James Harmon

James Harmon
birth: 4 Feb 1797, Russel Co, VA to John L Harmon and Elizabeth Byrd
death: 11 Apr 1847 in Boone Co, Indiana
burial: Old Cotton Cemetery, Pike Twp, Marion, Indiana

marriage: 18 Feb 1816 in Franklin Co, Indiana
Philadelphia Dickerson
birth: 19 Aug 1797 in KY to Robert Dickerson and Nancy Booth
death: 6 May 1847 in Boone Co, Indiana
burial: Old Cotton Cemetery, Pike Twp, Marion, Indiana

Children of Philadelphia Dickerson and James Harmon:

All born in Marion or Boone counties, Indiana

  • Emily Harmon (1817 – 1887), m. 1837 William S Rodman
  • Mary Jane Harmon (1820 – 1855), m. 1836 John Stearns Shaw
  • Ruth Ann Harmon (1821 – 1882), m. 1846 James Dye
  • Robert John Harmon (1824 – 1900), m. 1844 Sarah “Sallie” Dye
  • William Alexander Harmon (1826 – 1881), m. 1847 Emma Elizabeth Miller
  • James Dickerson “Jay” Harmon (1828 – 1897), m. 1851 Martha Ann Cooper
  • Elizabeth Harmon (1829 – 1910), m. 1851 David M Hume
  • Granville Harmon (1831 – 1850)
  • Nelson S Harmon (1833 – 1906), m. 1853 Catherine Wilson
  • Francis Marion Harmon (1835 – 1862), m. 1856 Minerva Utterback
  • Philadelphia Harmon (1837 – 1911), m. 1856 Trougett Swaim
  • Drusilla Harmon (1841 – 1842)
  • Charles Harmon (1844 – 1915), m. 1873 Jane Victoria Brown

Locations where ancestor lived:

  • 1797- Born in Russell Co, Virginia
  • 1816- Married in Franklin Co, Indiana
  • 1820- Living in Marion Co, Indiana by 1820
  • 1834- Had land patents in Eagle Twp, Boone Co, Indiana
  • 1847- Died in Boone County

Other information:

James was married in Franklin County, Indiana, 1816, and was living in Marion County by 1820. He was one of the early settlers in Eagle Township, Boone County, his first land patents granted there in 1834. He did not sell his Marion County tract until 1837. He remained in Boone County until his death.

James Harmon was born in Russell County, Virginia. His family moved to Pulaski County, Kentucky about 1804 and then to Hamilton County, Ohio in late 1810. He was in Indiana to marry in 1816.

James Harmon of Eagle Township, Boone, Indiana, made his will 7 Apr 1847; probate was 10 May 1847. He left the home farm (160 acres) to his wife. His sons Robert J, William A, and James D had previously received their portions of land. Sons Granville, Nelson S, Francis M, and Charles were to receive at age 21, $300 in cash or land, a horse, and a bed. Daughters Emily Rodman, Mary Jane Shaw, and Ruth Ann Dye had previously received their portion at marriage. Daughters Elizabeth and Philadelphia were to receive at age 21 or marriage, a horse, a cow, a bed, and a cupboard – his wife to be their guardian. Oldest sons Robert, William, and James to be executors and guardians of their younger brothers Granville, Nelson, Francis, and Charles. At the death of his wife, her portion to be shared equally among the heirs. (She died shortly after James.)

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