (2) 1819 Robert Mitchell, (3) 1827 Chesley Wray
  • Mildred Harmon (1801 – 1838), m. 1821 Hiram Hamilton Lewis
  • Sarah Harmon (1803 – after 1860), m. (1) 1819 John Adams, (2) 1835 Nathaniel P Walters
  • Mary Harmon ((1805 – 1880), m. 1827 Alexus Jackson
  • Elizabeth Harmon (about 1807 – died young)
  • Hiram H Harmon (1810 – 1836), m. 1831 Ruth Parrish
  • Charles Harmon (1811 – 1883), m. (1) 1831 Elizabeth Rodman, (2) 1873 Mary Pitzer

Where John L Harmon lived:

  • about 1767- Born in Virginia
  • about 1820- John migrated to join his sons in Marion Co, IN
  • 1825- Died in Marion Co, IN

Other Information:

John L Harmon was likely born in Virginia as he left tax records and married in Montgomery County, VA. Deeds and tax records indicate he also lived in Grayson and Russell counties in Virginia. By 1804, John had moved to Pulaski County, Kentucky, where he can be found in the 1810 census. Later that year, the family moved to Hamilton County, Ohio but by 1820 they were in Marion County, Indiana.

John L Harmon did not have a middle initial in any record until deeds registered in Marion County, Indiana show him with the middle initial “L”, perhaps to differentiate from the records of his son. Some seem to have arbitrarily given him the name Lincoln, but that seems highly unlikely a name for a man born in the mid 1700’s.

Several John Harmons served in the Revolutionary War and this man has been accepted as a Patriot at NSDAR but it is very likely wrong, as he does not seem to have been old enough to have served.

John has often been placed in German families in North Carolina and western Virginia, but Y-DNA tests suggest he could not have been a part of these families. He is first found in the tax records of Montgomery County, Virginia, with a William Harmon. Because John L Harmon named his first son William, it is highly likely that the tax record William was his father, but there is no documentary proof.

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James Harmon

James Harmon
birth: 4 Feb 1797, Russel Co, VA to John L Harmon and Elizabeth Byrd
death: 11 Apr 1847 in Boone Co, Indiana
burial: Old Cotton Cemetery, Pike Twp, Marion, Indiana

marriage: 18 Feb 1816 in Franklin Co, Indiana
Philadelphia Dickerson
birth: 19 Aug 1797 in KY to Robert Dickerson and Nancy Booth
death: 6 May 1847 in Boone Co, Indiana
burial: Old Cotton Cemetery, Pike Twp, Marion, Indiana

Children of Philadelphia Dickerson and James Harmon:

All born in Marion or Boone counties, Indiana

  • Emily Harmon (1817 – 1887), m. 1837 William S Rodman
  • Mary Jane Harmon (1820 – 1855), m. 1836 John Stearns Shaw
  • Ruth Ann Harmon (1821 – 1882), m. 1846 James Dye
  • Robert John Harmon (1824 – 1900), m. 1844 Sarah “Sallie” Dye
  • William Alexander Harmon (1826 – 1881), m. 1847 Emma Elizabeth Miller
  • James Dickerson “Jay” Harmon (1828 – 1897), m. 1851 Martha Ann Cooper
  • Elizabeth Harmon (1829 – 1910), m. 1851 David M Hume
  • Granville Harmon (1831 – 1850)
  • Nelson S Harmon (1833 – 1906), m. 1853 Catherine Wilson
  • Francis Marion Harmon (1835 – 1862), m. 1856 Minerva Utterback
  • Philadelphia Harmon (1837 – 1911), m. 1856 Trougett Swaim
  • Drusilla Harmon (1841 – 1842)
  • Charles Harmon (1844 – 1915), m. 1873 Jane Victoria Brown

Locations where ancestor lived:

  • 1797- Born in Russell Co, Virginia
  • 1816- Married in Franklin Co, Indiana
  • 1820- Living in Marion Co, Indiana by 1820
  • 1834- Had land patents in Eagle Twp, Boone Co, Indiana
  • 1847- Died in Boone County

Other information:

James was married in Franklin County, Indiana, 1816, and was living in Marion County by 1820. He was one of the early settlers in Eagle Township, Boone County, his first land patents granted there in 1834. He did not sell his Marion County tract until 1837. He remained in Boone County until his death.

