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Andrew Teeple

Andrew Teeple
b. 23 March 1805, New York, to George and Anna (Brown) Teeple
d. 20 September 1882, Marshall Township, Louisa County, Iowa

m. 28 June 1827, Jefferson County, Ohio
Margaret Byers
b. or bapt. 4 September 1804, Erie County, Pennsylvania
d. 11 June 1893, Cairo, Iowa

Children with Margaret Byers:
• Anna (b. 1828) married (1) William Carpenter, (2) Norman Coon
• Eliza Jane (1830-1833)
• Martha (1832-1852) married Luther Carpenter
• Catherine (1834-1907) married Isaiah Hardin
• Harriet (b. 1836) married Joseph Stoops
• Sarah (1840-1928) married Samuel Coon
• Margaret (b. 1842) married George W. Brown
• Emiline (b. 1844) never married
• Mary Hiley (1846-1916) married James Mullen

Andrew bought land in 1838 in St. Mary’s Township, Adams County, Indiana. Sometime before the 1860 census they moved as they were in Pontiac Village, Livingston County, Illinois by then. After two of the daughters were married in Indiana, the whole family and sons-in-law moved on to Louisa County, Iowa, where Andrew remained.

Submitted by:
Ruth C. Eppler
Cheshine CT

Robert Bertrant Sutherland York

Robert Bertrant Sutherland York
b. January 1848, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, to Jennings Thomas and Nancy G. (McClung) York
d. 2 December 1913, Oakland, Alameda County, California

m. 20 September 1871, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
Sarah Agnes Collier
b. June 1851, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
d. 10 August 1900, Oakland, Alameda County, California

Children with Sarah Agnes Collier:
• infant son, died at birth
• Albert Dee
• Robert Collier
• Bessie Mae
• Daisy Henrietta
• Bertrand Lyle
• Ralph Everett
• Pauline Agnes

Since Robert’s mother died soon after he was born, he and his sister Eliza Jane were raised by their aunt and uncle, Robert Stoops and Paulina McClung. He enlisted in the 148th Indiana Volunteer Infantry in February 1865 as a Drummer and was a Corporal when mustered out in September 1865.

About 1875, the family moved to Oakland, California. Robert was employed in the wholesale butchering business for six years. He was in the County Recorder’s office for six years. Robert was also a passenger agent for the Wabash Railroad for two years, and then returned to Oakland in 1891 as a business accountant. In 1895, he was appointed Deputy Superintendent of Schools; he rose to the position of Superintendent of Schools, which he held at the time of his death.

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Rodney Everett York
Apache Junction AZ
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