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William James Teamer

William James Teamer
birth: 1826 in Philadelphia, PA to Andrew and Mary (nee Bowers) Teamer
death: 5 April 1890 in Evansville, IN
burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Evansville, IN

marriage: 1846 in Philadelphia, PA
Elizabeth Rachael Norris
birth: 30 November 1829 in Philadelphia, PA
death: 25 April 1906 in Evansville, IN
burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Evansville, IN

Children of Elizabeth Rachael Norris and William James Teamer:

  • Andrew Jackson Teamer 1847-1885 Sara A. Briggs
  • Joseph Teamer 1849-1850
  • William Henry Harrison Teamer 1854-1911 Anna Martha Doench
  • George Washington Teamer 1855-1935 Bella Maria W. Massey
  • Fannie Laura Teamer 1858-1908 Robert H. Southard
  • James M. Teamer 1863-1916
  • John Adam Teamer Sr. 1865-1948 Emma Nora Heath
  • Edward Teamer 1867-1900 Mary Jane Lawrence

Ancestor here lived in:

Moved to Evansville, IN, in 1862 and never moved

Locations where person lived outside of Indiana:

Philadelphia, PA, and Boonville, MO

Other Information:

William Teamer worked as pattern maker for the stove works of Messrs. Roelker and Blount when he first arrived in Evansville. He then worked as a pattern maker at the Sharpe Shot Factory. He worked for them until he accepted the superintendency of the C. and V. Shops. He was then engaged to superintend the preparation of the foundation for the Evansville government building. At the completion of that contract, he went into business for himself as a pattern maker. Several patents were given to him in the area of railway joints. He and his family lived at 1025 East Illinois Street in Evansville, IN, in a house built by him in 1867.

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Deta Rogillio
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John Henry Bowers

John Henry Bowers
b. 1808, Maryland
d. 27 September 1874, Prairie Green Township, Iroquois County, Illinois

m/1. 23 April 1829, Stark County, Ohio
Margaret Grogg
b. 11 November 1811, Stark County, Ohio, to John and Esther (Snyder) Grogg
d. 28 August 1851, Perry Township, Miami County, Indiana

m/2. 20 March 1853, Perry Township, Miami County, Indiana
Phobe Suder
d. 1860-63

Evaline A. [—?–]

Children with Margaret Grogg:
• Adaline (b. 1829) married Titus Kessling
• Catherine (b. 1831) married John Morgan
• Charles Edward (b. 1833)
• Charily A. (1835-1914) married John A. Comstock
• Matalda (1837-1921) married John W. Pavey
• William (b. 1840 or 1843)
• Jacob (b. 1842)
• John Henry (b. 1844) married Clarissa Murdock
• Margarrh/Margaret (b. 1850)

John and Margaret left Stark County, Ohio, in 1837 and bought land in Miami County, Indiana, between 1841 and 1846. He owned the first mill in Miami County. In 1854, he sold the land in Miami County, Indiana, and bought land in Pioneer Township, Cedar County, Iowa, which was sold in 1863. By 1860, they were living in Prairie Green Township, Iroquois County, Illinois.

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Susan Bower Litzenberger
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Minnie Doran

Minnie Doran
b. 14 May 1894, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, to William James and Maggie A. (Bowers) Doran
d. June 1974, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

m. about 1917
[–?–] Hammer

Minnie moved to California about 1947 to be a caregiver to her uncle, Charles Fremont Doran. She was widowed before that time.

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Patricia Doran Jones
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Daniel William Warner

Daniel William Warner
b. 17 September 1859, Harlan, Allen County, Indiana, to Daniel and Louise (Bowers) Warner
d. 28 June 1932, Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois

m. April 1892, Marion, Williamson County, Illinois
Ellen Boles
b. 7 October 1870, Williamson County, Illinois
d. 22 November 1937, East St. Louis, St. Clair County, Illinois

Children with Ellen Boles:

  • Roy Edward (b. 1893)

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Sandee Hanahan
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Frank Leighton Dunkelberger

Frank Leighton Dunkelberger
b. 29 April 1863, near Logansport, Cass County, Indiana, to Joel and Harriet Amanda Dunkelberger
d. 25 July 1948, Kingman, Kingman County, Kansas

m. 18 March 1886, Cheney, Sedgwick County, Kansas
Martha Everett Bowers
b. 22 October 1866, near Logansport, Cass County, Indiana
d. 28 May 1933, Kingman, Kingman County, Kansas

Children with Martha Everett Bowers:

  • Grover Ray (1887–1969)
  • Harry Maurice (1889–1979)
  • Gertie Mae (1891–1981) married Clarence T. Van Dolah
  • Orvill Leslie (1892–1978)
  • Albert J. (1895–1895)
  • Zora Victoria (1896–1967) married (1) Peter Thiel, (2) Arthur Krehbiel
  • Clarence (1900–1900)
  • Roy Franklin (1901–1965)
  • Charley Lee (1903–1964)

Frank’s father, Joel Dunkelberger, died during the Civil War and left his wife with several young children. Both Frank and his brother Benjamin moved to Kingman County, Kansas, about 1878.

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Lorraine Van Dolah
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John Carter

John Carter
b. 1791, Virginia or Kentucky
d. 5 January 1864, Clay County, Illinois

m/1. 26 July 1813, Harrison County, Indiana
Nancy Fleenor
b. 10 November 1795, possibly Virginia
d. 26 January 1857, Clay County, Illinois

m/2. 2 December 1857, Clay County, Indiana
Emaline Fielding
b. 1833, Tennessee

Children with Nancy Fleenor:

  • James
  • Sarah married [–?–] Brooks
  • Charles
  • Elizabeth married [–?–] Babbs
  • Mary married [–?–] Barnett
  • Manirua married [–?–] Bowers
  • Lucinda married [–?–] Babbs
  • Jasper

Children with Emaline Fielding:

  • Jefferson

John resided in Harrison and Washington counties in Indiana, and emigrated from Indiana in 1850 to Clay County, Illinois.

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Randall M. Grove
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John H Bowers

John H Bowers
b. 28 October 1829, Pennsylvania, to David (?) and Catherine (Grimes?) Bowers
d. about 1913, Sedgwick County, Kansas

m. 1 August 1853, Pennsylvania
Mary Elizabeth Burthruff/Rotroff
b. 9 October 1831, Pennsylvania, to George and Ellenor (Appenzeller) Ruthruff
d. about 1926, Cheney, Sedgwick County, Kansas

Children with Mary Elizabeth Burthruff/Rotroff:

  • George Jacob (1854-1936)
  • Catherine Elizabeth (b. 1856) married Floyd Campbell
  • Mary Ellen (1858-1927) married Nathan O. Peacock
  • Jane (b. 1859) married Benjamin Dunkelberger
  • Eurella J. (1860-1928)
  • Emma May (1863-1951) married George W. Jones
  • Martha Everett (1866-1933) married Frank Leighton Dunkelberger
  • John Nelson (1869-1952)

John immigrated to Indiana from Pennsylvania in 1854. He emigrated from Indiana to Dodge
City, Ford County, Kansas, in 1882. Eleanor (Appenzeller) Ruthruff wrote many letters to her daughter Mary (Ruthruff) Bowers in Kansas. They tell of the early life and people of North Judson, Indiana, from about 1889-1901.

Submitted by:
Lorraine Van Dolah
Wichita KS