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Ferne Etta Sutton

Ferne Etta Sutton
b. 27 October 1890, Perry Township, Indiana, to John Ethelbert and Kitty Wells (Paddock) Sutton
d. 12 June 1971, Gibson City, Ford County, Illinois

m. 23 September 1912, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana
Peter Olson
b. 25 May 1886, Illinois, to Andrew and Katrina Maria (Thompson) Olson
d. 20 November 1953, rural Lyman Township, Ford County, Illinois

Children with Peter Olson:
• Vernon Arvid (1914-1991) married Pearl Ione Giroux
• LaVaun (1919-1993) married Joseph Demers
• Estol (b. 1921) married Mabel Henrichs
• Delores (b. 1929) married Richard Morrison

Ferne’s great-grandparents came to Indiana between 1802 and 1824. Ferne’s father, John Ethelbert, moved Ferne and the rest of the family to Lyman Township, Ford County, Illinois, and they were listed there in the 1910 census. When her family returned to Indiana, Ferne remained behind.

Ferne married a third generation American and they lived their lives in Iroquois County, Illinois, as farmers. She was extremely active in the Thawville Congregational Church. Her granddaughter got her love of walking cemeteries from Ferne, who traced her family history to the Mayflower.

Submitted by:
Betty Jean Olson Heideman
Gibson City IL

Elizabeth Gill

Elizabeth Gill
b. 27 July 1847, Ohio, to James (1804-1870) and Julia Ann (b. 1810) (Hoselton) Gill
d. 31 August 1899, North Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri

m/1. April 1864, Hamilton County, Indiana
John Fayette Conner
b. 31 January 1827, Horseshoe Prairie, Hamilton County, Indiana, to William (1777-1855) and Elizabeth (1802-1891) (Chapman) Conner
d. 25 January 1882, New Britton, Hamilton County, Indiana

m/2. 4 September 1884, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana
John Lennington

m/3. 1894, Harlem, Missouri
James Smith
d. 1901

Children with John Fayette Conner:
• Sarah Elizabeth “Nell” (1865-1928) married George Lamoreaux
• John F. (1866-1870)
• James C. (1868-1869)
• Lavina (1869-1910) married Herbert Laurence Whitehead (1863-1936)
• Hiram Harrington (1871-1950) married Katherine Margret Hanny (1888-1985)
• Mary Leota (1876-1954) married Chester Wallace Ames (1868-1922)
• Unnamed infant
• Unnamed infant

Elizabeth lived north of Connersville in Fayette County; in Indianapolis, Marion County; and in New Britton and Noblesville in Hamilton County. After John Conner died, she lost the large farm and moved to Noblesville, where she did sewing in a shop. In March 1885, she, her second husband, and daughters Nell and Leota went to Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Lavina went to live with her Grandmother Conner in Indianapolis. Hiram went to live with his Uncle Ham in Nebraska.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN

Charles John Cottingham

Charles John Cottingham
b. 24 February 1856, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana, to Elija and Elizabeth Osenbach (Fryberger) Cottingham
d. 22 April 1935, Springer, Colfax County, New Mexico

m. 23 June 1880, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana
Helen M. Massey
b. 16 July 1860, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana, to Moses J. and Catherine Russell (Conner) Massey
d. 8 August 1932, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana

Children with Helen M. Massey:

  • Mary Elizabeth (1881-1958) married Gustav A. Smithburn
  • Ralph Oliver (b. 1886) married Fay Alldredge
  • George (1889-1895)
  • Walter Elijah (1892-1939) married Fannie Salazar McCall
  • Charles Russell (1894-1967) married Maude Rebecca Hathaway
  • Robert John (1897-1964) married (1) Ann Dusek, (2) Grace Evalyn Taylor, (3) Rose [–?–]
  • Helen Kathryn (1901-1990) married Harry Bryon Jones

Charles left for New Mexico about 1925. Helen stayed in Noblesville, and he visited home while she was living. He was a surveyor and civil engineer in Springer, New Mexico.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN

Victor Walter Conner

Victor Walter Conner
b. 5 May 1870, Horseshoe Prairie, Hamilton County, Indiana, to George Frederick and Elizabeth (Hazelrigg) Conner
d. 1961, Colorado

m/1. 16 May 1894, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana
Jessie Craycraft
b. 10 September 1871, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana, to Daniel and Eliza (Willitts) Craycraft
d. 7 November 1908, Greeley, Weld County, Colorado

m/2. 20 August 1911, Erie, Colorado
Harriett Probert
b. 27 March 1873, Murphysboro, Illinois

Children with Jessie Craycraft:

  • Maude Elizabeth (1895-1918)
  • Helen Louise (b. 1899) married John Daniel Stephenson, Jr.
  • Margaret Kathleen (b. 1902) married Raymond H. Hunt.

