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Meredith Earl Lockridge

Meredith Earl Lockridge
b. 29 September 1917, Knox, Starke County, Indiana, to Guy A. and Arizona Ione (Baker) Lockridge
d. 18 January 1994, Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas

m. 1 February 1941, Knox, Starke County, Indiana
Emma Rose Hatter
b. 20 October 1919, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana, to William Harry and Bertha Rose (Sudlow) Hatter
d. 26 October 2000, Everton, Boone County, Arkansas

Children with Emma Rose Hatter:

  • James Earl (b. 1944) married Regina Lee Scott
  • Joan Marie (b. 1946) married Jimmie Lewis Cole
  • Guy Dean, Sr. (b. 1949) married Rosetta Maria Phillips
  • Kathaleen (b. 1952) married (1) Harvey Worrie Clark, Jr., (2) Duane Recoy, (3) Steve Riley, (4) Buck Underwood
  • Margaret Ellen (b. 1962)

Meredith moved to Lorain, Ohio, in 1919 with his family but returned to Indiana that same year. He lived in Fulton County and then Starke County until 1959 when he left for Arkansas.

He was a farmer and a carpenter, but worked as a Standard Oil gas salesman and delivery man in Indiana. He also worked in a wood product factory in Arkansas. He was unaware his uncle was raising him until he was told at age 21.

He served on the town council in Everton, Arkansas, and helped to get the town streets paved.

Submitted by:
Joan Cole
Odessa MO
E-mail: jmcole@iland.net

Nancy Ann Doyel

Nancy Ann Doyel
b. 1 January 1801, Shelby County, Kentucky, to Farmer and Rebeccah (Cole) Doyel
d. 23 March 1863, McDonough County, Illinois

m/1. 20 December 1821, Shelby County, Kentucky
Moses Laswell

m/2. 20 December 1831, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana
William James

Children with William James:

  • Rebecca Ann (b. 1832)
  • Farmer J. (b. 1838)

When William left Indiana for Texas in 1839, Nancy, Rebecca, and Farmer J., moved in with Nancy’s widowed father in Brown Township, Montgomery County, Indiana. In 1845, William and Nancy divorced.

Rebecca married and moved to McDonough County, Illinois, in 1849, but Nancy and Farmer J. remained in Indiana. By 1853, Nancy moved to McDonough to be near her daughter Rebecca, but her son remained in Montgomery County, Indiana. Nancy is buried in Upper Mound Cemetery in McDonough County.

Submitted by:
Yvonne James
Mineola TX
E-mail: yajames@cox.net

John Tratebas

John Tratebas
b. 14 December 1892, Liberty Township, Porter County, Indiana, to John and Sarah (Taylor) Tratebas
d. 4 April 1960, Quincy, Massachusetts

m/1. 17 November 1914, Porter County, Indiana
Opal Adelia Barber
b. 30 January 1897, Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana, to Alpheus James and Elizabeth (Gater/Geater) Barber
d. 31 October 1987, Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana

m/2. 4 October 1928, Boston, Massachusetts
Verna Maranda Atkins
b. 3 September 1903, Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts
d. 29 September 1971, Quincy, Massachusetts

Children with Opal Adelia Barber:

  • Edmund Wyatt (b. 1915) married Gladys Myrtle Spurr
  • John, III (1919-1998) married Evelyn Louise Cole
  • Russell Lewis (b. 1921) married Edith May Downs

Children with Verna Maranda Atkins

  • son (b. Massachusetts)

John’s family came to Porter County, Indiana, in the 1830’s. There were two mills in Porter County, which were the occupations of John Tratebas, I and John Tratebas II.

Submitted by:
Gladys M. Tratebas
Helmsburg IN
E-mail: tratebas@aol.com

George Cyrus Cole

b. 24 August 1844, Pennyan, Yates County, New York, to Cornelius and Eleanor (Daesler(?)) Cole
d. 22 July 1921, Union, Cass County, Michigan

m. 20 March 1867, Sturgis, St. Joseph County, Michigan
Sarah M. Ross
b. 23 June 1844, Wayne Township, Noble County, Indiana
d. 2 October 1890, Stamford, Harlan County, Nebraska

Children with Sarah M. Ross:

  • Anna Eliza
  • Eddie Jacob
  • Eva May
  • Emmie E.
  • Edna E.
  • George Rueban (twin)
  • Caroline S. (twin)
  • Myron J.
  • Willis (twin)
  • Willard (twin)

George moved to Indiana from Sturgis, St. Joseph County, Michigan, around the time he married Sarah Ross in 1867. The family lived in Kendallville, Noble County, until they emigrated in 1869.

