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Mary Elizabeth Stites

Mary Elizabeth Stites
b. 1 October 1837, Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana, to Benjamin and Sidney Vail (Davis) Stites
d. 2 August 1878, America, Pulaski County, Illinois

m. 11 August 1857, Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana
Samuel Sheets
b. 25 October 1833, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
d. 5 November 1906, Carbondale, Jackson County, Illinois

Children with Samuel Sheets:
• Sidney
• Letitia
• Edward Jacob
• Mary Belle
• William
• George Washington
• Benjamin Franklin
• Harry M.
• Charles G.

Mary Elizabeth left Indiana shortly after her marriage for America, Pulaski County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Norma Sullivan
Delphi IN

Benjamin F. Stites

Benjamin F. Stites
b. 26 December 1843, near Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana, to Benjamin and Sidney Vail (Davis) Stites
d. 31 October 1921, Moore, Fergus County, Montana

m. Yankeetown, Warrick County, Indiana
Matilda Lee
b. 11 January 1858, Yankeetown, Warrick County, Indiana
d. 12 May 1911, Moore, Fergus County, Montana

Children with Matilda Lee:
• Daisy D. (b. 1878)
• Della M. (b. 1880)
• Benjamin Frank (b. 1882)
• William S. (b. 1885)

All the children except William were born in Warrick County, Indiana; William was born in Buffalo County, Nebraska. The family moved to Amherst in Grant Township of Buffalo County some time between the birth of Benjamin and William.

Submitted by:
Norma Sullivan
Delphi IN

John R Stites

John R Stites
b. 4 March 1836, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, to Benjamin and Sydney (Davis) Stites
d. 29 September 1897, Havana, Sargent County, North Dakota

m. 3 October 18856, Boonville, Warrick County, Indiana
Eliza Johnson
b. 31 August 1829, Boonville, Warrick County, Indiana
d. 1 February 1922, Oakland, Alemeda County, California

Children with Eliza Johnson:

  • Robert
  • Virginia
  • Kate
  • Lou Cretia
  • Arthur

John immigrated to Indiana from Hamilton County, Ohio, in 1836-1837. He lived near Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana, and Yankeetown, Warrick County, Indiana. John moved to Havana, Sargent County, North Dakota, after 1870.

Submitted by:
Norma M. Sullivan
Delphi IN

Benjamin Stites

Benjamin Stites
b. 23 June 1808, Hamilton County, Ohio, to Hezikiah and Elizabeth (Ferris) Stites
d. 13 November 1867, near DeWitt, Arkansas County, Arkansas

m/1. 22 August 1833, Hamilton County, Ohio
Sydney Vail Davis
b. 1 March 1811, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio
d. 11 June 1848, near Rockport, Spencer County, Indiana

m/2. 25 September 1848
Margaret E. Romaine


  • Thomas Benton
  • John R.
  • Mary Elizabeth
  • Sidney Olive
  • Emma J.
  • Benjamin
  • George Washington
  • James F.
  • Freeman H.
  • Roda
  • Flora
  • Aada
  • Mabel

Seven of these children were by Sydney, his first wife, and six were by his second wife, Margaret. Benjamin emigrated from Spencer County, Indiana, to DeWitt, Arkansas County, Arkansas, in 1857/1858.

Hezikiah Stites, Benjamin’s father, was one of the people who explored and then founded the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Hezikiah and other family members are buried in the Cincinnati Pioneer Cemetery.

Submitted by:
Norma M. Sullivan
Delphi IN