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Edward Jacob Hausbach

Edward Jacob “Ed” Hausbauch
b. 17 September 1881, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, to Jacob John and Mary Henrietta (Sanford) Hausbach
d. 14 January 1959, Decatur, Macon County, Illinois

m. 9 July 1902, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana
Cluna Clyde Huber
b. 24 May 1884, Celina, Mercer County, Ohio
d. 23 May 1952, Decatur, Macon County, Illinois

Children with Cluna Clyde Huber:
• Viola Gaynell (1904-1998) married (1) William Randolph Karsteter, (2) Ralph Baker
• Garland Huber (1906-1961) married Esther Ceclia Hilberling
• Maribel Pauline (1916-1993)
• Roberta Margaret (b. 1918) married Alfred Richard Scott
• Ellen Dolores (b. 1920) married William Elwood Berry
• Ruth Elinor (b. 1923) married Robert Delon Mayall

Edward worked for the Wabash Railroad in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Decatur, Illinois, working his way up from machinist to superintendent of the locomotive shops. He moved from Fort Wayne in 1913. Edward was interested in fishing, raising show rabbits, gardening (especially roses and dahlias), and maintaining mechanical equipment.

Submitted by:
Barbara Clark Myall
Goleta CA
E-mail: blueblazer72@cox.net

David Riley Harrell

David Riley Harrell
b. 30 August 1865, Johnson County, Indiana, to Joseph Thomas and A. Catherine (Makowsky) Harrell
d. 5 December 1837, Alton, Madison County, Illinois

m. 18 August 1892, Hidalgo, Jasper County, Illinois
Anna Dale Hunt
b. 13 September 1874, Johnson County, Indiana
d. 29 October 1895, Bushton, Coles County, Illinois

Children with Anna Dale Hunt:
• Winifred Columbia married George Baker
• Dallas Thomas married Irene Lois Kaune

David was a carpenter and cabinetmaker that worked between eastern Illinois and western Indiana. He left Indiana prior to 1892 for Hidalgo, Jasper County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Irene “Rene” Denother
Alton IL

William Henry Hamilton

William Henry Hamilton
b. 20 September 1850, near Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana
d. 23 February 1921, Michigan Valley, Osage County, Kansas

m. 1875, Osage County, Kansas
Francis L. Baker

Children with Francis L. Baker:
• Homer E.
• Myrtle M. married [–?–] Sheek

William lived near Muncie but left Delaware County and Indiana behind in 1870.

Submitted by:
Dr. Eric C. Stumpf
Burr Ridge IL

Julia Louise Balding Grindle

Julia Louise Balding Grindle
b. 4 Dec 1854 Vigo Co., Indiana
d. 20 Dec 1895 Vigo Co., Indiana
bur. Kennedy Cemetery, Otter Creek Twp., Vigo Co., Indiana

Julia Grindle and William Bryant

Julia Grindle and William Bryant

m. 7 Apr 1870 William Cleaster Bryant
William Cleaster Bryant
b. 13 Dec 1848 Sullivan Co., Indiana
d. 15 July 1917 Vigo Co., Indiana
bur. Kennedy Cemetery, Otter Creek Twp., Vigo Co., Indiana

Children of Julia Louise and William Cleaster Bryant

  • Minnie F (1873-1881)
  • Elizabeth Ellen (1875-1946) m. William Riley Murray
  • William Edward (1880-1934) m1.) Margaret Sarah Devonald 2.) Dora Lillian Williams
  • Gertrude (1883-1883)
  • Della Estelle (1883-1980) m1.) Lee Center 2.)Omar Safford
  • Frank Verner (1886-1970) m. Elsie Baker
  • Catherine Venora (1890-1968) m. Frederick N. Cartright
  • (also an infant who died young)

Julia was born to Noah Simpson Grindle and Elizabeth Ann Balding. She lived in Indiana for most of her life, except for a brief period when she and her family were living in Iowa. She married William Cleaster Bryant who was the son of Christopher Myers Bryant and Martha Beard. Julia died one year after the birth of her youngest child. William was a farmer born to Christopher Myers Bryant and Martha Beard. He spent most of his time in Indiana except for a period when his family was living in IL and another period where he lived in Iowa briefly before moving back to Indiana. He married Julia Louise Grindle who was the daughter of Noah Simpson Grindle and Elizabeth Ann Balding. He and his wife are buried at Kennedy Cemetery in Vigo County.

