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Meredith Earl Lockridge

Meredith Earl Lockridge
b. 29 September 1917, Knox, Starke County, Indiana, to Guy A. and Arizona Ione (Baker) Lockridge
d. 18 January 1994, Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas

m. 1 February 1941, Knox, Starke County, Indiana
Emma Rose Hatter
b. 20 October 1919, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana, to William Harry and Bertha Rose (Sudlow) Hatter
d. 26 October 2000, Everton, Boone County, Arkansas

Children with Emma Rose Hatter:

  • James Earl (b. 1944) married Regina Lee Scott
  • Joan Marie (b. 1946) married Jimmie Lewis Cole
  • Guy Dean, Sr. (b. 1949) married Rosetta Maria Phillips
  • Kathaleen (b. 1952) married (1) Harvey Worrie Clark, Jr., (2) Duane Recoy, (3) Steve Riley, (4) Buck Underwood
  • Margaret Ellen (b. 1962)

Meredith moved to Lorain, Ohio, in 1919 with his family but returned to Indiana that same year. He lived in Fulton County and then Starke County until 1959 when he left for Arkansas.

He was a farmer and a carpenter, but worked as a Standard Oil gas salesman and delivery man in Indiana. He also worked in a wood product factory in Arkansas. He was unaware his uncle was raising him until he was told at age 21.

He served on the town council in Everton, Arkansas, and helped to get the town streets paved.

Submitted by:
Joan Cole
Odessa MO
E-mail: jmcole@iland.net

William James

William James
b. 1804, Kentucky
d. 1875, Texas

m/1. 25 September 1828, Shelby County, Kentucky
Elizabeth Turnham
b. about 1810, Kentucky
d. 1830, Indiana

m/2. 20 December 1831, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana
Nancy (Doyel) Laswell

m/3. Between 1847-1848
Mary Scott

Children with Elizabeth Turnham:

Children with Nancy (Doyel) Laswell:

Children with Mary Scott:

  • Sarah Eliz. (b. ca. 1848)
  • Mary Ann (b. 1850)

Sometime between July 1829 and when son John was born in 1830, William and his family immigrated to Indiana. In 1831, William purchased Town Lot #48 in Crawfordsville, Indiana, and was later listed as the proprietor of the Crane House hotel in Crawfordsville in the Sugar Creek Saga.

After marrying for the second time in 1831, William moved on to Texas and received a Land Grant for 320 acres in Nacogdoches County in 1839. By 1840, Nancy, his second wife, was listed in the 1840 census as living with her father and her two children by William in Brown Township, Montgomery County, Indiana. In 1845, William and Nancy sold the Town Lot #48 purchased in 1831 and were granted a divorce that same year. Nancy retained custody of her two children.

William enlisted on 9 June 1846 as a 2nd Corporal, Company G, 1st Regiment of Kentucky Cavalry and found in the Mexican War, mustering out at New Orleans on 7 June 1847. Shortly thereafter, he married for the third time and by 1850 was living in Kaufman County, Texas, with his new wife and the children of his first marriage as well as two additional children of his third marriage.

Between 1851 and 1853 the county boundaries for Kaufman and Van Zandt counties were realigned and where William and family were living was then considered to be Van Zandt County. He was later listed a County Commissioner for Van Zandt County and was initiated into Masonic Lodge #133 in Dallas County, Texas.

While two of William’s sons, Joseph and John fought for the C.S.A during the Civil War and William acted as a Conscription Agent, his son Farmer J. James fought for the Union Army. William’s estate was probated in January 1876, listing the surviving widow Mary and the six children from three marriages as heirs. He is buried in the New Hope Cemetery

Submitted by:
Yvonne James
Mineola TX
E-mail: yajames@cox.net

John William Scott

John William Scott
b. 28 February 1854, Montclair, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Isom B. (1822-1863) and Mary “Polly” (Worrell) (1821-1908) Scott
d. 25 October 1929, Walthill, Thurston County, Nebraska

m. 17 September 1875, Hendricks County, Indiana
Sarah F. Robbins
b. September 1857, Indiana
d. between 1920-1930, probably in Coles County, Illinois

Children with Sarah F. Robbins:

  • William Sherman (1879-aft. 1930)

John left his wife and young son before 1880 and moved west to Burt and Thurston counties in Nebraska. His wife moved back in with her parents and later married a man who worked on her parents’ farm, Martin L. Tanner.