The family left Noblesville, Indiana, in 1935. Victor was a surveyor, an engineer, and an abstractor.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN

Mary Leota Conner

Mary Leota Conner
b. 31 May 1876, near New Britton, Hamilton County, Indiana, to John Fayette (1827-1882) and Elizabeth A. Hoselton (Gill) Conner (1847-1899)
d. 24 November 1954, San Francisco, California

m. 18 December 1894, Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas
Chester Wallace Ames
b. 16 July 1868, Horton, Brown County, Kansas, to Orin (1829-1900) and Linda (Eby) Ames
d. 6 November 1922, Elko, Elko County, Nevada

Children with Chester Wallace Ames:

  • Loren Winfield (1885-1985) married Ida Bernice Lytton
  • Ralph Eby (1899-1964) married (1) Irene Austin, (2) Faye Cleo Flannery
  • Mildred Louise (1903-1981) married Norman Carl Klotz
  • Orval (1905-1987) married Esther Lillian Sauer

Mary left Hamilton County, Indiana, for Kansas in 1884 with her mother, who had remarried. By 1901, she was living in Salt Lake City, Utah. After that, she lived in Nevada before moving to California to live with her daughter in 1944. Her husband died in a railroad accident. He worked for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN

Mary Elizabeth Conner

Mary Elizabeth Conner
b. 15 December 1844, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana, to James Irwin and Lavinia Conner
d. 27 March 1897, Butler, Missouri

m. 20 November 1889, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana
Calvin Fletcher Boxley
b. 23 February 1841, Boxley, Hamilton County, Indiana, to Addison Boxley
d. 28 December 1912, Kansas City, Missouri

Children with Calvin Fletcher Boxley:

  • Maud Alice (1864-1925)
  • Oliver Conner (1866-1935)
  • Helen (1868-1868)
  • William Irwin (1869-1870)
  • Harriet Taylor (1871-1871)
  • Mary Elizabeth (1873-1897)
  • Franklin Addison (1876-1877)
  • Frederick Anselm (1877-1936) married Olive Swarnes
  • Clark Taylor (1880-1923) married Dot Ash
  • George Grover (1888-1935) married Abby Alma

The family left Hamilton County, Indiana, in 1865 or 1866.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN

John Conner

John Conner
b. before 1813, Fayette County, Indiana, to John Conner and his Delaware Indian wife
d. after 1862, Kansas

After his mother’s death when he was young, John went to live with his uncle, William Conner, at Horseshoe Prairie (now Conner Prairie) in Hamilton County, Indiana. He left with the Delaware Indians when the tribe moved to Kansas in 1820. John never married.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN

Captain John Conner

Captain John Conner
b. 1802, Wapaminskink, (called Anderson’s Town,) Delaware County, Indiana, to William and Me King Ees (Anderson) Conner
d. 1869, Lightning Creek, near Aluwer, Cherokee Nation Territory (Oklahoma)

m/1. Texas, 
a Delaware Indian (name unknown)
b. before 1815
d. before 1840

m/2. Kansas
Nancy Wilson
b. 1822

m/3. Kansas
Charlotte Wolf Bullette

Children with 1st wife:

  • George Washington (1829-1881) married Malinda Rogers
  • Children with Charlotte Wolf Bullette:
  • John Q. (1842-1919) married Jane Haff

John lived in Delaware and Hamilton counties in Indiana before he left from what is now Prairie Town, Hamilton County, in 1820. He spoke English, Spanish, and several Native American languages; thus he was a guide and interpreter for many expeditions and governments, both federal and state. In 1858, he became the Principal Chief of the Delaware in Kansas.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN

Drucilla D. Dunn

Drucilla D. Dunn
b. 3 Nov. 1833, Boxley, Hamilton Co., IN, to Isaac Dunn and Mary Ann Riggins
d. 4 Feb. 1914, Big Heart, OK

m. 25 Jan. 1866, Hamilton Co., IN
Lemuel Spencer Hobbell
b. 1820 NY
d. 1879, Hamilton Co., IN

Children with Lemuel Spencer Hobbell:

  • Amey Ann (1866-1951) married John W. Nevert
  • Isabell M. (1868-1924) married Joseph Allen Titsworth
  • Laura J. (1872-1881)

Drucilla was born shortly after her parents moved to Indiana in the early 1830’s. They first settled in Union Co. and later moved to Hamilton Co., IN by 1840.

In the 1880s, Drucilla was a widow with three daughters and followed her brother, Milton Dunn, to Labette Co., KS. Drucilla was widowed at an early age and drew a widow’s pension from her husband’s service in the Civil War, Co. G, 57th Indiana Infantry.

Submitted by:
Rhonda A. Dunn
Nashville, IN

John Parker Rushton

John Parker Rushton
b. 1823, Randolph Co., NC, to George Rushton and Sarah (Needham) Rushton
d. [–?–] Crawford Co., KS

m. 25 Sept. 1845, Hamilton Co., IN
Alice Ann Horn
b. 1828, Ohio
d. [–?–] Crawford County, KS

Children with Alice Ann Horn:

  • Sarah Ann (1846-1851)
  • Mary H. b. 1849
  • Rachel Ellen (1852-1882) married George W. Fippen
  • Joseph O. b. 1854 married Catherine E. Conner
  • Catherine S. b. 1857
  • Frances V. b. 1859
  • Irene Alice (1861-1956) married John R. Clark
  • John N. (1864-1952) married Ellen Taylor
  • George Wilson (1864-1952) married Esther Dix
  • Charles A. b. 1866
  • William P. (1869-1940) married Bessie Phelan

John moved to Indiana as a young man, in the late 1820’s,with his parents, from Randolph County, NC. They first settled in Hendricks Co., IN and by 1835, his father had a land grant in Hamilton Co., IN, where they moved.

After John married and had children, he moved his family to Crawford Co., KS. During the 1870’s, John’s brother, Edward D. Rushton, followed John by moving his family there. John was a farmer.

Submitted by:
Rhonda A. Dunn
Nashville, IN