Susan (Earl) Foutch

Susan (Earl) Foutch
birth: 1840 in Tippecanoe, Indiana to Nehemiah D. Earl and Elizabeth (Dimmitt) Earl
death: 1909 in Harrison County, Missouri
burial: Harrison county, Missouri

marriage: 1857 in Wapello, Iowa
Abraham Foutch
birth: 1833 in Fairfield County, Ohio to James and Mary (Feast) Foutch
death: 1901 in Harrison County, Missouri
burial: Harrison County, Missouri

Children of Susan Earl and Abraham Foutch:

  • Mary Elizabeth Foutch
  • Nehemiah Danforth Foutch
  • James Monroe Foutch
  • Alice Matilda Foutch
  • Cathrin Thursia Foutch
  • Lodeska Foutch
  • Albert Foutch
  • Samuel Foutch
  • Nelson Foutch*
  • Joseph Foutch
  • daughter Foutch
  • infant Foutch

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Tippecanoe County, Indiana (1839-1844)

Locations where person lived outside of Indiana: 

  • Wapello County, Iowa
  • Decatur County, Iowa
  • Harrison County, Missouri

Submitted by:
Teresa A Mills

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