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Enoch Canada Morris

Enoch Canada Morris
b. 15 May 1830, Browns Valley, Montgomery Co., IN, to Hezekiah Morris and Nancy Anna (Penney) Morris
d. 11 Oct. 1920, Windsor, Shelby Co., IL

m. 27 Oct. 1885, Greencastle, Putnam Co., IN
Lydia Etter
b. 5 Sept. 1833, Putnam Co., IN
d. 1 Oct. 1916, Windsor, Shelby Co., IL
bur. Enoch and Lydia are in the Old Bethany Church Cemetery, NW of Windsor, Shelby Co., IL

Children with Lydia Etter:

  • Anna Rebecca (1856-1938) m. John M. Sparks
  • David Henry (1859-1939) m. Minnie Richardson
  • Hezikiah Dolphus (b. 1861) m. [–?–]
  • John Will (1864-1956) m. Elsada Isabel Shuck
  • Joseph Simpson (1867-1901)
  • Melissa Catherine (1869-1893)
  • Frederic Nelson (1871-1899)
  • Violet Elizabeth (1874-1965) m. William Forest Cain
  • Milford Manford (1878-1901)

Born in Browns Valley, Montgomery Co., IN, Enoch and his family moved to central Illinois by covered wagon in October 1874. They stayed in Cumberland Co., IL until the following October 1875 when they moved north-northwest into Shelby Co., stopping at Middlesworth, Shelby Co., IL. In October 1877, the family moved to their new home northwest of Windsor, Shelby Co., IL. Enoch found a wooded area near the banks of the Kaskaskia River. He cleared the area for the house, and he built their home from the logs of the trees he had felled. From 1877 to 1885, Enoch was engaged in timber work, mostly in getting out railroad ties, chopping woods, etc.

Enoch and Lydia were both very devout in their religious beliefs. He was a member of the Old Predestinarian Church on Walnut Creek in Putnam Co., IN. Lydia was formerly a member of the Church of the Brethren near Clinton Falls, IN. In February 1906, Enoch and Lydia moved into Windsor, IL, to live the remainder of their days with their son, John Will Morris, and his family. Both Enoch and Lydia are buried in the Old Bethany Church Cemetery, NW of Windsor, Shelby Co., IL.

Submitted by:
J. Fred Schouten
Bourbonnais, IL

Daniel Pickrell Skinner

Daniel Pickrell Skinner
b. 24 June 1824 Montgomery Co., OH, to Thomas Skinner and Permelia Cox
d. 22 January 1882, Cass Co., IN
bur. Bethel Cemetery, Cass Co., IN

Daniel Pickrell Skinner gravestone

Daniel Pickrell Skinner gravestone

m1. 28 December 1848 at Cass Co., IN
Rebecca Belew
b. 5 September 1832 in IN, daughter of Joseph and Susanna (Pearson) Belew
d. 10 June 1873 Cass Co., IN; bur. Bethel Cemetery, Cass Co., IN

m2. 30 December 1873 at Cass Co., IN
Amanda Bell

Children with Rebecca Belew:

  • Amanda Alica Skinner (15 February 1850–9 March 1873) m. Stephen Melinger
  • Milton Robert Skinner (abt. 1851–?) m. Portia Carr, Dora LaRose, Emma Maiben
  • Johnson Ballou Skinner (28 April 1853–19 April 1906) m. Sarah Lucinda McCoy
  • Marilla Mossilene Skinner (1856–16 January 1929) m. Samuel F. De Moss
  • William Schuyler Skinner (19 January 1869–9 February 1927) m. Matilda V. Powell

Child with Amanda Bell:

  • Emma Skinner

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Kathy Jones Stickney
Ormond Beach, FL

Ira Stout Compton

Ira Stout Compton
b. 19 July 1810 Hamilton Co., Ohio
d. 7 May 1884 Montgomery Co, Indiana
bur. Bunker Hill Cemetery (formerly Stonebraker), Montgomery Co., Indiana

Ira Stout Compton

Ira Stout Compton

Martha Campbell
d. 1840 Montgomery Co., Indiana

m/2. 8 Feb 1849 Montgomery Co., Indiana
Judith Vaughn
b. 26 July 1821 Alamo, Montgomery Co., Indiana
d. 18 Oct 1893 Montgomery Co., Indiana
bur. Bunker Hill Cemetery (formerly Stonebraker), Montgomery Co., Indiana
*Ira was Judith’s second husband. Her first was William A. Stonebraker

Children with Martha Campbell

  • Hannah (1836-)
  • Jane (1838-)

Children with Judith Vaughn

  • Hampton (1850-)
  • Newton (1852-)
  • Leah (1854-)
  • Martha (1861-1930) m. James Wilson Lee

Ira was born in Ohio to Nathan Compton and Sarah Jane Hawkins. He was settled in Montgomery County, Indiana by the 1840s and married first, Martha Campbell, and then Judith Vaughn. Judith was the daughter of James Vaughn and Nancy Jones. Both Ira and Judith are buried at Bunker Hill Cemetery.