James Harmon was born in Russell County, Virginia. His family moved to Pulaski County, Kentucky about 1804 and then to Hamilton County, Ohio in late 1810. He was in Indiana to marry in 1816.

James Harmon of Eagle Township, Boone, Indiana, made his will 7 Apr 1847; probate was 10 May 1847. He left the home farm (160 acres) to his wife. His sons Robert J, William A, and James D had previously received their portions of land. Sons Granville, Nelson S, Francis M, and Charles were to receive at age 21, $300 in cash or land, a horse, and a bed. Daughters Emily Rodman, Mary Jane Shaw, and Ruth Ann Dye had previously received their portion at marriage. Daughters Elizabeth and Philadelphia were to receive at age 21 or marriage, a horse, a cow, a bed, and a cupboard – his wife to be their guardian. Oldest sons Robert, William, and James to be executors and guardians of their younger brothers Granville, Nelson, Francis, and Charles. At the death of his wife, her portion to be shared equally among the heirs. (She died shortly after James.)

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Stephen Nineveh Harmon, Sr.

Stephen Nineveh Harmon, Sr.
b. 29 April 1820, Monroe, Clark County, Indiana, to Stephen Harmon
d. 9 July 1889, Lincoln, Dallas County, Missouri

m. 31 October 1838, Lexington, Scott County, Indiana
Rosanna Smith
b. 28 January 1822, Kentucky
d. 21 January 1911, Lincoln, Dallas County, Missouri

Children with Rosanna Smith:
• William R. (1839-1840)
• Mary Ann (1841-1872) married Stephen “Jessie” Osborne
• Sarah J. (1843-1847)
• Jabez Edward (1845-1879) married Mary Ann Quigley
• Almira Jane (1847-1896) married Henry Gray True
• Emily Ellen (1850-1916) married Henry Coatney
• Phelina Elizabeth (1852-1923) married James Knox Polk Simmons
• John W. (1854-1917) married Sarah Quisenberry
• Hulda Catherine (1858-1911) married James Berry Cox
• George W. (1859-1863)
• Union Victoria (1862-1863)
• Stephen Nineveh (1864-1932) married Mary Elizabeth Stidham

Stephen was in Scott County, Indiana, about 1840, but by about 1850, he had returned to Clark County. He remained there until he emigrated in 1855.

His Civil War pension record (#554671) shows that he served in Company G, 14th Regiment M.S.M. Volunteers. His marriage license is with the pension papers and provides a death date for both he and Rosanna.

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Thelma Harmon Cowan
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Arthur Johnson

Arthur Johnson
b. 7 August 1757, Brunswick County, Virginia, to Nathaniel and Winney (Moore) Johnson
d. 16 October 1839, Wayne County, Illinois

m. 2 January 1779, Brunswick County, Virginia
Lucy Harmon
b. 1 January 1759
d. 19 August 1843, White County, Illinois

Children with Lucy Harmon:

  • John (1779–1853) married Mary Reaves
  • Sampson (1781–1836) married Minnie Williams
  • Nancy (1783–1853) married Robert Cates
  • Henrietta (1785–1863) married John Williams
  • Elizabeth (b. 1787) married John Turner
  • Nathaniel (b. 1789)
  • George (1791–1865) married Anna Williams
  • Benjamin (1792–1855) married Polly Almon
  • Winny (b. 1797) married Tolliver Grigsby
  • Arthur (b. 1797) married Elizabeth Harmon
  • William (b. 1798)
  • Lucy (b. 1800) married William Moutray
  • Zachariah (b. 1802) married Delilah McGoughlin

Arthur Johnson served in the Revolutionary War in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. He emigrated about 1812 from Warren County, Kentucky, to Posey County, Indiana. He emigrated about 1838 from Gibson County, Indiana, to White County, Illinois.

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