Harlan C Jones

Harlan C Jones
b. 6 March 1814, Alabama, to George and Narcissa (Harris) Jones
d. 12 April 1870, South Cedar Township, Jackson County, Kansas

m. 11 May 1837, Clinton County, Ohio
Ruth Hannah Zell
b. 3 March 1816, Clarksburg, Harrison County, West Virginia
d. 19 April 1893, South Cedar Township, Jackson County, Kansas

Children with Ruth Hannah Zell:

  • Sarah Elizabeth (1838–1917)
  • Permelia Joanna (1839–1872)
  • Samuel Rockhill (1840–1916)
  • Mary Tyson (b. 1842)
  • Rhoda Caroline (b. 1844)
  • Narcissa Jane (1846–1929)
  • Albert Darvin (1848–1923)
  • Mortimer Zell (1850–1901)
  • Samantha Harriet (1852–1935)
  • Franklin Lemuel (b. 1853)

Harlan Jones resided in Clinton and Warren counties of Ohio, before moving to Parke County, Indiana, about 1844. In 1855, he moved by ox team from Parke County, Indiana, to Oak Mills, Cedar Township, Jackson County, Kansas.

Although born in Alabama, Harlan Jones was a strong Free State man. He was eventually driven from Oak Mills by pro-slavery border ruffians who took him prisoner. One night when his captors fell drunk around a campfire, he escaped and fled to Missouri. Returning later, he settled near Winchester, Kansas. But when border ruffians jumped his claim there, he purchased a claim in Leavenworth County, Kansas.

Swindled out of his Leavenworth claim, Harlan moved to Jackson County, Kansas, where he secured another tract of land, built a log cabin, and settled his family. He went from there to Atchison County, to learn the trade of stone mason, returned, and erected many of the early stone and brick buildings in northeastern Kansas.

Submitted by:
Betty Seprodi
Terre Haute IN

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