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Mary Rapp

Mary Rapp
b. 27 November 1859, Mount Vernon, Posey County, Indiana, to Johan Michael and Dorothea Catharine (Sauerwein) Rapp
d. 5 April 1926, White County, Illinois

m. 28 May 1874, Henderson, Henderson County, Kentucky
Friedrich Ludwig Roser
b. 18 November 1839, Obermutschelbach, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, to Friedrich Ludwig and Anna Maria (Schmidt) Roser
d. 2 January 1919, White County, Illinois

Children with Friedrich Ludwig Roser:
• Edward (1874-1880)
• Frederick “Fritz” (1879-1955) married Clara Ethyl Clark
• Kathryn Rebecca (1880-1962) married Frederick William Wohlhueter
• Augustus William (1883-1975) married Nola May Eplin
• Lawrence Farrington (1886-1969) married Theresa Henning
• Eunice (1890-1923) married Elvis Huffaker
• Arthur Cecil (1893-1957) married Nellie E. Daily
• Inez Marie (1896-1987) married Harry Horton
• Viola (1889-1978) married Max Cooper

Mary’s parents and older siblings came from Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, to Posey County, Indiana, on 31 May 1853. After her father died in 1862, she and her mother went to live with an older sister and her husband in Henderson, Kentucky. Mary’s sister died in 1872. Two years later, Mary married her sister’s widower. He had a grocery store in Henderson. In 1880, they moved to a farm in White County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Barbara Wohlhueter
Bradenton FL

Friedrich Ludwig Roser

Friedrich Ludwig Roser
b. 1 April 1811, Kleinsteinbach, Baden, Germany, to Johann Adam and Elisabetha (Ebel) Roser
d. 6 October 1895, Hawthorne Township, White County, Illinois

m/1. 14 February 1817, Obermutschelbach, Baden, Germany
Anna Marie Schmidt
b. 14 March 1817, Obermutschelbach, Baden, Germany
d. 13 January 1843, Obermutschelbach, Baden, Germany

m/2. 11 May 1843, Obermutschelbach, Baden, Germany
Catharina Weiss
b. 21 September 1822, Kleinsteinbach, Baden, Germany
d. 21 December 1893, Hawthorne Township, White County, Illinois

Children with Anna Marie Schmidt:

  • Christina Louisa
  • Friedrich Ludwig
  • August

Children with Catharina Weiss:

  • Catharina
  • Christian
  • Louisa
  • Charles
  • Mary A.
  • Caroline

Friedrich and Catharina Roser immigrated from Obermutschelbach, Germany, to Posey County, Indiana, in 1852. They moved to Hawthorne, White County, Illinois, in 1858.

Submitted by:
Barbara J. Wohlheuter
Bradenton FL