William Nichols

William Nichols
b. 20 January 1831, Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana, to John and Martha (Dunn) Nichols
d. 18 May 1901, St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri

Elizabeth Salyens
b. 2 July 1829
d. 1860

m/2. 25 August 1864, New Orleans, Louisiana
Austine Jolls
b. 11 September 1841, New Orleans, New Orleans County, Louisiana
d. 26 February 1910, College Hill, Ohio

Children with Elizabeth Salyens:
• May Bruce
• Frank Barrett
• Richard Preston

Children with Austine Jolls:
• Idalie
• Edith
• William Lewis
• Henry Edgar
• Alvin B.

William emigrated from Indiana in 1848, reaching St. Louis in the spring of 1850. He then went to Sedalia, Missouri, where he prospered in various mercantile enterprises. In 1860, worried about the future of the country, he sold his store and collected all monies due him. He then found opportunity in supplying the Union forces. He followed troops to Vicksburg where he obtained permits for the cotton trade. Staying in Vicksburg after the war, he started a bank. In 1867, William moved back to St. Louis, where he became a partner and cashier in another bank and later became its president.

Submitted by:
Constance C. Roeder
St. Louis MO

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