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Berley Oral Richison

Berley Oral Richison
b. 29 September 1889, Indiana, to Frank Albert and Sarah Jane (Davis) Richison
d. 6 June 1946, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio

Ruby Marie Manes
b. 28 July 1897
d. December 1980

Children with Ruby Marie Manes:
• Paul R. (1921-1987) married June McLaughlin
• June
• Phyllis Jean (b. 1929) married Richard Lee Woody

The 1900 census entry for Berley lists him as a female, aged 11. Berley lived in Wabash Township in Jay County, Indiana, until sometime after 1907 when he moved into the city of Portland. He worked there as a laborer doing body work. By the 1930 census, Berley had moved to Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio, when he remained until his death. He was a carpenter by trade as was his father before him.

Submitted by:
Shirley Richison Fields
Avon IN
E-mail: richison@indy.rr.com

Lenoir E. Reeves

Lenoir E. Reeves
b. 8 August 1808, Virginia or Tennessee, to William and Ann (Terrell) Reeves
d. 15 March 1888, Imnaha, Wallowa County, Oregon

m. 1828, Greene County, Indiana
Mourning Walker
b. 14 February 1804, Lexington, Kentucky
d. 14 June, along the Platte River near Chimney Rock, Nebraska

Children with Mourning Walker:
• Anna Walker (1829-1882) married [–?–] Woody
• John R. (b. 1832)
• George H.
• T. T. (1837-1842)
• Sarah Jane (1842-1922)

Lenoir came to Greene County, Indiana, before 1828. They left the state from Terre Haute, Vigo County, in 1837. They were in Benton County, Missouri, in 1842, where a son died and a daughter was born. They then took the Oregon Trail to Oregon, where Mr. Reeves, John, and Sarah lived until their deaths.

Submitted by:
Michelle Findley Yahnian
Visalia CA