John came back to Indiana a few times to visit his siblings and one of his sisters, Melinda Jane (Scott) Martin, later settled in Burt and Thurston counties. One of his nephews took care of him in his later years.

He worked as a hired hand on a farm until his health began to fail. His will specifically stated that his siblings were not to receive anything from his estate, and he also left money to his son Sherman, “from whom I have not heard for a great many years.” It is not known if he was aware that his son had moved to Coles County, Illinois several years before.

Submitted by:
Meredith Thompson
Avon IN
E-mail: mere@augustmoondesign.com

Joseph Edward Parmer

Joseph Edward Parmer
b. 29 June 1893, Franklin County, Indiana, to Joseph and Sarah (Scott) Parmer
d. 12 April 1938, Williston, North Dakota

m. 7 May 1917, North Dakota
Thea Bakke
b. 6 September 1893, Ottofy, North Dakota
d. 17 Mar 1966, Fargo, North Dakota

Children with Thea Bakke:

  • Thelma Sylvia (1918-2000) married Adolph Gurk
  • Warren Claude (1920-2001) married Ethel Elaine Homme
  • Viola Deloris (b. 1922) married Waldo Phillip McDonald
  • Joseph Theodore (b. 1924) married Carol Joyce Fautect
  • Levi Quintin (b. 1927) married Ruth Ellen Hawes
  • Dwayne Dennis (b. 1930) married Luella Charlotte
  • Russell Gary (1935-1994) married (1) Magdelin Krump, (2) Bobby [–?–]

Submitted by:
Frances Metz
Batesville IN

David Mack Berkman

b. 11 November 1851, near Queensville, Jennings County, Indiana, to John Henry and Martha (McJenkins) Berkman
d. 13 February 1912, Rochester, Minnesota

m. 26 June 1877, Rochester, Minnesota
Gertrude Emily Mayo
b. 18 July 1853, Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, to Dr. and Mrs. William Worral Mayo
d. 22 July 1938, Rochester, Minnesota

Children with Gertrude Emily Mayo:

  • Daisy Louise (1878-1976) married Henry S. Plummer
  • Martha M. (1880-1971) married Ralph V. Blethen
  • Helen Phoebe (1883-1952) married Edward Starr Judd
  • David Mayo (1886-2958) married Frances Kiefer Scott
  • John Mayo (1898-1978) married Margaret Sherman

David was a veterinary surgeon; he left Indiana before 1877. Gertrude was a sister to Dr. William J. Mayo and Dr. Charles H. Mayo; her family left Indiana in early 1855. The Berkman and Mayo families both lived in homes on the site of the older portion of the Mayo Clinic building.

Submitted by:
Lori S. Ammerman
Scipio IN


Noble Felix Scott

Noble Felix Scott
b. 27 June 1810, Fayette County, Indiana, to Joel and [–?–] Scott
d. 23 February 1882, Page County, Iowa

m. 5 March 1829, Fayette County, Indiana
Elizabeth Gunn

Children with Elizabeth Gunn:

  • John
  • Mary
  • James Edward

Noble immigrated to Indiana with his father about 1812; he lived at Fayette, Shelby, and Hancock counties in Indiana, moving to East River Township, Page County, Iowa, in 1858.

