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William Moore Rutledge

William Moore Rutledge
b. 26 June 1820, Mine Run Hundred, Baltimore County, Maryland, to William C. and Margaret (Moore) Rutledge
d. 29 November 1900, Waterloo, Lynn County, Oregon

m. 8 July 1845, Ohio
Sarah Jane Scott
b. 13 January 1824, Ohio
d. 16 July 1911, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon

Children with Sarah Jane Scott:
• Electra (b. ca. 1846)
• Charles Moore
• Delia
• Cornelia (b. ca. 1851)
• Dorothy Elizabeth (b. 1854)
• Elnora (b. ca. 1859)
• Orfa (b. ca. 1862)
• Maude (b. 1868)

The family came to Robb Township, Posey County, Indiana, between 1847 and 1850, and left in December 1851.

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Laine Romero
Olympia WA
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William C. Rutledge

William C. Rutledge
b. 16 August 1794, Mine Run, Baltimore County, Maryland
d. 1 June 1872, Littlerock (formerly Black River), Thurston County, Washington

m. 6 March 1818, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Margaret Moore
b. 3 March 1792, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
d. 8 October 1858, Tumwater (formerly New Market), Thurston County, Washington

Children with Margaret Moore:
• John C. (b. 1818)
• William Moore (1820-1900)
• Rachel Jane (b. 1822)
• David Moore (b. 1823)
• Catharine Ann (b. 1825)
• George Washington (b. 1827)
• Margaret Jane (b. 1829)
• Thomas Elliott (1831-1909)
• Andrew Jackson (b. 1833)
• Rachel Amanda (b. 1834)

The family came to Gibson County, Indiana, about 1840, then to Robb Township, Posey County, Indiana, about 1850. They left the state in 1851.

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Laine Romero
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Thomas Elliott Rutledge

Thomas Elliott Rutledge
b. 6 March 1831, Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio, to William C. and Margaret (Moore) Rutledge
d. 28 September 1909, Littlerock, Thurston County, Washington

m/1. 24 July 1856, Tumwater, Thurston County, Washington
Louisa Margaret Shotwell
b. 5 May 1839, Clermont County, Ohio
d. 24 February 1877, Littlerock (formerly Black River), Thurston County, Washington

m/2. 11 June 1882, Littlerock, Thurston County, Washington
Nancy Luella Miles
b. 13 November 1844, Pleasant Plains, Iowa
d. 3 March 1925, Littlerock, Thurston County, Washington

Children with Louisa Margaret Shotwell:
• William Thomas (b. 1857)
• Ellen Margaret (b. 1859)
• Emma (b. 1861)
• Marion Francis (b. 1863)
• John Franklin (b. 1866)
• Effie Belle (b. 1868)
• Leonard Moore (b. 1870)
• George Washington (b. 1872)
• Rollin Charles (b. 1873)

Children with Nancy Luella Miles:
• Thomas Albert (b. 1883)
• Lois Iola (b. 1884)

Thomas came to Gibson County, Indiana, about 1840. He also lived in Robb Township, Posey County, Indiana, before leaving the state in December 1851.

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Laine Romero
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Margaret F. Oliphant

Margaret F. Oliphant
b. 18 June 1842, Indiana, to William S. and Jane Elizabeth (Van Zile) Oliphant
d. 1 January 1915, Austin, Travis County, Texas

L. W. Carter

[–?–] Rutledge

Children with L. W. Carter:
• Jennie L.

Margaret was in Jefferson County, Indiana, in 1850, then left in 1852 from Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana.

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Connie Wallace Perdue
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Willametta Pearl Rutledge

Willametta Pearl Rutledge
b. 4 April 1881, Hendricks County, Indiana, to William Henry and Mary Elizabeth Jane (English) Rutledge
d. 1 October 1950, Flandreau, Moody County, South Dakota

m. 3 January 1904, Hendricks County, Indiana
Raleigh Marshall Phillips
b. 16 December 1882, Hendricks County, Indiana
d. 1 October 1950, Flandreau, Moody County, South Dakota

Willametta was named for her father but was known as Pearl.

Raleigh and Pearl had no children together but after Pearl’s sister Bertha Shockency died in 1912, they raised three of Bertha’s five children (Bertha’s husband had been committed to the Central State Hospital for the Insane in Indianapolis before her death).

