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Charles R. Young

Charles R. Young
birth: 20 Jan 1861 in Sand Creek, Jennings Co., Indiana to George G. Young and Katherine (Unknown)
death: 3 Mar 1899 in Tetersburg, Tipton Co., Indiana
burial: Tetersburg, Tipton Co., Indiana

marriage: 1 Nov 1883 in Tipton, Indiana
Mary Caroline Staneart
birth: 30 Dec 1865 Tipton, Indiana to Harvey Anderson and Diana A. Teeter
death: 4 Apr 1943 in  Frankfort, Clinton Co., Indiana
burial: Indiana

Children of Charles R. Young and Mary Caroline Staneart:

  • Emma Frances Young  b. 22 Aug 1884, d. 9 Mar 1932, m.  Johnston A. Morelock
  • Clara M. Young b. 6 Apr 1887, d. May 8, 1907
  • Lena May Young b. 27 Mar 1892, d. 28 Sep 1982, m. John Pyle
  • Myrtle A. Young b. 29 Sep 1894, d. 3 Dec 1898
  • Mabel O. Young b. 6 Oct 1898, d. 28 Jan 1987, m. Arthur A. Teal

Ancestor Charles R. Young Lived In:

Charles R. Young lived in Indiana his entire life.

Other Information:

His mother came to America from France at the age of eighteen and lived to be ninety-four years old. She died just three days before her chance to vote.

Submitted by:
Pamela J. Sullivan

William Jackson Whiteman

William Jackson Whiteman
b. 23 March 1848, Clinton County, Indiana, to [–?–] and Annie (Sawyer) Whiteman
d. 21 May 1920, Centralia, Lewis County, Washington

Emilyn Jane Bixby
b. 27 September 1853, St. Louis, Missouri
d. 20 May 1917, Chehalis, Lewis County, Washington

Children with Emilyn Jane Bixby:
• Mary “Mollie”
• Hattie
• Thomas (1877-1954)
• William Henry (1884-1960) married Mary Etta Rhodes
• Jennie
• Lela (1888-1912)
• Ivy (1890-1950)
• Edward
• Ethel May (1894-1988)

William left Clinton County, Indiana, in 1858.

Submitted by:
Gary E. Lee
Cosmopolis WA

Arthur Hogarth Steele

Arthur Hogarth Steele
b. 16 August 1896, Frankfort, Clinton County, Indiana, to Samuel and Mary Alice Johnson (Pottinger) Steele
d. 31 March 1993, Houston, Harris County, Texas

m. 4 June 1924, Covington, Campbell County, Kentucky
Mary Lorene Blue
b. 15 August 1902, Richland Township, Grant County, Indiana, to Carey Samuel and Sina May (Harris) Blue
d. 8 January 1976, Houston, Harris County, Texas

Children with Mary Lorene Blue:
• Susanna Hawthorne married [–?–] Noe
• Beverly Blue married [–?–] Draper

Arthur lived in Tipton, Tipton County; Frankfort, Clinton County; Peru, Miami County; and Marion, Grant County, before emigrating from Indiana in 1943. He worked as an apprentice pharmacist in Peru and Marion before the war. He was in the 607th Army Aero Squadron in World War I. After the war, he worked for the Central City Chemical Co. of Chicago, Illinois; White Motor Co. of Cleveland, Ohio; and Petro Tex Chemical Corp. of Houston, Texas. He was an elder in the Central Presbyterian Church in Houston.

Submitted by:
Susanna S. Noe
Issaquah WA

John S. Ramey

John S. Ramey
b. 26 March 1816, Virginia, to James and Nancy A. (Reed) Ramey
d. 16 January 1891, Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois

m/1. 30 December 1837, Ohio
Mary Craig
b. 9 March 1816, Pennsylvania
d. 26 February 1848, Ohio

m/2. 8 February 1849, Champaign County, Ohio
Rebecca Jane Neal
b. 1833, Ohio
d. 7 February 1904, Sangamon County, Illinois

Children with Mary Craig:
• James M. (b. 1838) married Elizabeth J. Miller
• William Alfred (1840-1915) married Mary Ann Mott
• Mary Jane (1843-1939) married John A. Jackson
• Joseph (1845-1848)
• John F. (1846-1923) married Sarah J. Deardoff
• George

Children with Rebecca Jane Neal:
• Edward S. (1852-1916) married Sarah Jane Odell
• Joshua Harrison (1853-1933) married Elizabeth J. Brent
• Belle (b. ca. 1857-1907) married George W. Hurley

John was in Owen Township, Clinton County, Indiana, by 1850 and emigrated in 1860.

