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William Nichols

William Nichols
b. 20 January 1831, Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana, to John and Martha (Dunn) Nichols
d. 18 May 1901, St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri

Elizabeth Salyens
b. 2 July 1829
d. 1860

m/2. 25 August 1864, New Orleans, Louisiana
Austine Jolls
b. 11 September 1841, New Orleans, New Orleans County, Louisiana
d. 26 February 1910, College Hill, Ohio

Children with Elizabeth Salyens:
• May Bruce
• Frank Barrett
• Richard Preston

Children with Austine Jolls:
• Idalie
• Edith
• William Lewis
• Henry Edgar
• Alvin B.

William emigrated from Indiana in 1848, reaching St. Louis in the spring of 1850. He then went to Sedalia, Missouri, where he prospered in various mercantile enterprises. In 1860, worried about the future of the country, he sold his store and collected all monies due him. He then found opportunity in supplying the Union forces. He followed troops to Vicksburg where he obtained permits for the cotton trade. Staying in Vicksburg after the war, he started a bank. In 1867, William moved back to St. Louis, where he became a partner and cashier in another bank and later became its president.

Submitted by:
Constance C. Roeder
St. Louis MO

William Wallace Harper

William Wallace Harper
b. 29 October 1820, Knox County, Indiana, to William and Elizabeth (Dunn) Harper
d. 4 February 1888, Mount Valley, Labette County, Kansas

m. 24 October 1842, Knox County, Indiana
Mary Ann Hill
b. 14 November 1823, Knox County, Indiana, to John and Mary Ann (Clark) Hill
d. 8 September 1912, Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri

Children with Mary Ann Hill:
• W. (abt. 1843-bef. 1871)
• John S. (1845-1845)
• George Franklin (1846-1892) married Laura Alice Shick
• Eliza Jane (1848-1851)
• William B. (1851-1852)
• Mary Elizabeth (1852-1875) married Thomas Hollingsworth
• Rebecca J. (1852-1852)
• James W. (b. ca. 1856)
• Hannah L. (1857-1857)
• Rebecca J. (1857-1857)

The family emigrated from Indiana in 1871 with their three children (George, Mary, and James). William was a miller and the first mayor of Mound City, Kansas. He also served in the legislature about 1874.

Submitted by:
Christie Hill Russell
Paris IL
E-mail: christie@cartar.com

Drucilla D. Dunn

Drucilla D. Dunn
b. 3 Nov. 1833, Boxley, Hamilton Co., IN, to Isaac Dunn and Mary Ann Riggins
d. 4 Feb. 1914, Big Heart, OK

m. 25 Jan. 1866, Hamilton Co., IN
Lemuel Spencer Hobbell
b. 1820 NY
d. 1879, Hamilton Co., IN

Children with Lemuel Spencer Hobbell:

  • Amey Ann (1866-1951) married John W. Nevert
  • Isabell M. (1868-1924) married Joseph Allen Titsworth
  • Laura J. (1872-1881)

Drucilla was born shortly after her parents moved to Indiana in the early 1830’s. They first settled in Union Co. and later moved to Hamilton Co., IN by 1840.

In the 1880s, Drucilla was a widow with three daughters and followed her brother, Milton Dunn, to Labette Co., KS. Drucilla was widowed at an early age and drew a widow’s pension from her husband’s service in the Civil War, Co. G, 57th Indiana Infantry.

Submitted by:
Rhonda A. Dunn
Nashville, IN
E-mail: radunn1972@aol.com

Milton Dunn

Milton Dunn
b. 17 Sept. 1826, Wilkes Co., NC, to Isaac Dunn and Mary Ann Riggins
d. 20 May, 1914, Wichita, KS.
bur. Mound Valley Cemetery, Labette Co., KS.

m/1. 19 Aug. 1852, Hamilton Co., IN
Alsey D. Lackey
b. 1834, Ohio
d. Labette Co., KS

Children with Alsey D. Lackey:

  • Mary Jane “Jennie” (1854-1885), m. Dr. N.M. Miller
  • Martha E. (1856-??), m. George Lutz
  • Benton D. (1858-1873)
  • Clara A. (1860-??), m. Price King
  • Benjamin F. (1864-??), m. (1) Ella Amanda Patrick, m. (2) Myrtle L. Davis
  • James M. (1866-1899)
  • Laura (1868-1889)
  • Joseph A (1872-1902)

The family came to Union Co., IN during the early 1830s. They moved to Hamilton Co., IN when Milton’s father received a land grant by 1840. Milton eventually moved to Cass Co., MO by the late 1860s and then settled in Labette Co., KS by the 1870s. Milton began as a farmer, the same as his parents. By the time he settled in Mound Valley, Labette County, KS, he had held several jobs which included merchant, postmaster, hotel clerk and gardener.

Submitted by:
Rhonda A. Dunn
Nashville, IN
E-Mail: radunn1972@aol.com

Oliver Hosea Powell

Oliver Hosea Powell
b. 23 May 1870, Elizabethtown, Bartholomew County, Indiana, to John and Mary Jane (Dunn) Powell
d. 4 June 1955, Coffeyville, Montgomery County, Kansas

m. 22 July 1896
Sarah Krapp
b. 26 April 1874, Coffeyville, Montgomery County, Kansas, to Hosea and Elizabeth (Christie) Dunn
d. 4 February 1945, Coffeyville, Montgomery County, Kansas

Children with Sarah Krapp:

  • George Grant

John Powell, Oliver Powell’s father, was the son of Wiley Prosis and Sarah (Carter) Powell.

Submitted by:
Dawne Slater-Putt
Huntertown IN
E-mail: dslaterput@aol.com

Lavina Dunn

Lavina Dunn
b. 12 November 1822, possibly in Clinton County, Indiana, to Abner and Nancy Jane (Miller) Dunn
d. 1 September 1871, Putnam County, Missouri

m. 3 November 1842, Sugar Creek, Clinton County, Indiana
Levi Clark
b. 14 October 1814, New York, to Silas and Phebe (Sherman) Clark
d. 20 December 1901, Putnam County, Missouri

Children with Levi Clark:

  • Docia Ann
  • William Lewis
  • George Emmanuel
  • Nancy Jane
  • Thomas Francis

Lavina moved to Putnam County, Missouri, in 1852.

Submitted by:
Betty Murphy Mabee
San Diego CA