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George Wohlhueter

George Wohlhueter
b. 12 November 1804, Kauffenheim, Alsace, France, to Johann Michael and Anna Katharina (Rinckel) Wohlhueter
d. 10 September 1872, Carmi, White County, Illinois

m. 1840, Kauffenheim, Alsace, France
Marie Catherine Rinckel
b. 1815, Kauffenheim, Alsace, France
d. 17 January 1873, Carmi, White County, Illinois

Children with Marie Catherine Rinckel:

  • Catherine
  • Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth
  • George
  • Caroline
  • Salome

In 1855 George and Marie Catherine Wohlhueter immigrated to Indiana from Kauffenheim, Alsace, France. They lived in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, and Harmony, Posey County, Indiana, and emigrated from Indiana in 1871 to Carmi, White County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Barbara Wohlhueter
Bradenton FL

Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler
b. 5 March 1814, Indiana
d. 14 May 1866, Mount Erie, Wayne County, Illinois

m. 31 August 1843, Wayne County, Illinois
Nancy Jane Graham
b. 1 January 1826, Kentucky
d. 13 March 1880, White County, Illinois

Children with Nancy Jane Graham:

  • Theodore
  • Elizabeth Ann
  • George Luther
  • William

William emigrated before 1835 from Posey County, Indiana, to White County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Barbara J. Wohlhueter
W. Bradenton FL

Friedrich Ludwig Roser

Friedrich Ludwig Roser
b. 1 April 1811, Kleinsteinbach, Baden, Germany, to Johann Adam and Elisabetha (Ebel) Roser
d. 6 October 1895, Hawthorne Township, White County, Illinois

m/1. 14 February 1817, Obermutschelbach, Baden, Germany
Anna Marie Schmidt
b. 14 March 1817, Obermutschelbach, Baden, Germany
d. 13 January 1843, Obermutschelbach, Baden, Germany

m/2. 11 May 1843, Obermutschelbach, Baden, Germany
Catharina Weiss
b. 21 September 1822, Kleinsteinbach, Baden, Germany
d. 21 December 1893, Hawthorne Township, White County, Illinois

Children with Anna Marie Schmidt:

  • Christina Louisa
  • Friedrich Ludwig
  • August

Children with Catharina Weiss:

  • Catharina
  • Christian
  • Louisa
  • Charles
  • Mary A.
  • Caroline

Friedrich and Catharina Roser immigrated from Obermutschelbach, Germany, to Posey County, Indiana, in 1852. They moved to Hawthorne, White County, Illinois, in 1858.

Submitted by:
Barbara J. Wohlheuter
Bradenton FL

Greene Rosborough

Greene Rosborough
b. 22 September 1817, probably at Gibson County, Indiana, to Joseph and Ruth (Patton) Rosborough
d. 8 October 1881, Petty Township, Lawrence County, Illinois

m. 8 February 1838, Gibson County, Indiana
Elizabeth Manessa Carter
b. 24 October 1824, Posey County, Indiana, to Rene Chastain and Magdalena Sarah (Chastain) Carter
d. 14 December 1905, Petty Township, Lawrence County, Illinois

Children with Elizabeth Manessa Carter:

  • William Silas (1839-1922) married (1) Mary Ellen Stewart, (2) Jessie McClarin, (3) Emma Burkholder
  • Joseph Rane (1841-1923) married Mary Ellen Bach
  • Thomas Alexander (1844-1929) married Rachel Jane Baker
  • Eliza Ann (1846-1898) married Austin David Rutter
  • John Newton (1849-1930) married Nancy Ellen Keplinger
  • Martha Elvira (1850-1923) married Thomas Keplinger
  • Ruth Ann (1854-1923) married William C. Brown
  • James Franklin (1857-1939) married Clara Maria Correll
  • Elizah H. (1859-1860)
  • Mary Magdalena (1861-1948) married George Andrew Albert
  • Manesa Mary (1864-1865)

Greene emigrated about 1866 from Montgomery Township, Gibson County, Indiana, to Petty Township, Lawrence County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Judith E. Svoboda
Longmont CO

Allen Moutray

Allen Moutray
b. about 1810, Kentucky, to George M. and Elizabeth Moutray
d. 1862, Wayne County, Illinois

m. 28 August 1827, Posey County, Indiana
Anna Eliza Thompson
b. 1 January 1802, South Carolina
d. 28 January 1901, Edwards County, Illinois

Children with Anna Eliza Thompson:

  • George
  • Sylvester
  • James
  • Matthew
  • Tabitha
  • Sarah J.
  • Phobe Ann

Allen immigrated to Robb Township, Posey County, Indiana, before 1830 from Christian County, Kentucky. He emigrated from Indiana to Mt. Erie, Wayne County, Illinois, in the late 1850’s.

