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Captain John Conner

Captain John Conner
b. 1802, Wapaminskink, (called Anderson’s Town,) Delaware County, Indiana, to William and Me King Ees (Anderson) Conner
d. 1869, Lightning Creek, near Aluwer, Cherokee Nation Territory (Oklahoma)

m/1. Texas, 
a Delaware Indian (name unknown)
b. before 1815
d. before 1840

m/2. Kansas
Nancy Wilson
b. 1822

m/3. Kansas
Charlotte Wolf Bullette

Children with 1st wife:

  • George Washington (1829-1881) married Malinda Rogers
  • Children with Charlotte Wolf Bullette:
  • John Q. (1842-1919) married Jane Haff

John lived in Delaware and Hamilton counties in Indiana before he left from what is now Prairie Town, Hamilton County, in 1820. He spoke English, Spanish, and several Native American languages; thus he was a guide and interpreter for many expeditions and governments, both federal and state. In 1858, he became the Principal Chief of the Delaware in Kansas.

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Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN
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Me King Ees Anderson

b. after 1780, possibly in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, to Chief William Anderson and the sister of Captain Patterson (Twee Hul Lah Lah)
d. about 1862, Kansas

m. around 1801, Anderson’s Town, along the White River in Madison County, Indiana
William Conner
b. 10 December 1777, Lichtenau, Tuscarawas County, Ohio
d. 28 August 1855, Noblesville, Hamilton County, Indiana

Children with William Conner:

  • John (1802-1869) married (1) a Delaware Indian (name unknown), (2) Nancy Wilson, (3) Mrs. Charlotte Wolf Bullette
  • Hamilton (abt. 1805-aft. 1873) married a Caddo woman
  • Nancy (abt. 1805-abt. 1852) married (1) a Delaware Indian named Wilson, (2) John Quincy Adams, (3) remarried Wilson
  • William Marshall (abt. 1813-1861) married (1) Ah Le Now, (2) Nancy Qua To Too
  • James (abt. 1817-1877)
  • Eliza (1818-1877)

The family came to Anderson’s Town, Madison County, around 1798, then they began and operated Conner’s Trading Post in Hamilton County. In 1820, Me King Ees left with her children and her tribe as one of the provisions of the Treaty of Greenville. Me King Ees and William Marshall Conner set up a trading post on the Current River, then after 1822, they set up a post on the Red River in southwestern Arkansas.

Submitted by:
Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN