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Lorinda Ellen Bunting

Lorinda Ellen Bunting
b. 5 May 1858, Liberty, Union County, Indiana, to William Gilbert and Louisa Maria (Fosdick) Bunting
d. 30 March 1951, San Jose, California

m/1. 1839, Union County, Indiana
Gillett Banks Webb
b. 2 April 1856, Blooming Grove, Franklin County, Indiana, to Benjamin Franklin and Margaret (Hayward) Webb
d. 14 March 1911, Ashtabula, Ohio

Elias Taylor
b. 10 September 1846
d. 13 January 1935

Children with Gillett Banks Webb:
• Clyde Earle (b. 1883) married Creola Clinger
• Forrest A. (1886-1888)
• Fern Webb (1888-1983) married Frank Pace
• Orris Knight (1892-1936) married Elsie Webb

Lorinda’s great uncle, Aaron Stanton, pioneered in LaPorte County, Indiana, in the early 1800’s. She
moved from Warren, Huntington County, Indiana, to Ashtabula, Ohio, in 1910, but returned to Warren in 1911 after the death of her husband, Gillett. She later moved to San Joseph, Calfornia, in 1929.

Lorinda was a homemaker who also worked as a practical nurse. Her spouse was a blacksmith for 20 years in Warren, Indiana. Her second spouse was the widower of her sister Jeanett and a Jehovah’s Witness pioneer member since its inception as the Russelites.

Submitted by:
Jack Rinear Webb
Mountain View CA

James Boyd Williams

James Boyd Williams
b. 20 July 1796, Sevier County, Tennessee, to William and Rachel (Kemp) Williams
d. 11 July 1883, Mt. Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa

m. 14 August 1817, Union County, Indiana
Hepzibah Stanton
b. 14 October 1798, Campbell County, Virginia, to Latham and Huldah (Butler) Stanton
d. 19 June 1873, Salem, Henry County, Iowa

Children with Hepzibah Stanton:
• Matilda Butler (1818-1841/42) married Hamett Graham
• Lilbern J. (b. 1820) married Emma Gilken
• Frederic S. (b. 1822) married Mary Park
• Lydia Minerva (1827-1892) married Benjamin Franklin Hord
• William Lewis (1831-1832)
• Addison Rankin (b. 1836) married Sarah J. Hord

James immigrated to Indiana in 1814, probably from Jefferson County, Tennessee. He left in 1846 for Ft. Madison, Iowa.

Because the Quaker records indicated the family moved from Chatham, Orange County, North Carolina, to Surry County, North Carolina about 1794, it was not certain whether James Boyd was born in North Carolina or Tennessee. When a copy of his death record was located in Mt. Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa, it stated his place of birth was “East Tennessee,” and a copy of his 1883 obituary stated he was born in “Severe” County, Tennessee.

Submitted by:
Jacqueline Frank Strickland
Rockwall TX

Benjamin Franklin Hord

Benjamin Franklin Hord
b. 6 January 1820, Kentucky, to William Hord
d. 1855-56, Van Buren County, Iowa

m. 19 April 1846, Decatur County, Indiana
Lydia Minerva Williams
b. 23 May 1827, Decatur County, Indiana, to James Boyd and Hepzibah (Stanton) Williams
d. 22 September 1892, Mt. Pleasant, Henry County, Iowa

Children with Lydia Minerva Williams:
• Trevanian Parker (1847-1852)
• Amanda Virginia (1850-1895) married Asa Guy Lewelling
• Milton Boyd (1855-1935) married Minnie Anna Blythe

Benjamin Franklin was a wagon maker by trade. He immigrated to Indiana by 1846 when he married there. He left Indiana by 1847 for Van Buren County, Iowa. In 1852 he was one of the California gold hunters.

