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Harriet Anna Ashley

Harriet Anna Ashley
birth: 21 Apr 1896 in Lebanon, Boone, IN to William Henry Ashley and Harriet Anna Kersey
death: 12 Mar 1988 in Carrollton, Carroll, KY

marriage: 28 May 1919 in Lebanon, Boone, IN
Noble Dewey Akers
birth: 21 Apr 1898 in Boone Co, IN to Archibald Dade Akers and Minnie Highland Hedge
death: 3 Nov 1962 in Carrollton, Carroll, KY

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Jane Martin
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Thomas Lister

Thomas Lister
b. 10 January 1810
d. 1 November 1896, Jefferson City, Cole County, Missouri

m. 4 April 1835, Decatur County, Indiana
Martha Patsy Hooten
b. 16 July 1815, Kentucky
d. 7 March 1876, Jefferson City, Cole County, Missouri

Children with Martha Patsy Hooten:
• John Henry (b. 1835) married Sarah Ellen Miller
• William T. (1837-1860) married Mary Jane Kersey
• Nancy Jane (b. 1838) married William S. Perkins
• Elizabeth A. (1839-1845)
• Margaret E. (b. 1843) married James F. Thornberry
• Emily (b. 1843) married James King
• James Henry (1845-1916) married Martha Jane Hopkins
• Louisa (b. 1849) married Daniel Surface
• Squire Irvin (1853-1922) married Sally Hughes
• Frances A. (b. 1855) married Martin P. Bush

Thomas and his brother, John A., moved to the Decatur area in 1832 from somewhere in Kentucky. They purchased land together but a year after Thomas married, he purchased land in Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana. John followed and married in 1840.

Dr. James McWorkman, also a resident of Indiana, asked Thomas to move to Missouri and around 1869, Thomas did so. His brother remained in Indiana. He was a farmer in Jefferson City, Cole County, Missouri, and both he and Martha died there.

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Sharon Gilbert
South Bend IN

Sarah Elizabeth Statton

b. 15 July 1846, Virginia, to James and Catherine (Bobo) Statton
d. 9 November 1927, Shelton Township, Iroquois County, Illinois

m. 8 September 1867, White County, Indiana
George Washington Kersey
b. 20 December 1830, Marion County, Ohio
d. 12 November 1904, Union Township, Jasper County, Indiana

Children with George Washington Kersey:

  • Effie Alice (b. 1869) married [—?—] Stanley
  • James (b. 1871)
  • Isaac (b. 1871)
  • Earl (b. 1873)
  • Kathryn Statton (b. 1875)
  • George Orval (b. 1877)
  • Curtis Roy (b. 1880)

While in Indiana, Sarah lived in Chalmers, White County; Remington, Jasper County; and Fowler, Benton County.

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Orville Kersey
Crown Point IN

Lineus Risley Ludlow

Lineus Risley Ludlow
b. 26 January 1844, Shelby or Dearborn County, Indiana, to Stephan D. and Emmeline (Kersey) Ludlow
d. 17 July 1906, Berrien County, Michigan

m. 18 November 1867, Shelby County, Indiana
Hester Ann Wills (Humphrey?)
b. 5 October 1845, Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana
d. 7 April 1939, St. Joseph Township, Berrien County, Michigan

Children with Hester Ann Wills (Humphrey?):

  • Cora Emmeline
  • Orin Willis
  • Ernest Talma
  • Jason Berzilla
  • William Cumback

About 1892, Lineus and Hester Ann emigrated from Indiana to Benton Harbor, Berrien County, Michigan, where Lineus was a fruit buyer.

Lineus’ wife, Hester Ann, may have been the daughter of Jessie and Betsy (Grinsted)
Humphrey and may have been adopted by Wills and Hester Ann (Bassett) Wills before the age of five years.

Submitted by:
Mary L. Balderstone
West Chicago IL

Julius Risley Ludlow

Julius Risley Ludlow
b. 26 January 1844, Shelby or Dearborn County, Indiana, to Stephan D. and Emmeline (Kersey) Ludlow
d. 19 October 1902, Berrien County, Michigan

m/1. 6 December 1870, Shelby County, Indiana
Maria Belle Thayer
b. 1845
d. before March 1900, Arapahoe County, Colorado

m/2. 4 March 1900, Arapahoe County, Colorado
Anna D. Kennedy

Children with Maria Belle Thayer:

  • Jessie Benton married Edward S. Acres
  • Earl Thayer
  • Ovid
  • Orphia

Julius emigrated from Indiana to Arapahoe County, Colorado, about 1897 for Maria’s health. Maria possibly died of tuberculosis.

Julius was a photographer, farmer, salesman, and travel agent during his life. Before the enumeration of the 1900 census, Julius and his second wife Anna moved to Berrien County, Michigan, where they lived near to his twin brother Lineus.

Regarding Julius’ children, Earl and Ovid Ludlow remained in Colorado, where they operated a packing company and a ranch. Jessie Benton Ludlow married in Arapahoe County, Colorado, on 3 August 1899.

Submitted by:
Mary L. Balderstone
West Chicago IL