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Levi Fleming Lankford

Levi Fleming Lankford
b. 19 June 1850, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, to John C. and Emily (Ungles) Lankford
d. 14 February 1923, Phelps County, Missouri

m. 4 December 1873, Phelps County, Missouri
Lucy Ann Patterson
b. 4 November 1854
d. 17 March 1894, Macon County, Missouri

Children with Lucy Ann Patterson:
• Mary Ellen (1876-1896)
• Charley W. (1879-1923)
• John Wilfred (1881-1960)
• Emily L. (1883-1900)
• Minnie Alice (1885-1963)
• Elizabeth Pearl (1891-1974)

Levi left Indiana before 1870 from Hendricks County.

Submitted by:
Jean Lankford Powers
Northglenn CO

Joseph Wierman Griest

Joseph Wierman Griest
b. 19 August 1800, Adams County, Ohio, to Joseph and Mary (Wierman) Griest
d. 20 July 1859, Nevada City, California

m. 6 April 1826, Springboro, Warren County, Ohio
Ruth Ann Garretson
b. 3 April 1819, Adams County, Ohio, to John and Rebecca (Bateman) Garretson
d. 8 January 1879, Plainfield, Hendricks County, Indiana

Children with Ruth Ann Garretson:
• William R. (1827-1830)
• Rebecca Ann (1829-1896)
• William Penn (1831-1916)
• Mary Eliza (1834-1902)
• Joseph Milton (1837-1938)
• Alva Clarkson (1840-1880)
• Almeda Ellen (1845-1923)
• Rosamina Eoline (1848-1911)
• John Milton (1850-1906)
• Florence Estelle (1852-1945)

The family came to Sugar River, Montgomery County, Indiana, in 1832. They moved to Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, in 1936 and left the state from there in 1855. Joseph was a doctor with a large practice in Crawfordsville. He had a certificate from the “Phisio-Medical School,” and, though he was considered one of the best anatomists in the state, regular physicians did not believe those from the “new school” of medicine were adequately trained.

In 1852, Joseph purchased the rights to a steam laundry. In 1855, he went to New York and bought two sets of laundry equipment. He sent the equipment around the Horn to San Francisco. He himself took a ship to Nicaragua, went overland, and caught another boat to San Francisco. He set up one laundry in San Francisco and the other in Sacramento. Twice, he sent money back to his wife and children, but it never arrived. After his death, a “friend” promised to settle his estate and take the assets back to his widow. This “friend” was never found, and the widow was left with a large family and no resources.

Submitted by:
Daniel E. Thornburgh
Charleston IL

Lewis Glidewell

Lewis Glidewell
b. 1804, Laurens County, South Carolina, to William and Susannah Glidewell
d. 1877, Milan, Sullivan County, Missouri

Nancy Talbert

m/2. 29 July 1859, Milan, Sullivan County, Missouri
Tabitha “Abi” Earles
b. 1829, Kentucky, to Peyton and Sara Ann Earles
d. 17 March 1916, Milan, Sullivan County, Missouri

Children with Tabitha Earles:
• George Washington (1861-1933) married (1) Nancy Ann Judd, (2) Hester Belle Potts
• Filander (1863-1947) married Mary Shatto

In 1805 Lewis came to Indiana and lived in Franklin and Shelby counties, Pike Township of Marion County, and Brown Township of Hendricks County before emigrating in 1852.

Lewis was the youngest of ten children. His father was born in 1760 in Halifax, Virginia, and was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Lewis’ grandfather Robert Glidewell was a soldier in the French-Indian War and owned a tobacco plantation in Halifax County, Virginia, where he was born in 1722. After Abi (Earles) Black was widowed, she brought her six children to northern Missouri where she met and married Lewis Glidewell who was a widower.

Submitted by:
Diane Glidewell Fitzgibbons
Lee’s Summit MO

Samuel H. Elrod

Samuel H. Elrod
b. 1 May 1856, Coatesville, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Jesse F. and Lydia (Pursell) Elrod
d. 13 July 1935, Clark, Clark County, South Dakota

m. 10 November 1884, Hendricks County, Indiana
Mary Ellen Masten
b. March 1863, Indiana, to Mathias and Eliza Jane (Fitts) Masten
d. after 1930

Children with Mary Ellen Masten:
• Barbara (1892-aft. 1920)
• Arthur Mellette (1896-1966) married Viola [–?–]

Samuel’s father’s family was from Stokes County, North Carolina. They settled in Clay Township, Hendricks County, Indiana.

