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John Dellinger

John Dellinger
birth: 24 June 1784, Lincoln County, North Carolina to John and Barbara (Whitener) Dellinger
death: Between 31 Oct 1840 – 8 Feb 1841 at Clark County, Indiana

marriage: 8 Aug 1808 at Lincoln Co., N.C.
Elizabeth (Bollinger) Shuford
birth: c.1787 at Lincoln Co., N.C. to Heinrich and Mary Magdalene (Savits) Bollinger
death: After 1 June 1850, Clark Co., IN

Children of John Dellinger and Elizabeth (Bollinger) Shuford  :

  • (John’s stepdaughter) Susannah A. C. Perkins, b. 1804, d. after 1862, m. Alfred Spangler
  • (John’s stepdaughter) Mary “Polly” Shuford, b. 1806, d. 1871, m. Isaac Prather
  • Barbara Dellinger, b. c1809, d. after 1870, m. John Lutz
  • Sarah Dellinger, b. 1814, d. after 1870, m. Henry Fry
  • Elizabeth Dellinger, b. 1815, d. 1891, m. Albert Bennett
  • Jacob Dellinger, b. 1816, d. 1878, m. unmarried
  • John Dellinger, b. 1818, d. 1899, m. unmarried
  • Indiana Dellinger, b. c1820, d. after 1860, m. James Henry Whitsel
  • Sophia L. Dellinger, b. c1823, d. after 1900, m. Henry Spaulding
  • William Henry Dellinger, b. 1825, d. 1904, m. Claudine M. Clark

 John Dellinger Lived In:

  • 1784 – 1814 Lincoln County, North Carolina
  • 1814 until his death, John Dellinger lived on Lancassange Creek, Clark Co., Indiana. The area is present-day Utica Township.


Submitted by:
Kathy Gunter Sullivan
Email: sully1@carolina.rr.com

George Homer Fry

George Homer Fry
b. 5 November 1820, Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky, to George and Nancy (Gaitskill) Fry
d. 8 December 1885, Pleasant, Jefferson County, Indiana

m. 2 April 1840, Clark County, Kentucky
Martha Ann Clinkenbeard
b. 6 November 1821, Kentucky
d. 7 January 1861, Jefferson County, Indiana

Children with Martha Ann Clinkenbeard:

  • John
  • Sarah A.
  • George W.
  • Joseph E.
  • Mary E.
  • James R.
  • Leonard I.
  • William O.
  • Alvin H.
  • Harriet E.
  • Thomas N.
  • Charles L.

Submitted by:
Laurel DeLoss Fry
Endwell NY

Alvin Henry Fry

Alvin Henry Fry
b. 19 June 1855, Pleasant, Jefferson County, Indiana, to George H. and Martha (Clinkenbeard) Fry
d. 17 January 1936, Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas

m. 28 February 1882, Greenwood County, Kansas
Martha Jane Fugit
b. 3 February 1862, Jefferson County, Indiana
d. 9 July 1940, Emporia, Lyon County, Kansas

Children with Martha Jane Fugit:

  • Ethel R.
  • Flora B.
  • Laurel D.
  • Una Z.
  • Alvin
  • Ada M.
  • Andrew F.
  • Martha M.
  • George R.

Alvin moved to Greenwood County, Kansas, about 1876.

Submitted by:
Laurel DeLoss Fry
Endwell NY

Martha Elizabeth Bottorff

Martha Elizabeth Bottorff
b. 27 March 1838, Clark County, Indiana, to Rev. Peter Henry and Sarah B. (Frey/Fry)
d. 1 April 1872, Salt Fork Township, Saline County, Missouri

m. 5 September 1854, Utica Township, Clark County, Indiana
John Leonard Smith
b. 26 November 1824, Henry County, Kentucky
d. 15 May 1881, Salt Fork Township, Saline County, Missouri

Children with John L. Smith:

  • Albert
  • Joseph William
  • Mary Louisa
  • James Abraham
  • Gervas Moreland
  • Leonard
  • Sarah Jane
  • Levenia Alice
  • Adelia Prather
  • Martha
  • John Thomas

Martha and her family left Clark County, Indiana, for Saline County, Missouri, in 1854.

Submitted by:
John L. Davis, Jr.
Maryland Heights MO
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