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Jesse William Long

Jesse William Long
b. 11 October 1888, Wildcat/Cutler, Democrat Township, Carroll County, Indiana, to Noah Alfred and Rachel Jane “Ret” (Eltzroth) Long
d. 29 May 1969, Laurel, Yellowstone County, Montana

m/1. 23 April 1912, Burlington, Des Moines County, Iowa
Zelma McCormick

m/2. 1 June 1921, Laurel, Yellowstone County, Montana
Lassara Ruth Hartman
b. 18 June 1893, Springfield, Bon Homme County, South Dakota
d. 12 December 1971, Laurel, Yellowstone County, Montana

Children with Lassara Ruth Hartman:

  • Jesse William Long (b. 1925) married Ruth L. Croskey
  • Leroy Wallace Long (1926–1927)

Jesse Long emigrated from Carroll County, Indiana, to Otter Lake, Lapeer County, Michigan, in 1894. He then moved to Quincy, Adams County, Illinois, in 1909 and to Laurel, Yellowstone County, Montana, in 1915.

Jesse’s father, Noah A. Long, was a veteran of the U.S. Army Cavalry, serving in the 1890-1893 Indian uprisings. He was deeply involved in American Legion activities in Indiana. After his divorce from Rachel (Eltzroth) Long in 1891, he continued to live in Cutler until his death.

Jesse William Long worked for his stepfather in various creameries in Michigan and Illinois until 1909 when he began working as a railroad switchman.

Submitted by:
Jesse William Long, Jr.
Helena MT

George Lloyd Long

George Lloyd Long
b. 14 August 1885, Wildcat/Cutler, Carroll County, Indiana, to Noah Alfred and Rachel Jane (Eltzroth) Long
d. 19 March 1960, Quincy, Adams County, Illinois

m. 11 November 1908, Lawton, Comanche County, Oklahoma
Rose McCollum
b. 19 September 1891
d. about 1982, Adams County, Illinois

Children with Rose McCollum:

  • William Chester Long (b. 26 August 1913–d. 16 July 1980)

George Lloyd Long saw service in the 13th Cavalry Regiment in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. He was employed as a driver for the Gem City Transfer in Quincy, Illinois, where he spent most of his life. George emigrated from Carroll County, Indiana, to Otter Lake, Lapeer County, Michigan, in 1894 and moved to Quincy, Adams County, Illinois, in 1909.

Submitted by:
Jesse William Long, Jr.
Helena MT

Bessie Anna Long

Bessie Anna Long
b. 23 October 1886, Wildcat/Cutler, Carroll County, Indiana, to Noah Alfred and Rachel Jane (Eltzroth) Long
d. 25 January 1955, Crystal Falls, Iron County, Michigan

m. 24 November 1906, Quincy, Adams County, Illinois
Henry Schlottman
d. about 1938

Children with Henry Schlottman:

  • Mildred (b. ca. 1907–d. ca. 1915)

Bessie emigrated from Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana, to Otter Lake, Lapeer County,
Michigan, about 1894. In 1909 she moved to Quincy, Adams County, Illinois, and in 1946
moved to Crystal Falls, Iron County, Michigan.

Bessie Anna (Long) Schlottman worked as a laundress for her half-brother, Roy Anderson, at
the family-owned resort on Lake Mary.

Submitted by:
Jesse William Long, Jr.
Helena MT

Worley Elmer Eltzroth

Worley Elmer Eltzroth
b. 24 February 1869, Miami County, Indiana, to John Weaver and Frances Melinda (Bear) Eltzroth
d. 7 January 1955, Billings, Yellowstone County, Montana

m. 15 January 1891, North Grove, Miami County, Indiana
Jarried Mae Depoy
b. 18 August 1869, Washington Courthouse, Ohio
d. 22 January 1961, Des Moines, Iowa

Worley lived in Wabash and Miami counties in Indiana. He emigrated from Indiana to Missoula County, Montana, in 1904. He later moved to Yellowstone County, Montana, in 1918. He and Jarried had no children.

Worley Eltzroth worked as a railroad roundhouse foreman in Indiana, Iowa, Wyoming, and Montana. He later invested in the Merchants Hotel in Laurel, Montana, and operated it for several years. He bought and operated two ranches near Laurel, Montana, prior to his retirement.

Submitted by:
Jesse William Long, Jr.
Helena MT

Rachel Jane Eltzroth

Rachel Jane Eltzroth
b. 7 March 1864, Somerset, Wabash County, Indiana, to John B. and Margaret (See) Eltzroth
d. 15 July 1940, Rochester, Oakland County, Michigan

m/1. 23 October 1884, Cutler, Carroll County, Indiana
Noah Alfred Long
b. 20 December 1862, Carroll County, Indiana
d. 24 June 1947, Carroll County, Indiana

m/2. 20 August 1892, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana
August Robert Anderson
b. 6 June 1860, Kristenstuad, Sweden
d. 16 December 1909, Columbus, Quincy County, Illinois

Children with Noah Alfred Long:

  • George Lloyd (1885–1960) married Rose McCollum
  • Bessie Anna (1886–1955) married Henry Schlotman
  • Jesse William (1888–1969) married Lassara Hartman
  • Clarence William

Children with August Robert Anderson:

  • Arved Roy (1893–1969) married Mary Groop
  • Elmer (1894–1895)
  • Lillian May (1901–1978)
  • Alma Elnora (1902–1976) married Alvin Groop

Rachel moved to Otter Lake, Lapeer County, Michigan, in 1894. She later moved to Quincy, Adams County, Illinois, and then on to Rochester, Oakland County, Michigan.

She was a hotel manager when she met her second husband, and following his early death, she opened and operated bakeries in several different states.

Submitted by:
Jesse William Long, Jr.
Helena MT

Lorinda Eltzroth

Lorinda Eltzroth
b. 29 April 1822, Lanier Township, Preble County, Ohio, to Jacob and Elizabeth (Neff) Eltzroth
d. 3 June 1914, Providence, Rhode Island

m/1. 4 December 1845, Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana
William Fletcher Brady
b. to John and [–?–] Brady
d. Tipton, Indiana

m/2. 1854
Newton J. Jackson
d. 1862

David J. Kemp

Children with William Fletcher Brady:

  • Carthon J. married Josephine Clark
  • Samuel W. married Olive Rosengarten

Children with Newton J. Jackson:

  • Willard W. married Margaret Wakem

Lorinda’s first husband, William Fletcher Brady, was the son of John Brady, the first mayor of Muncie, Indiana. William died on the day he was elected city auditor.

Lorinda left Tipton County, Indiana, about 1890 after the death of her third husband to live near a son in Providence, Rhode Island.

Submitted by:
Nancy B. Fratt
Westfield NJ