John Anderson Long

John Anderson Long
birth: 14 November 1813 in Morristown, Jefferson, Tennessee to George Mitchell and Sarah Ford Long
death: 28 June 1874 in St. Joseph County, Indiana
burial: Porter Rae Cemetery, St. Joseph County, Indiana

marriage: 3 January 1839 in Connersville, Fayette, Indiana
Elizabeth Troxell
birth: 6 November 1820 in Montgomery County, Ohio to Jacob and Mary Catherine Rauk Troxell
death: 16 December 1901 in Center Township, Delaware, Indiana
burial: Porter Rea Cemetery, St. Joseph County, Indiana

Children of Elizabeth Troxell and John Anderson Long:

  • Jacob John Long 1839-1914 Catharine Mangus
  • Sarah Catherine Long 1842-1925 Jacob Jamison
  • Lucinda Long 1842-1921 Adam Longaker
  • Jonathan Long 1845-1871 Sara Kane
  • George Mitchell Long 1849-1921 1st Mary Nancy Chappel 2nd Lucinda Waner
  • Thomas G. Long 1851-1852
  • William Long 1853-1916 Margaret Jane Nichols
  • Francis Marion Long 1856-1934 Priscilla Ann Livengood
  • Mary A. Long 1859-1950 1st Milton Elisha White 2nd Daniel O. Cramer
  • Margaret “Maggie” E. Long 1860-1944 George Frederick Harbaugh
  • Benjamin A. Long 1868-1954 Effie Allen

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Waterloo, Fayette County
  • Connersville, Fayette County
  • Barrens, St. Joseph County
  • Liberty Township, St. Joseph County

Other Information: John Anderson Long was born 14 November 1813 in Morristown, Jefferston, Tennessee. Family stories (unproven) state he drove cattle to market at age 13 and did odd jobs to save for his own horse and saddle. At age 16, he had a falling out with his father over slavery so he took a horse and left, going northwest. Between 1829-1842 he lived in Waterloo, Fayette, Indiana where he helped build a mill race for the Troxell family on the west fork of the White River. Long married Elizabeth Troxell on 3 January 1839 in Connersville, Fayette, Indiana; the couple was married by Elisha Vance. By 1842, the couple and their infant son, Jacob, had moved to land purchased on the west and northwest of the Barrens, St. Joseph County, Indiana which was then dense forest. By 1850, the area became known as Liberty Township. The couples remaining 10 children were all born in St. Joseph County. Long is found there in 1859 as a member of the German Baptist Church. On 20 February 1862 he volunteered to serve as Private in the U.S. Army, Company I, Indiana 9th Infantry Regiment. Records show he worked as a teamster, mustering out 28 September 1865. He remained living in Liberty Township, St. Joseph, Indiana through his death on 28 June 1874.

John Anderson Long’s Civil War military service took him to the following battle locations:
Battle of Perryville, Kentucky
Battle of Stones River, Tennessee
Battle of Chicamauga, southeastern Tennessee/Northwestern Georgia
Battle of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee
Battle of Missionary Ridge, Chatanooga, Tennessee
Battle of Kennesaw Mountain & Siege of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia
The company was known to have traveled to Huntsville, Alabama in early 1865, moved to Nashville, Tennesse, and was then sent to Louisiana and San Antonio and New Barunfels, Texas as part of Sherman’s army of occupation.

Submitted by:
Lori Samuelson


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