Jacob Huber

Jacob Huber
birth: 23 Nov 1798, in Pennsylvania, possibly to Anthony and Eve Elizabeth (Helm) Huber of Germany*
death: 13 Feb 1880, Owen Co., IN
burial: Olive Hill Cemetery,  Jordan Village, Owen Co., IN

marriage: 13 Jun 1824 at Lebanon Co., PA
Sarah Hollingsworth/Hollingswood
birth: 12 Jun 1805 in PA
death: 14 Aug 1872, at Owen Co., IN
burial: Olive Hill Cemetery,  Jordan Village, Owen Co., IN

Children of Jacob Huber and Sarah Hollingsworth/Hollingswood:

  • Levi Reed Huber, b. 26 Nov 1824, d. 6 Oct 1899, m. Eliza Dungan
  • Elizabeth Huber, b. 25 Jun 1826
  • Sarah E Huber, b. 13 Nov 1827, d. April 1905, m. James B Arnett
  • Harriet E Huber, b. 12 Jun 1830, d. 1912, m. John Shepler
  • Hannah Mariah Huber, b. 21 Mar 1833, d. 21 Sep 1909, m. John Lockhart
  • William Henry Huber, b. 24 Jan 1836, d. 20 Mar 1908, m. Mary Ann Shaffer
  • Daniel T Huber, b. 14 Oct 1838, d. 13 Jan 1871, m. Mary Ellen Canady
  • Samuel C Huber, b. 3 Mar 1841, d. 8 May 1915, m. Mary E Schroer
  • Amanda M Huber, b. 29 Aug 1844
  • Margaret E Huber, b. 27 Mar 1847

Jacob Huber Lived In:

  • Born in Pennsylvania, possibly Berks County*
  • May have lived briefly in Ohio
  • By 1836, settled in Owen County, Indiana

Other Information:

Based on the birthplaces of the Jacob Huber children as noted on various census records, it appears the family lived briefly in Ohio. Jacob Huber is submitter’s great-great-great-grandfather.

*Submitter cites this source for Jacob Huber’s birth and parent information:

Haltom, Melba. The Trek of the Hubers Across the United States. Cloverdale, IN (R.R. 1, Box 44, Cloverdale 46120): M.H. Haltom, 1986.

Submitted by:
Randi Richardson
Email: GFTL@bluemarble.net

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