Raleigh was a farmer and insurance salesman in Hendricks and Boone counties in Indiana. He and Pearl owned a farm in South Dakota and would drive out each year to visit it. They had just started back in 1950 when their car ended up in a pond. They died at the hospital within a few hours of each other.

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Meredith Thompson
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Lucy Margaret Rutledge

Lucy Margaret Rutledge
b. 15 May 1858, Lizton, Hendricks County, Indiana, to Isaac Archibald (1831-1866) and Millie Martin (Bradley) (1831-1904) Rutledge
d. 4 October 1949, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas

m. 20 December 1876, Hendricks County, Indiana
Charles Wilson Faussett
b. 17 July 1854, Indiana, to Isaac and Unity (Lynch) Faussett
d. 4 October 1914, Haviland, Kiowa County, Kansas

Children with Charles Wilson Faussett:

  • Isaac Frederick “Fred” (1879-1970) married (1) Mable Edith Dyer, (2) Elizabeth Magdalena DeSmith
  • Iva Ethel (1880-1967) married John Henry Miller

Lucy’s family was from Clark County, Kentucky, but by the time she was born, they had settled outside Lizton, Hendricks County, Indiana. She and husband Charles left Indiana for Henry County, Illinois, between 1900 and 1905. They settled in Welsford, Kiowa County, Kansas, by 1910.

Lucy and Charles both had relatives who had already settled in Kansas—Lucy’s oldest sister, Mary Elizabeth (Rutledge) West, lived just a couple of counties away. Family tradition says that Lucy and her sister came back to Indiana periodically to visit. Lucy died at the age of 91.

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Meredith Thompson
Avon IN
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Mary Elizabeth Rutledge

Mary Elizabeth Rutledge
b. 4 December 1851, Clark County, Kentucky, to Isaac Archibald (1832-1863) and Millie Martin (Bradley) (1831-1904) Rutledge
d. 31 January 1934, Dighton Township, Lane County, Kansas

m. 1 January 1868, Hendricks County, Indiana
Lewis Richard West
b. 29 November 1839, Hendricks County, Indiana, to William and Sarah West
d. 11 November 1908, Garden City, Finney County, Kansas

Children with Lewis Richard West:

  • Monte (b. abt. 1869)
  • Olive (b. 1870)
  • Osa Wesley (1871-1916) married Effie [–?–]
  • Venna (b. abt. 1873)
  • Millie (b. abt. 1876)
  • Alice Mary (1879-aft. 1930) married Reynard S. Stormont
  • Cordelia (abt. 1881-aft. 1910) married Newton J. Ezell/Exell
  • Andrew Franklin “Frank” (1884-1966) married Zella Fern Wilcox
  • Roy E. (1887-aft. 1920) married Ethel J. [–?–]
  • Octavia (b. abt. 1889)

Mary’s family moved from Clark County, Kentucky, to Lizton, Hendricks County, Indiana, between 1851 and 1853. Mary and husband Lewis moved to Miami County, Kansas, 1870-1880, then to Dighton Township, Lane County, Kansas, by 1885, and to Garden City, Finney County, Kansas, around 1901.

Lewis served as a Private in Company E of the 148th Indiana Infantry during the Civil War. After Lewis’ death, Mary moved in with son Frank, then with her daughter Alice Mary. Lucy Margaret (Rutledge) Faussett, Mary’s sister, later settled just a few counties away, and family tradition says that the two sisters came back to Indiana periodically to visit.

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Meredith Thompson
Avon IN
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George Razor/Rasor

George Razor/Rasor
b. between 1785 and 1790, South Carolina
d. after July 1860, Texas or Shannon County, Missouri

m. about 1820, possibly
Elizabeth Jane Rutledge
b. between 1790 and 1803, Virginia
d. after July 1860, Texas or Shannon County, Missouri

Children with Elizabeth Jane Rutledge:

  • Elizabeth Jane
  • Frances
  • Mary
  • Silas Marion
  • William

They moved to District 93, Shannon County, Missouri, about 1844. George and Elizabeth possibly had other children.

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Louise C. England
Golden CO