Submitted by:
Sandra Rackard
Mobile, AL

Viola Compton

Viola Compton
b. 25 October 1865, Montgomery County, Indiana, to John H. and Sarah Jane (Hatt) Compton
d. 1949, Robertsdale, Baldwin County, Alabama

Viola Compton was a woman born before her time. She was always interested in learning and passed the exam to become a school teacher at the age of 17. She began her teaching career in District 7 of Montgomery County, Indiana, in 1882.

In 1903 Viola attended Moody’s Bible Institute in Chicago where she obtained the education to fulfill her life’s work of Christian charity. Despite ill health and a growing hearing loss, she moved first to Tennessee, was active in Kentucky, and also North Carolina. In each place, she helped found various schools, churches and other charitable organizations.

Viola traveled extensively through Yellowstone, the Ozarks, Texas, and New Mexico. She wrote about her home, childhood, family, ancestors, and incidents that affected who she was. She compiled a very thorough Compton family tree and documented her work with photographs and the written word.

In 1934, age and ill health dictated retirement so she transferred the assets of her business to Milligan College in eastern Tennessee and moved south to live with her cousin, Judith Lee Pitman, in Baldwin County, Alabama. She died there in 1949 and is buried in the Pitman family cemetery about one mile from the house.

Submitted by:
Sandra Rackard
Mobile AL

Raymond Austin Van Cleave

Raymond Austin Van Cleave
b. 4 March 1908, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana, to William and Mary (Harper/Kirby) Van Cleave
d. 13 January 2000, Portland, Oregon

m. 21 April 1944, Portland, Oregon
Emma J. Timmerman/Maes/Carey
b. 2 May 1912
d. 9 Nov 1991

Children with Emma J. Timmerman/Maes/Carey:

  • Rosalie married David John DeMartino

Raymond’s mother died of childbirth in Indiana when Raymond was only eight days old. His maternal grandmother Martha Jane (Harper) Kirby took two of her daughters and Raymond to Portland, Oregon. He grew up there and as a young man, he played baseball, went fishing and played golf. While living with his grandmother, he worked at a drug store to help support her and put food on the table.

In his thirties, Raymond started to work for candy and cookie companies. During WWII he was deferred in order to make sweets for the military. It was at the candy and cookie company that he met his wife. He married shortly after his grandmother passed away.

Submitted by:
Rosalie L. De Martino
Salem OR

Rebecca Ann James

Rebecca Ann James
b. 13 December 1832, Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana, to William and Nancy (Doyel) James
d. 19 February 1909, Bushnell, McDonough County, Illinois

m. 4 October 1849, Putnam County, Indiana
James Hughs Wilson

Children with James Hughs Wilson:

  • William
  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • Levi Scott
  • Panetta
  • Miriam
  • Judge L.
  • Delaney E.
  • Lewis

In 1840, Rebecca, her brother Farmer and mother Nancy are found living with Grandfather Farmer Doyel. Rebecca’s father had moved to Texas. In 1848 her parents were granted a divorce in Montgomery County, Indiana. She was raised by her mother Nancy.

By autumn of 1850, Rebecca had moved with her husband and son William to Table Grove Township, McDonough County, Illinois. From 1860 until her death at age 76, Rebecca lived in Mound Township, McDonough County, Illinois. She is buried in Upper Mound Cemetery between New Philadelphia and Bushnell, McDonough County, Illinois.

Rebecca traveled in January 1876 to Van Zandt County, Texas for the division of the land she inherited from her father. Both she and her brother Farmer sold their portion to the other heirs.

Submitted by:
Yvonne James
Mineola TX

John A James

John A James
b. between January and July 1830, Montgomery County, Indiana, to William and Elizabeth (Turnham) James
d. 1870, Van Zandt County, Texas

m. 12 August 1852, Van Zandt County, Texas
Nancy Ann Bundy
b. to James T and Rebecca C. (Williford) Bundy

Children with Nancy Ann Bundy:

  • Nancy Ann
  • John Franklin
  • Julia F.
  • Mary Magdalene

John’s parents and brother Joseph emigrated from Kentucky to Indiana. John was born in 1830 and it is believed that his mother died in childbirth. His father remarried and had two more children. He was granted a divorce in 1841 and then returned to Shelby County, Kentucky with his sons, Joseph and John, leaving the children of his second marriage with their mother in Indiana.

In 1844, Joseph and John received their portion of their Grandfather John Turnham’s estate as heirs of Elizabeth (Betsey) Turnham. The land was sold to the other heirs before Joseph and John accompanied their father to Texas after he was mustered out of the Army.

John received a Mercer Colony Headright Certificate #553 for 320 acres in Kaufman County, Texas in 1850. John enlisted on 29 Mar 1862 and was assigned to Company J, Sweet’s Regiment, 15th Texas Cavalry. The unit was captured in Arkansas in January 1863. John and other prisoners of war were transferred to Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois. After three months, John was one of 600 prisoners paroled and exchanged; he was sent by train to City Point, Virginia. Although the parolees were not supposed to fight again against the Union, after a stay in a hospital in Georgia, John returned to his unit and remained until finally surrendering at Bennett’s House in Durham Station, North Carolina, on 26 April 1865.

Submitted by:
Yvonne James
Mineola TX