Submitted by:
Doris Scott Badgley
Greenwood IN

George B Scott

George B Scott
b. 23 August 1812, Srahane, County Limerick, Ireland, to Michael and Mary (Halvey) Scott
d. 26 March 1892, Eagon/Mendota, Dakota County, Minnesota

m. 21 February 1841, Caherconlish Parish, County Limerick, Ireland
Bridget Hurley
b. 1821, County Limerick, Ireland
d. 5 December 1881, Eagon/Mendota, Dakota County, Minnesota

Children with Bridget Hurley:

  • Honora (b. 1839) married John Cleary
  • Mary (b. 1846)
  • Johanna (b. 1850)
  • George, Jr. (b. 1855) married Mary Sherlin

George and Bridget Scott emigrated from Ireland about 1849 or 1850. They landed first in Quebec, Canada, and entered the United States at New York City and lived at Gary, Lake County, Indiana, for about five or six years before moving to St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, about 1856 because they did not like the Indiana climate. The family lived at Fort Snelling in the 1860’s.

In 1872, George and Bridget purchased their farm at Nicols Station, Dakota County, Minnesota. After George’s death, the farm was owned by his son George and then was passed on to the children of George, Jr., after his death. A big cloverleaf is located on the land due to the construction of an interstate highway.

George Scott’s brother Richard, who immigrated to the United States from Ireland in 1851, also homesteaded in Minnesota. George and Richard had two sisters, Mary, born 1808 and Honora, born 1817, and a brother John, born 1810. However, it is not known whether George, Richard, or Mary emigrated from Ireland.

Submitted by:
Elizabeth J. Tschida
Bloomington MN

Abediance Scott

Abediance Scott
b. about 1788, Kentucky, to Moses and [–?–] Scott
d. 5 September 1869, Madison Township, Polk County, Iowa

m. 23 February 1808, Shelby County, Kentucky
John Straughan
b. 16 March 1785, Orange County, Virginia
d. 3 September 1838, Putnam County, Indiana

Children with John Straughan:

  • Nathaniel Sanford
  • Sarah
  • Elizabeth Frances
  • Moses
  • El Aley
  • Duranda
  • Mary
  • Martha
  • John Calvin

Abediance immigrated to Indiana from Kentucky about 1830. When most of her children decided to settle in the “new” Iowa, Abediance moved with them to Boone County, Iowa, about 1848.

Submitted by:
Bethel L. Marshall
Boise ID

William Dodson Proctor

William Dodson Proctor
b. possibly Randolph County, North Carolina
d. 30 January 1888, Mercer County, Missouri

m. before 1850
Rachel “Matilda” Anderson
b. about 1823, North Carolina or Tennessee
d. 25 July 1873, Mercer County, Missouri

Children with Rachel Anderson:

  • James A. (1850-1894) married Mary Francis Walker
  • Harriett E. (1852-1874) married Daniel C. Williams
  • Ann Eliza (b. 1854) married [–?–] Holmes
  • Debbie J. (1856-1894) married John Houser
  • Lewis S. (b. 1859)
  • Martha (b. 1860) married [–?–] Scott
  • Amanda (b. 1860) married [–?–] Hollett
  • Mary E.
  • America B. (1865-1886)
  • John William (1867-1930) married Abelina Bowman

William resided in Hendricks County, Indiana, and moved to Mercer County, Missouri. A William Proctor, listed as an early settler, purchased land in 1855 in Mercer County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Betty Murphy Mabee
San Diego CA

Henry Adkins and Minnie Susannah DeHaven

Henry Adkins
b. 22 May 1858, Knox County, Indiana, to John and Barbary Ann (Piety) Adkins
d. 30 December 1941, Sarcoxie, Jasper County, Missouri
m. 2 February 1890, Jasper County, Missouri

Minnie Susannah DeHaven
b. 29 November 1869, Bristol, Elkhart County, Indiana
d. 15 January 1948, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Children with Minnie Susannah DeHaven:

  • Mable (1890-1966) married Jefferson Swingle
  • Blanche (1892-1980) married Harry Samson
  • Bonnie (1894-1978) married (1) Stanley Scott, (2) John S. Suman
  • Edison (1897-1946) married Inez White
  • Minnie (1899-1942) married Grover Cleveland Cherry
  • Horace (1900-1904)
  • Kate (1902-1916)
  • Anna Sarah (1905-1913)
  • Infant (1907-1907)
  • Paul Henry (b. 1910) married Jenny May Gorsuch

Submitted by:
Mary L. Courtney
Aldrich MO