Willametta Pearl Rutledge

Willametta Pearl Rutledge
b. 4 April 1881, Hendricks County, Indiana, to William Henry and Mary Elizabeth Jane (English) Rutledge
d. 1 October 1950, Flandreau, Moody County, South Dakota

m. 3 January 1904, Hendricks County, Indiana
Raleigh Marshall Phillips
b. 16 December 1882, Hendricks County, Indiana
d. 1 October 1950, Flandreau, Moody County, South Dakota

Willametta was named for her father but was known as Pearl.

Raleigh and Pearl had no children together but after Pearl’s sister Bertha Shockency died in 1912, they raised three of Bertha’s five children (Bertha’s husband had been committed to the Central State Hospital for the Insane in Indianapolis before her death).

Raleigh was a farmer and insurance salesman in Hendricks and Boone counties in Indiana. He and Pearl owned a farm in South Dakota and would drive out each year to visit it. They had just started back in 1950 when their car ended up in a pond. They died at the hospital within a few hours of each other.

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