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William Cornett Stark

William Cornett
b. 14 June 1844, Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana, to Elijah and Elizabeth (Johnson) Stark
d. 14 September 1919, Grant City, Worth County, Missouri

m. 10 January 1867, Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas
Mary Molly Dawson
b. 1844, Texas
d. 1910

Children with Mary Molly Dawson:
• Willard (b. 1870)
• Addie (1871-1930)
• Annie (1872-1935)

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Willis H. Lowrey
Colorado Springs CO

Silas Stark

Silas Stark
b. 15 November 1841, Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana, to Elijah and Elizabeth (Johnson) Stark
d. 20 February 1875, Windsor, Henry County, Missouri

m. 3 September 1863, Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana
Margaret Eliza Johnson
b. 18 April 1845, Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana
d. 31 August 1914, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio

Children with Margaret Eliza Johnson:
• Luella (1864-1956) married William Franklin Radspinner
• William Elijah (1866-1940) married (1) Sarah Ellen Smith, (2) Birdie Mae Smith
• Lytle Johnson (1869-1888)
• Ambrose Edward (1871-1926) married Louise Kerr
• Raymond Clifford (1873-1875)

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Willis H. Lowrey
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Elijah Stark

Elijah Stark
b. 4 July 1811, Bourbon County, Kentucky, to Frances Stark
d. 25 December 1898, Grant City, Worth County, Missouri

m. 16 October 1837, Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi
Elizabeth Johnson
b. 27 February 1818, to William and Margaret (Shook) Johnson
d. 22 September 1902, Grant City, Worth County, Missouri

Children with Elizabeth Johnson:
• Thomas (1838-1838)
• James (1839-1921) married Hester Ann Ludwick
• Silas (1841-1875) married Margaret Eliza Johnson
• William Cornett (1844-1919) married Mary Molly Dawson
• Henry (1847-1935) married Minerva Ann Gray
• Wilson (1849-1895)
• John (1851-1943) married Mary Eliza Tyson
• Anna (1854-1925)
• Calvin (1856-1939) married Elizabeth Shook
• Mary Frances (1859-1860)
• Emery (1861-1938) (twin)
• Martha (1861-1861) (twin)

In the early 1830’s, Frances Stark moved her two sons to a farm east of Versailles in Ripley County, Indiana. Elijah received his education in Lexington, Kentucky. He purchased his own land in Ripley County in 1832. He taught school, played violin, taught singing, and farmed. In 1834, he went down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to Natchez, Mississippi with a flatboat load of produce. He remained in Natchez nearly four years. While there, he learned carpentry and married Elizabeth. Their first child was born and died there. In 1838, they moved to Ripley County, Indiana. He was elected Treasurer of Ripley County in 1846, and elected County Clerk in 1860. Elijah moved to Grant City, Missouri in 1885.

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Willis H. Lowrey
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Albert Huneke

Albert Huneke
b. 20 August 1869, Laughery Township, Ripley County, Indiana
d. December 1949, Alva, Oklahoma

It is unknown who or when Albert married, but his obituary lists the following children:
• William
• Marion
• Harold
• Esther
• Sarah married [–?–] Moore

Albert farmed both in Indiana and later in Oklahoma.

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Irene Krieger
Batesville IN

George Henry Stiegelmeyer

George Henry Stiegelmeyer
b. 7 August 1871, Batesville, Ripley County, Indiana, to Fred and Mary (Schutte) Stiegelmeyer
d. 16 Feb 1930, Denver, Denver County, Colorado

m. 18 March 1896, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana
Catherine Louise Hinnenkamp
b. 25 October 1870, Huntersville, Franklin County, Indiana
d. 19 February 1954, Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California

Children with Catherine Louise Hinnenkamp:
• Esther Katherine (b. 1897)
• Irwin George (b. 1903)
• Paul Wm. (b. 1905)
• Earl Benjamin (b. 1908)
• Victor Fred (b. 1901-died at age 2)

George was a cabinetmaker by trade.

Catherine Louise’s family lived in Huntersville, Franklin County, Indiana, and had ten children. Her father served in the Mexican-American War in the Cavalry and the Civil War in the Quartermasters Department. In civilian life he was a shoemaker. Catherine’s mother was one of the early pioneers that saw Huntersville and Batesville grow. She and other young friends rode on the first railroad to go through the area by invitation of the railroad company. The girls took chairs from home to sit on. Her parents, Christian Heinrich Zies and Mary Katherine Severinghaus, had a house and 40 acres in Batesville, and in 1997 the house was still there. It had been bought or built about 1840 on Huntersville Road.

George’s sister, Caroline, married Henry E. Brockman who owned Batesville’s leading retail shoe store. The Stiegelmeyer and Henry Brockman families both lived on Mulberry Street in Batesville. The Stiegelmeyers had eight children, and Fred Stiegelmeyer worked at the Union Furniture Co.

One of George’s brothers, Edward, was a policeman in Indianapolis.

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Vicki Moffett
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James Stark

James Stark
b. 19 April 1839, Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana, to Elijah and Elizabeth (Johnson) Stark
d. 15 July 1921, Newburg, Jasper County, Iowa

m. 3 May 1864, Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana
Hester Ann Ludwick
b. 10 July 1845, to Jacob and Hester (Myers) Ludwick
d. 15 September 1927, Grinnell, Poweshiek County, Iowa

Children with Hester Ann Ludwick:
• William Cornett (1865-1929) married Sophia Jane Love
• Mary Elizabeth (1866-1944) married (1) Willis Eugene Newton, (2) Porter Y. Fuller
• Anna Florence (b. 1868) married Newton John Morgart
• Elijah Ludwick (1872-ca. 1950) married Isadora Strickland
• Clarence Howard (1876-1955) married Ida Elizabeth Green
• Edith Viola (1880-1918) married Clarence Grubb

James was a deputy treasurer of Ripley County under his father. He enlisted in the 68th Indiana Regiment in 1861. In 1869, he, his wife, and three young children left Ripley County by covered wagon for Jasper County, Iowa.

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Willis H. Lowrey
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