Submitted by:
Jennifer Cruse
Terre Haute, IN
E-mail: jencruse@msn.com

Meredith Earl Lockridge

Meredith Earl Lockridge
b. 29 September 1917, Knox, Starke County, Indiana, to Guy A. and Arizona Ione (Baker) Lockridge
d. 18 January 1994, Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas

m. 1 February 1941, Knox, Starke County, Indiana
Emma Rose Hatter
b. 20 October 1919, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana, to William Harry and Bertha Rose (Sudlow) Hatter
d. 26 October 2000, Everton, Boone County, Arkansas

Children with Emma Rose Hatter:

  • James Earl (b. 1944) married Regina Lee Scott
  • Joan Marie (b. 1946) married Jimmie Lewis Cole
  • Guy Dean, Sr. (b. 1949) married Rosetta Maria Phillips
  • Kathaleen (b. 1952) married (1) Harvey Worrie Clark, Jr., (2) Duane Recoy, (3) Steve Riley, (4) Buck Underwood
  • Margaret Ellen (b. 1962)

Meredith moved to Lorain, Ohio, in 1919 with his family but returned to Indiana that same year. He lived in Fulton County and then Starke County until 1959 when he left for Arkansas.

He was a farmer and a carpenter, but worked as a Standard Oil gas salesman and delivery man in Indiana. He also worked in a wood product factory in Arkansas. He was unaware his uncle was raising him until he was told at age 21.

He served on the town council in Everton, Arkansas, and helped to get the town streets paved.

Submitted by:
Joan Cole
Odessa MO
E-mail: jmcole@iland.net

George Henry Koester

George Henry Koester
b. 17 November 1920, Huntersville, Franklin, Indiana, to Robert Herman and Caroline Charlotte (Thielking) Koester
d. 8 August 1980, Idaho

m/1. 2 July 1947
Frances Forrest

m/2. about 1950
Edith Baker

Children with Edith Baker:

  • Benjamin Maxwell (b. 1951) married Karen Pencock

George and Frances had no children and were divorced sometime before 1950 when George married for the second time.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN
E-mail: ihdkrieger @yahoo.com

Margaret Ethel Graham

Margaret Ethel “Maggie” Graham
b. 27 June 1882, Williamstown, Indiana, to William Isaac and Julie Etta (Cook) Graham
d. 21 October 1957, Urbana, Illinois

m/1. 27 October 1901, Leverett, Champaign County, Illinois
George Thomas Peters
b. 29 January 1878, Thomasboro, Illinois, to John and Mary (Redenbaugh) Peters
d. August 1940

m/2. 17 September 1946, Rockville, Missouri
M. J. Wagner
d. about 1949

m/3. 11 July 1950
George Matlock
d. 195?

Children with George Thomas Peters:

  • Mary S. (1902-bet. 1940/1957)
  • John William (1905-bet. 1940/1957)
  • Bertha Etta (1907-aft. 1976)
  • Walter (b. 1909)
  • Laura E. (1912-1996) married [—?—] Schwalbach
  • Anna Josephine (1915-bet. 1957/1976) married David Baker
  • George Charles (1918-1977)
  • Sarah Frances (1920-aft. 1976) married [—?—] Taylor
  • Samuel Edward (1923-bet. 1940/1957)

Maggie moved with her husband Tom to Illinois and lived in Urbana for 55 years. She had 15 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren when she died.

