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William Townsend

William Townsend
b. 5 May 1809, Indiana or Kentucky, to Moses and Abigail (Matthews) Townsend
d. 19 January 1878, Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa

m. 15 October 1829, Harrison County, Indiana
Christena Boyer
b. 1 May 1811, Kentucky
d. 25 June 1907, Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa

Children with Christena Boyer:

  • James (1830-1915) married Mary Ellen Hicks
  • Julia Ann (1832-1888) married Norris Herbert
  • John (1833-1912) married Mary Ellen Davis
  • George (1834-1837 or 1843)
  • Mary Jane (1838-1915) married (1) William A. Stine, (2) [–?–] Leathers
  • William Thomas (1840-1853)
  • Elizabeth (1842-1843)
  • Joseph Boyer (1843-1923) married (1) Isabel Bradbury, (2) Mary Boatman Martin
  • Clark (1846-1853)
  • Henry (1847-1933) married Sarah Delilah Bazter
  • Alexander M. (1849-1906) married (1) Catherine Lowe, (2) Mary Elizabeth Dwyer
  • Matilda Eveline (1852-1932) married Isaac Herbert

William immigrated from Indiana to Illinois in 1852; later he moved to Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa. William was a farmer, broom maker, and basket weaver.

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Ruth Townsend
Sheridan WY

William Townsend

William Townsend
b. 14 February 1832, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana
d. 1907, Neosho Falls, Woodson County, Kansas

m. about 1869, Kentucky
Elizabeth (Murphy) Harness
b. 18 April 1846, Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky
d. 11 January 1911, Neosho Falls, Woodson County, Kansas

Children with Elizabeth (Murphy) Harness:

  • Charles E. (1870-1935)
  • Orah E. (b. ca. 1872)
  • Elvira Jane (1873-1947)
  • William Cooper, Jr. (b. ca. 1880)
  • Anna B. (1884-1942)
  • Ira (1887-1962)

William and Elizabeth had twin girls, born about 1889, who died soon after birth. William Cooper, a farmer, took his family by covered wagon from Indiana to Kansas, arriving in Neosho Falls on Christmas Day 1883. The wagon was drawn by two pair of oxen, of which Buck and Bright were his favorite pair. Horses were not used to pull such wagons because they required too much food, and mules were often too difficult to handle.

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Mary F. Peek McBride
Huntsville AL

William James Oliphant

William James Oliphant
b. 30 September 1845, Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana, to William S. and Jane Elizabeth (Van Zile) Oliphant
d. 11 November 1930, Austin, Travis County, Texas

m. 8 February 1877, Austin, Travis County, Texas
Alice Olive Townsend
b. 5 December 1852, Jackson Parish, Louisiana
d. 23 June 1908, Austin, Travis County, Texas

Children with Alice Olive Townsend:

  • Jane Elizabeth
  • Alfred W.
  • Lawrence E.
  • W. J., Jr.

He lived in Jefferson and Dearborn counties in Indiana, before emigrating in 1852. He was mustered into the Confederate Army, Company G, 6th Texas Infantry Regiment, in 1861. He was wounded several times and was in a federal prison camp. He studied photography and sold slides for stereoscopic viewers.

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Connie Wallace Perdue
Austin TX
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