Submitted by:
Helen C. Cole
Ordville WA

Anna Elisa Cole

b. 10 February 1868, Kendallville, Noble County, Indiana, to George C. and Sarah N. (Ross) Cole
d. 8 August 1953, Greeley, Weld County, Colorado

m. 23 November 1886, Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska
John H. Truesdell, Jr.
b. 3 March 1857, West Coxsacki, New York
d. 22 May 1952, Colorado

Children with John H. Truesdell, Jr.:

  • John
  • Sarah M.
  • Myrtle C.
  • Frank V.
  • Orlo M.
  • Grace
  • Willis H.
  • Mary E.
  • George M.
  • Corneluis
  • Eugene E.

Anna Elisa emigrated from Noble County, Indiana, in 1869.

Submitted by:
Helen C. Cole
Ordville WA

William Allison Wood

William Allison Wood
b. 1 November 1860, Liberty, Henry County, Indiana, to Benjamin and Eugene (Hodgson) Wood
d. 29 December 1954, Osage County, Oklahoma

m. 28 February 1886, Wilson County, Kansas
Emma Jane Routh
b. 4 August 1866, Henry County, Indiana, to Milton and Elizabeth (Stanley) Routh
d. 5 August 1954, Osage County, Oklahoma

Children with Emma Jane Routh:

  • Ora Elizabeth (1887-1949) married Warren Cress
  • Della May (1888-1939) married Clifford Wells
  • Gladys (1891-1922) married Ray Rex
  • Rex (1893-1958) married Fannie Kamm
  • John Franklin (1897-1960) married Faye Cole
  • Moses (1895-1984) married Marie Kamm
  • Oval (1900-1972) married Bertha Clyde Edmundson
  • Pauline (June 1902-December 1902)
  • Dorothy (1904-1929) married Marion Hall
  • Oren Milam (1909-1950) married Margaret Fanning

William Wood’s father emigrated from Ohio to Delaware County, Indiana, with his parents. After his parents died in 1875, the orphaned William lived with the Milton Routh family in Henry County, Indiana, and moved to Wilson County, Kansas, with them in 1880. In 1886,
William married the Routh’s daughter Emma Jane.

Submitted by:
Jean Wood Cobb
Lynchburg VA

August Quante

August Quante
b. 16 August 1839, Cincinnati, Ohio, to Johann and Sophie (Waitinger) Quante
d. 23 April 1920, Nemaha County, Nebraska

m. 19 August 1868, Nemaha County, Nebraska
Rosetta Snyder
b. 13 December 1849, Wood County, Ohio
d. 13 February 1910, Nemaha County, Nebraska

Children with Rosetta Snyder:

  • Clara Elizabeth (1869-1964) married Robert Baker
  • Franklin Henry (1871-1966) married Nettie Lare
  • Augusta Sophie (1874-1977) married Daniel Bagley
  • William James (1867-1949) married Florence Cole
  • Rosa Belle (1879-1966) married Lee Graham
  • Emma Lucretia (1883-1917) married David Chiles

August Quante immigrated with his parents to Franklin County, Indiana, as an infant. He joined the Indiana 1st Regiment Cavalry in 1862. He emigrated first to Kansas and then moved to Nebraska. He worked outfitting wagon trains and hauling government supplies west.

Submitted by:
Elizabeth Quante Ward
Evansville IN

James Cole

James Cole
b. 24 May 1818, New Jersey or Pennsylvania to Hartshorn and Phebe Bird (Erickson) Cole
d. 1 May 1896, Texas County, Missouri

m. February 1840–41
Elizabeth Razor/Rasor
b. February between 1823 and 1826, Indiana
d. February 1899, Texas County, Missouri

James bought and sold land in Indiana by 1846 and moved to District 93, Shannon County, Missouri.

Children with Elizabeth Razor/Rasor:

  • Charles
  • Hartshorn
  • George
  • William
  • David
  • Mary Frances
  • James
  • Marion
  • Missouri Ann
  • Rhode Elizabeth
  • Alice Irene

Submitted by:
Louise C. England
Golden CO

Hartshorn Cole

Hartshorn Cole
b. between 1789 and 1792, New Jersey to James Cole and Elizabeth Razor/Rasor
d. after 1870, Dent County, Missouri

m. 6 April 1816, Monmouth County, New Jersey
Phebe Bird Erickson

Children with Phebe Bird Erickson:

  • James
  • Gordon
  • Elizabeth Margart
  • David
  • Samuel
  • Lewis
  • perhaps others

Hartshorn bought land in Indiana by 1836 and emigrated from Franklin County, Indiana, to District 93, Shannon County, Missouri, about 1848.

Submitted by:
Louise C. England
118 S. Eldridge Way
Golden CO 80401-5320