Samuel left Indiana for the Dakota Territory in 1882, shortly after graduating from DePauw University in Greencastle, Putnam County, Indiana. He came back in 1884 to marry a fellow Clay Township resident and to receive another degree, after which they returned to the Dakotas. He was a lawyer; a delegate at South Dakota’s first constitutional convention; state’s attorney for Clark County, South Dakota, for ten years; county postmaster; county probate judge; and the fifth governor of South Dakota (1905-1907).

Submitted by:
Meredith Thompson
Avon IN

John Parker Rushton

John Parker Rushton
b. 1823, Randolph Co., NC, to George Rushton and Sarah (Needham) Rushton
d. [–?–] Crawford Co., KS

m. 25 Sept. 1845, Hamilton Co., IN
Alice Ann Horn
b. 1828, Ohio
d. [–?–] Crawford County, KS

Children with Alice Ann Horn:

  • Sarah Ann (1846-1851)
  • Mary H. b. 1849
  • Rachel Ellen (1852-1882) married George W. Fippen
  • Joseph O. b. 1854 married Catherine E. Conner
  • Catherine S. b. 1857
  • Frances V. b. 1859
  • Irene Alice (1861-1956) married John R. Clark
  • John N. (1864-1952) married Ellen Taylor
  • George Wilson (1864-1952) married Esther Dix
  • Charles A. b. 1866
  • William P. (1869-1940) married Bessie Phelan

John moved to Indiana as a young man, in the late 1820’s,with his parents, from Randolph County, NC. They first settled in Hendricks Co., IN and by 1835, his father had a land grant in Hamilton Co., IN, where they moved.

After John married and had children, he moved his family to Crawford Co., KS. During the 1870’s, John’s brother, Edward D. Rushton, followed John by moving his family there. John was a farmer.

Submitted by:
Rhonda A. Dunn
Nashville, IN

Milton Carrington

Milton Carrington
b. 30 June 1810, Kentucky, to Thomas and Elizabeth (Caywood) Carrington
d. 27 December 1865, Iroquois County, Illinois

m. 25 July 1832, Kentucky
Elizabeth Johnson
b. 10 June 1814
d. 2 September 1845, Hendricks County, Indiana

Children with Elizabeth Johnson:

  • Johoda (b. 1833) married William McVey
  • Thomas (1835-1864)
  • Nancy (1838-1926) married Uriah Z. Keath
  • Edmond Hamilton (1841-1910) married Sarah Elizabeth Keath
  • Elizabeth (b. 1843) married Jacob E. Deegans

Milton’s daughter Johoda was born in Kentucky but the family had moved to Indiana before the birth of their second child, William. They did not move on to Illinois until after the birth of their last daughter, Elizabeth in 1843.

Submitted by:
Ann Carrington
Fort Lupton CO

Edmond Hamilton Carrington

Edmond Hamilton Carrington
b. 3 July 1841, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Milton and Elizabeth (Johnson) Carrington
d. 4 January 1910, Onarga, Iroquois County, Illinois

m. 25 August 1865, Ash Grove, Shelby County, Illinois
Sarah Elizabeth Keath
b. 4 November 1846, Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana to Joseph M. and Irena (Elrod) Keath
d. 25 April 1898, Woodland, Iroquois County, Illinois

Children with Sarah Elizabeth Keath:

  • James Thomas ((1866-1893)
  • Nora Bell (1868-1896) married Charles Alvin Fanning
  • Martha Abigail (1870-1899) married Oscar Riley Musser
  • Joseph Milton (1873-1956) married (1) Anna Payton, (2) Donna Maude McClain
  • William Edmond “Frank” (1877-1944) married Mary E. (Anna?) Leef
  • Sarah Irene “Rena” (1881-1982) married William Bennet Morgan
  • Stella Elrod (1884-1948)
  • Weaver Ernest (1892-1977) married Signe Marie Olson

Edmond’s parents were married in Kentucky where they both originated. In 1850 and 1860, they were living in Putnam County, Indiana but in 1841, they lived in Hendricks County, Indiana.

