James Isaac Ghormley

James Isaac Ghormley
birth: 19 April 1772 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania to Hugh Ghormley & Mary Catherine Covington
death: 11 December 1850 in Wabash Twp, Parke, Indiana
burial: Hixon Cemetrry, Wabash Twp, Parke, Indiana

marriage: 1 November 1791 in Cumberland, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Cunningham
birth: 9 June 1769 Cumberland in Pennsylvania to Charles Cunningham & Margaret Evans
death: 7 January 1856 in Mecca, Wabash Twp, Parke, Indiana
burial: Hixon Cemetery, Wabash Twp, Parke, Indiana

Children of Elizabeth Cunningham and James Isaac Ghormley:

  • Margaret Ghormley 1792-1850 m. John Brown
  • Jane Ghormley 1794-1879 m. Henry Brown
  • Michael Ghormley 1795-1875 m. Margaret Laverty
  • Elizabeth Ghormley 1798-1883 m. Samuel Laverty
  • Hugh Ghormley 1800-1808
  • Hannah Ghormley 1802-1858 m. Samuel Miles
  • Thomas C Ghormley 1804-1808
  • Mary “Polly” Ghormley 1806-1865 m. Aquilla Justice, Jr
  • Sarah Ghormley 1808-1835 m. William Hixon

Ancestor here lived in:

1830 New Albany, New Albany Twp, Floyd, Indiana
1840 Parke, Indiana
1850, Mecca, Parke, Indiana

Ancestor also lived in:

19 April 1772-1802 in Mifflin, Cumberland, Pennsylvania
1804-1808 Ohio

Submitted by:
Sharon Rice Barnes
Email: barnes@lclark.edu

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