Jeanette Mathews Shrum

Jeanette Mathews Shrum
birth: August 4, 1897 in Bloomington, Indiana to Mark Shrum and Luta Lee Helton
death: March 3, 1988 in Salem Massachusetts
burial: Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill Massachusetts

marriage: June 19, 1920, Lynn, Massachusetts
Harold Potter Willett
birth: August 26, 1894 in Boston, Massachusetts to John Howard Willett and Fannie Estelle Potter
death: July 2, 1973 in Swampscott, Massachusetts
burial: Linwood Cemetery, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Children of Jeanette Mathews Shrum and Harold Potter Willett:

  • Jean Shrum Willett (1922-2016) husband Charles Burleigh Wellington
  • Martha Lee Willett (1928-2017) husband Robert Loehwing Horner

Ancestor here lived in: Bloomington, Indiana and Patooka, Gibson, Indiana 1897-1902, Indiana University 1916-1920

Other Information: Lived in Swampscott, Massachusetts

Submitted by:
Jenny Hawran

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