Submitted by:
Bradley S. Bolin
Springfield IL

Wright Sopers Curless

Wright Sopers Curless
b. 1 January 1802, Shrewsbury, Monmouth County or Burlington, Burlington County, New York, to Biar/Abiah and Sarah (Sopher/Sophers) Curless/Corlis/Corliess
d. 4 July 1870, Richland, Wisconsin

m. 10 January 1822, Clermont County, Ohio
Rosanah Ashton
b. 26 November 1804, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
d. 26 February 1857, Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa

Children with Rosanah Ashton:

  • William (b. 1823)
  • Sarah (b. 1825)
  • Samuel Ashton (b. 1827)
  • Henry Powel (b. 1829)
  • John Morgain (b. 1831)
  • Biar (b. 1834)
  • Arthur Lawrence (b. 1837)
  • Charles Harryman (b. 1839)
  • Wright Sopers, Jr. (b. 1842)
  • George Washington (b. 1845)
  • Mahala Ann (b. 1848)

The first five children were born in Ohio; the rest were born in Indiana.

The family came to Indiana in 1833 or 1834. They lived in Frankfort, Clinton County, until leaving in 1851. The Curless family was one of a group of previously-Quaker families to move from New Jersey, about 1807-10, to Clermont County, Ohio.

Submitted by:
Lance Beeson
Richmond CA

Bair Curless

Bair Curless
b. 22 January 1834, Clinton County, Indiana, to Wright and Sarah (Soper) Curless
d. 3 September 1911, Blocksburg, Humboldt County, California

m. 11 September 1855, Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa
Lovina Shaw
b. 10 October 1836, Penbrook, Bennessee County, New York
d. 4 February 1912, Eureka, Humboldt County, California

Children with Lovina Shaw:

  • Henry Blair
  • Lovina Flora
  • Albert
  • Tolbert Ashton
  • Paul
  • Rosa Desiree
  • George Gilbert

The Curless family came to Indiana in 1833 or 1834. They lived in Frankfort, Clinton County, until leaving about 1850. They were one of a group of previously Quaker families to move from New Jersey, about 1807- 10, to Clermont County, Ohio. Biar brought his family to California in 1859, stayed about a year, then headed for Texas in 1861, then went back to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and returned to California.

Biar and two brothers ran a hydraulic mine in Placerville for about seven years, then he migrated west into a very remote part of Humboldt County in 1869. He settled between two Indian camps and his daughter Rosa claimed to be the first white baby born in that section of the county. The family lived in peace with the local Indians and taught some to read and some basic Christian instruction. Once a road was built, Biar operated a “stopping-place” or hotel out of his house. Biar Curless was known alternately as the “toughest” or “meanest” man in Humboldt County. His grandson, Guy Curless, was the State of California “Predator” (trapper of animals) for five decades and is a legend in California fish and game history. Biar moved to Furtune in 1911 and died quietly in a rocking chair on the front porch, having lead an extremely vigorous life.

Submitted by:
Lance Beeson
Richmond CA

Lavina Dunn

Lavina Dunn
b. 12 November 1822, possibly in Clinton County, Indiana, to Abner and Nancy Jane (Miller) Dunn
d. 1 September 1871, Putnam County, Missouri

m. 3 November 1842, Sugar Creek, Clinton County, Indiana
Levi Clark
b. 14 October 1814, New York, to Silas and Phebe (Sherman) Clark
d. 20 December 1901, Putnam County, Missouri

Children with Levi Clark:

  • Docia Ann
  • William Lewis
  • George Emmanuel
  • Nancy Jane
  • Thomas Francis

Lavina moved to Putnam County, Missouri, in 1852.

Submitted by:
Betty Murphy Mabee
San Diego CA