Edmond Hamilton Carrington

Edmond Hamilton Carrington
b. 3 July 1841, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Milton and Elizabeth (Johnson) Carrington
d. 4 January 1910, Onarga, Iroquois County, Illinois

m. 25 August 1865, Ash Grove, Shelby County, Illinois
Sarah Elizabeth Keath
b. 4 November 1846, Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana to Joseph M. and Irena (Elrod) Keath
d. 25 April 1898, Woodland, Iroquois County, Illinois

Children with Sarah Elizabeth Keath:

  • James Thomas ((1866-1893)
  • Nora Bell (1868-1896) married Charles Alvin Fanning
  • Martha Abigail (1870-1899) married Oscar Riley Musser
  • Joseph Milton (1873-1956) married (1) Anna Payton, (2) Donna Maude McClain
  • William Edmond “Frank” (1877-1944) married Mary E. (Anna?) Leef
  • Sarah Irene “Rena” (1881-1982) married William Bennet Morgan
  • Stella Elrod (1884-1948)
  • Weaver Ernest (1892-1977) married Signe Marie Olson

Edmond’s parents were married in Kentucky where they both originated. In 1850 and 1860, they were living in Putnam County, Indiana but in 1841, they lived in Hendricks County, Indiana.

Edmond was a farmer most of his life. After his wife died, he moved to Onarga, Illinois, and became a janitor at the Grand Prairie Seminary there. His wife was a native of Indiana but died in Woodland, Illinois in 1898. He served in the Union Army during the Civil War. He joined Company B, 43th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers in Bainbridge.

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