Edmond was a farmer most of his life. After his wife died, he moved to Onarga, Illinois, and became a janitor at the Grand Prairie Seminary there. His wife was a native of Indiana but died in Woodland, Illinois in 1898. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War. He joined Company B, 43th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers in Bainbridge.

Submitted by:
Ann Carrington
Fort Lupton CO

Cyrus Olney Patterson

Cyrus Olney Patterson
b. 25 September 1878, Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Francis M. and Louisa Jane (White) Patterson
d. 17 April 1940, Daly City, San Mateo County, California

m/1. 5 April 1911, Marion County, Indiana
Cuba Marie Almond
b. 1888, to Harland and Viola (Osborn) Almond

m/2. about 1921, probably Denver, Colorado
Genevieve [–?–]
b. about 1891, Iowa
d. after 1940

Children with Cuba Marie Almond:

  • Lowell (1911-1985)

Children with Genevieve [–?–]:

  • Stephen (b. ca. 1929)

Olney grew up outside of Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana, and graduated from Brownsburg High School in 1898. Shortly after marrying in 1911, he left Indiana and moved to Denver, Colorado, where his son Lowell was soon born. After they divorced, his ex-wife raised Lowell until he was a teenager, then he went to live with his father. Between 1930 and 1940, Olney left Denver and moved to San Francisco, California.

Olney worked for a telephone company in Plainfield, Indiana, and when he moved west, he was a superintendent for Western Union Telegraph Company.

Submitted by:
Meredith Thompson
Avon IN

Willametta Pearl Rutledge

Willametta Pearl Rutledge
b. 4 April 1881, Hendricks County, Indiana, to William Henry and Mary Elizabeth Jane (English) Rutledge
d. 1 October 1950, Flandreau, Moody County, South Dakota

m. 3 January 1904, Hendricks County, Indiana
Raleigh Marshall Phillips
b. 16 December 1882, Hendricks County, Indiana
d. 1 October 1950, Flandreau, Moody County, South Dakota

Willametta was named for her father but was known as Pearl.

Raleigh and Pearl had no children together but after Pearl’s sister Bertha Shockency died in 1912, they raised three of Bertha’s five children (Bertha’s husband had been committed to the Central State Hospital for the Insane in Indianapolis before her death).

Raleigh was a farmer and insurance salesman in Hendricks and Boone counties in Indiana. He and Pearl owned a farm in South Dakota and would drive out each year to visit it. They had just started back in 1950 when their car ended up in a pond. They died at the hospital within a few hours of each other.

Submitted by:
Meredith Thompson
Avon IN

Lucy Margaret Rutledge

Lucy Margaret Rutledge
b. 15 May 1858, Lizton, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Isaac Archibald (1831-1866) and Millie Martin (Bradley) (1831-1904) Rutledge
d. 4 October 1949, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas

m. 20 December 1876, Hendricks County, Indiana
Charles Wilson Faussett
b. 17 July 1854, Indiana, to Isaac and Unity (Lynch) Faussett
d. 4 October 1914, Haviland, Kiowa County, Kansas

Children with Charles Wilson Faussett:

  • Isaac Frederick “Fred” (1879-1970) married (1) Mable Edith Dyer, (2) Elizabeth Magdalena DeSmith
  • Iva Ethel (1880-1967) married John Henry Miller

Lucy’s family was from Clark County, Kentucky, but by the time she was born, they had settled outside Lizton, Hendricks County, Indiana. She and husband Charles left Indiana for Henry County, Illinois, between 1900 and 1905. They settled in Welsford, Kiowa County, Kansas, by 1910.

Lucy and Charles both had relatives who had already settled in Kansas—Lucy’s oldest sister, Mary Elizabeth (Rutledge) West, lived just a couple of counties away. Family tradition says that Lucy and her sister came back to Indiana periodically to visit. Lucy died at the age of 91.

Submitted by:
Meredith Thompson
Avon IN