Submitted by:
Jacqueline Frank Strickland
Rockwall TX

Huldah Butler

Huldah Butler
b. 13 October 1776, Dinwiddie County, Virginia
d. 27 March 1813, Warren County, Ohio

m. 14 September 1797, Campbell County, Virginia
Latham Stanton
b. 14 July 1777, Guilford County, North Carolina, to William and Phebe (Macy) Stanton, Sr.
d. 11 March 1835, Fayette County, Indiana

Children with Latham Stanton:

  • Hepzibah (b. 1798)
  • Elizabeth Hunnicutt (b. 1800)
  • Gulielma (b. 1803)
  • Daniel (b. 1805)
  • William, Jr. (b. 1807)
  • Stephen Butler (b. 1809)
  • Mary (b. 1812)

Huldah came to Indiana from Campbell County, Virginia, a couple of years after the birth of her daughter Mary. She lived in the Cincinnati District of Union and Fayette counties in Indiana. When she moved to Warren County, Ohio, where she died, is not known.

Submitted by:
Jacqueline Frank Strickland
Rockwall TX

Vickers Preston

Vickers Preston
b. 29 September 1815, Campbell County, Virginia, to Zenas and Elizabeth (Stanton) Preston
d. about 1904, probably Jefferson County, Iowa

m. 13 March 1841, LaPorte County, Indiana
Charlotte E. Fouts

Vickers moved to Jefferson County, Iowa, about 1842. His occupation was that of farmer and his faith was Quaker.

Submitted by:
Barbara Taylor Szabo
Osceola IN

Elam S. Preston

Reverend Elam S. Preston
b. 29 September 1821, Campbell County, Virginia, to Zenas and Elizabeth (Stanton) Preston
d. 27 February 1906, Valley City, Barnes County, North Dakota

m/1. 13 May 1850, St. Joseph County, Indiana
Keziah Brown

Maria Shepley

m/3. 21 July 1864
Anna N. (Dodd) Willard
d. 8 March 1905, Tower City, Cass County, North Dakota

Children with Maria Shepley:

  • Elizabeth Preston married [–?–] Anderson

Elam was the fifth of seven children. In 1840, Elam, age 19, was still living at home with his family, but shortly afterward he entered Indiana Asbury College to begin his studies for the ministry. In 1847 he was admitted on a trial basis to the North Indiana Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In August 1850 he was appointed to serve at South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana. He joined the Northwest Indiana Conference when it formed in 1852 and was appointed minister to the Mishawaka Methodist Episcopal Church in April 1863. Elam died in 1906 at the home of his daughter, Elizabeth (Preston) Anderson. He and Maria had other children.

Submitted by:
Barbara Taylor Szabo
Osceola IN

Benjamin Holmes Devoe

Benjamin Holmes Devoe
b. 14 November 1826, Redcreek, Wayne County, New York, to Jesse and Rebecca (Van Vleet) Devoe
d. 12 October 1906, Cherokee County, Kansas

m/1. 1847, Wayne County, New York
Ann Eliza Longyear
b. 22 March 1824, Ulster County, New York, to John and Sarah (–?–) Longyear
d. 17 September 1858, Wayne Township, Noble County, Indiana

Maria Jane Rosenbury
b. 29 March 1841, Ohio, to Andrew and Justina (Metland) Rosenbury
d. 4 November 1919, Cherokee County, Kansas

Children with Anna Eliza Longyear:

  • Sarah (1849–1916) married Ezra D. Hall
  • Jessie L. (1851–1914) married Dorliska Adalaid Stanton
  • William Rosemond (1852–1936) married Josephine Joray
  • Albert Charles (1854–1931) married Viola Pearsel
  • Elois Benjamin (1858–1902) married Addie Clara Wiggen

Children with Maria Jane Rosenbury:

  • Oliver Stephen (b. 1862) married Edna L. Wilson
  • Hattie Bell (d. 1936) married Benjamin B. Capron
  • Thomas Edward (b. 1867) married Catherine “Cassie” Row
  • Tena married Elmer Coe
  • Louise “Libby” (1870–1932) married Forest Henry Gager
  • Frank Eugene (1876–1957) married Jessie Alma Gillenwater

Benjamin immigrated to Indiana from Wayne County, New York, in 1857-1858. He migrated to Crawford Township, Cherokee County, Kansas, in 1878.

Submitted by:
Lurah J. Devoe
Kendallville IN