Submitted by:
Irene Krieger
Batesville IN
E-mail: ihdkrieger@yahoo.com

Edwin Hiram Clark

b. 24 June 1859, St. Peter, Nicollet County, Minnesota
d. 13 June 1945, Norfolk, Princess Anne County, Virginia

Leeta Bannon
b. 8 August 1871, Pine Village, Warren County, Indiana
d. 31 July 1920, Oxford, Benton County, Indiana

Children with Leeta Bannon:

  • Glenn R. (1897-1962) married (1) Catherine Matilda Morse, (2) Mrs. Belle Meek
  • Perry Edwin (1899-1955) married (1) Mary Ellen McDaniel, (2) Betty Jean Severance Montgomery
  • Irma (b. 1901) married Sidney Baker

Edwin was a carpenter and telephone electrician. He lived in Warren and Benton counties in Indiana for most of his life. He was a member of the I.O.O.F. in Oxford. The family was in Minnesota at the time of its 1857 territorial census. His body was returned to Oxford, Indiana, for burial.

Submitted by:
Barbara Clark Myall
Goleta CA

Peter Van Scoyoc

Peter Van Scoyoc
b. 5 October 1841, Akron, Ohio
d. 4 October 1928, Oakhill, Clay County, Kansas

m. 1870, Avilla, Noble County, Indiana
Mary Ann Kruse
b. 28 January 1850
d. 29 May 1929, Oakhill, Clay County, Kansas

Children with Mary Ann Kruse:

  • Sherman (1871-1943)
  • Minnie married [–?–] Sutter
  • Marvin P. (1873-1948) married Hattie E. Baker
  • Frances M. (b. 1875)
  • William M. (b. 1876) married Neva Swan
  • Della (1878-1975) married James Goheen
  • Fred (b. 1880) married Lizzie McMillen
  • Alice (b. 1881) married Samuel Hutcheson
  • Guy (b. 1890)
  • Nola (b. 1892)

Peter moved by covered wagon to Clay County, Kansas, in 1871.

Peter’s ancestors came from the Netherlands, and his wife Mary’s ancestors were German-Swiss. Two of their sons became doctors and located out of the state of Kansas. The other three sons farmed in Oakland Township, Clay County, Kansas. Three of their daughters became teachers.

Submitted by:
Gretel Smith
Garett IN
[found in Riley County Genealogical Society’s Pioneers of the Bluestream Prairie, page 70, Clay county, and reprinted in The Van Schaick Kinfolks Quarterly, 1992, volume 9, Number 3]

Greene Rosborough

Greene Rosborough
b. 22 September 1817, probably at Gibson County, Indiana, to Joseph and Ruth (Patton) Rosborough
d. 8 October 1881, Petty Township, Lawrence County, Illinois

m. 8 February 1838, Gibson County, Indiana
Elizabeth Manessa Carter
b. 24 October 1824, Posey County, Indiana, to Rene Chastain and Magdalena Sarah (Chastain) Carter
d. 14 December 1905, Petty Township, Lawrence County, Illinois

Children with Elizabeth Manessa Carter:

  • William Silas (1839-1922) married (1) Mary Ellen Stewart, (2) Jessie McClarin, (3) Emma Burkholder
  • Joseph Rane (1841-1923) married Mary Ellen Bach
  • Thomas Alexander (1844-1929) married Rachel Jane Baker
  • Eliza Ann (1846-1898) married Austin David Rutter
  • John Newton (1849-1930) married Nancy Ellen Keplinger
  • Martha Elvira (1850-1923) married Thomas Keplinger
  • Ruth Ann (1854-1923) married William C. Brown
  • James Franklin (1857-1939) married Clara Maria Correll
  • Elizah H. (1859-1860)
  • Mary Magdalena (1861-1948) married George Andrew Albert
  • Manesa Mary (1864-1865)

Greene emigrated about 1866 from Montgomery Township, Gibson County, Indiana, to Petty Township, Lawrence County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Judith E. Svoboda
Longmont CO
E-mail: jzsvoboda@earthlink.net