Submitted by:
Barbara J. Wohlhueter
Bradenton FL

Arthur Johnson

Arthur Johnson
b. 7 August 1757, Brunswick County, Virginia, to Nathaniel and Winney (Moore) Johnson
d. 16 October 1839, Wayne County, Illinois

m. 2 January 1779, Brunswick County, Virginia
Lucy Harmon
b. 1 January 1759
d. 19 August 1843, White County, Illinois

Children with Lucy Harmon:

  • John (1779–1853) married Mary Reaves
  • Sampson (1781–1836) married Minnie Williams
  • Nancy (1783–1853) married Robert Cates
  • Henrietta (1785–1863) married John Williams
  • Elizabeth (b. 1787) married John Turner
  • Nathaniel (b. 1789)
  • George (1791–1865) married Anna Williams
  • Benjamin (1792–1855) married Polly Almon
  • Winny (b. 1797) married Tolliver Grigsby
  • Arthur (b. 1797) married Elizabeth Harmon
  • William (b. 1798)
  • Lucy (b. 1800) married William Moutray
  • Zachariah (b. 1802) married Delilah McGoughlin

Arthur Johnson served in the Revolutionary War in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. He emigrated about 1812 from Warren County, Kentucky, to Posey County, Indiana. He emigrated about 1838 from Gibson County, Indiana, to White County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Judith E. Svoboda
Longmont CO

Daniel Hon

Daniel Hon
b. 13 January 1806, Kentucky, to Jacob and Susannah (Brown) Hon
d. 22 December 1864, White County, Illinois

m. 24 May 1827, Posey County, Indiana
Sarah Winkler
b. 17 May 1805, Indiana
d. 8 October 1849, White County, Illinois

Children with Sarah Winkler:

  • Lewis Winkler
  • Jonas J.
  • Carson
  • George
  • Amelia
  • Martin Van Buren

Daniel came to Indiana about 1827 from Kentucky. He lived in Posey County until he moved to White County, Illinois, in 1828.

Submitted by:
Sarah Lee Cook
LaCanada CA

Henry Harrison Highman

Henry Harrison Highman
b. 11 March 1876, Posey County, Indiana to George W Highman and Florence Williams
d. 15 July 1940, near Gilroy, San Benito County, California

m/1. 22 July 1900, Missouri
Augusta May Akers

m/2. 28 August 1904, Stoddard County, Missouri
Cora Isabelle Holland
b. 7 July 1888, Stoddard County, Missouri
d. 29 September 1970, Fresno, California

Children with Cora Isabelle Holland:

  • Roy Lafayette
  • Oral Clifton
  • Leonard Joseph
  • Jewell Nadine
  • Henry J.

Henry emigrated from Posey County, Indiana, to Stoddard County, Missouri, with his parents between 1882 and 1894. He worked as a farmer and took care of livestock in Missoui. He was also an avid fiddler at dances.

The family lived in several places in Stoddard and Dunklin counties in Missouri: Acornridge, Malden, Senath, and Arbyrd, gradually moving south over the years. From Arbyrd, they took a train to California in 1922, where the family eventually settled in Orange Cove, Tular County.

Submitted by:
Clifton O. Highman
Boulder CO

George W Highman

George W Highman
b. February 1847, possibly New Harmony Township, Posey County, Indiana, to Matthew and Mary Ann (Downs) Highman
d. after 1901, Stoddard County, Missouri

m/1. 26 February 1872, Posey County, Indiana
Florence Williams
b. 1853
d. 24 February 1877, Posey County, Indiana

Louisa Cartwright
b. July 1845
d. 1901, Stoddard County, Missouri

Children with Florence Williams:

Children with Louisa Cartwright:

  • Neva M.

George and his second wife, Louisa, emigrated from Posey County, Indiana, to Stoddard County, Missouri, between 1882 and 1894.

Submitted by:
Clifton O. Highman
Boulder CO

John/Johannes Endress

John/Johannes Endress
b. 17 October 1802, Rudersburg, Wurtenburg, Germany, to Gottfried and Anna Marie Endress
d. 1859, Freedom, Beaver County, Pennsylvania

m. 1829, Pennsylvania
Rosina Rein
b. 15 July 1805, Butler County, Pennsylvania
d. about 1869, Beaver County, Pennsylvania

Children with Rosina Rein:

  • Louisa married William Schaufelberger
  • Mary married Christian Haller
  • Catharine married Christian Siefried
  • Ludwig
  • John

The Endress and Rein families immigrated to America to join the Harmony Society founded by George Rapp in Germany. A religious Utopian society, holding all property in common, the Society became a busy and successful farming community. The excellent farmland in Indiana drew the Society there for ten years, but in 1825 it returned to Pennsylvania and built a new town at Economy.

John (Johannes) Endress immigrated to Indiana from Harmony, Butler County, Pennsylvania, to New Harmony, Posey County, Indiana, in 1815. In 1825 he moved with members of the society to Economy, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Very carefully controlled, members of the Economy community had almost no contact with the outside world. As regulations tightened, marriage was banned and celibacy was enforced, causing many young people to withdraw from the society. John (Johannes) Endress, his wife, and his mother-in-law Eva Rosina (Lambert) Rein were among them.

Submitted by:
Nancy B. Fratt
Westfield NJ