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Martha Ann Streepy

Martha Ann Streepy
b. 15 May 1824, Daviess County, Indiana, to Edward and Delilah (Freeland) Streepy
d. 26 February 1912, Udell, Appanoose County, Iowa

Thomas James Cooley
b. 1807

Children with Thomas James Cooley:
• Louella
• Eudora

Submitted by:
Julia Newman
Hackensack MN
E-mail: julienew@uslink.net

Robert Henry Hall

Robert Henry Hall
b. 23 October 1862, near Butlerville, Jennings County, Indiana, to David and Margaret (Davidson) Hall
d. 25 February 1955, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio

m. 10 September 1896, Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana
Nellie Cooley
b. 26 August 1872, Brownstown, Jackson County, Indiana
d. 9 September 1911, Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana

Children with Nellie Cooley:
• Frances (b. abt. 1899)
• Frieda (b. 1901)
• Margaret E. (b. 1903)
• Allen R. (b. 1906)
• Howard H. (b. 1909)

Robert’s parents came to Indiana from Butler, Pennsylvania. Robert quit school after the fourth grade. He also lost an eye while chopping wood, but after marrying and having a family, he earned a degree in Civil Engineering.

Local citizens razzed him about leaving home at age 62 to build houses in Barrington, Illinois. He not only won contracts to build them, but his houses were featured in the Roto Gravure section of the Chicago Tribune.

After the banks failed in 1933, he made his home in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his daughter Margaret.

Submitted by:
Marynell D. Kirkwood
Moline IL

Minnie Bell De Long

Minnie Bell De Long
b. 22 October 1866, Bluffton, Wells County, Indiana, to Asa and Hannah Elizabeth (Potee) De Long
d. 22 January 1930, Whitewater, Harvey County, Kansas

m. 24 November 1885, Caldwell County, Missouri
George Dudley Cooley
b. 2 October 1860, Cincinnati, Appanoose County, Iowa
d. 5 August 1930, Whitewater, Harvey County, Kansas

Children with George Dudley Cooley:
• Martin Fredrick (1886-1959)
• Anna Estrella (1888-1965)
• Lula Belle (1891-1971)
• John Asa (1893-1964)
• Hobart Lorain (1896-1988)
• Mary Elizabeth (1899-1976)
• George Franklin (1902-1975)
• Mose N. (1905-1915)
• Jennie Viola (b. 1908)
• Guy Everet (1912-1974)

Minnie resided in Bluffton, Wells County, Indiana, until her departure in 1869 for Kingston, Caldwell
County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Elizabeth Hendrixson
Witchita KS

Emery William Hendrixson

Emery William Hendrixson
b. 28 March 1881, Delaware, Ripley County, Indiana, to Jesse Alexander and Catherine A. (Engles) Hendrixson
d. 31 March 1968, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas

m. 7 September 1903, Anthony, Harper County, Kansas
Anna Estrella Cooley
b. 19 September 1888, Kingston, Caldwell County, Missouri
d. 18 January 1965, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas

Children with Anna Estrella Cooley:

  • Edward Eugene (1905–1982)
  • Fredrick Franklin (1907–1972)
  • Lyrah Catharine (b. 1912)
  • Rosa Minnie (1912–1946)
  • Merle Douglas (1914–1987)
  • Lloyd Raymond (b. 1916)
  • Harry Dudley (1919–1977)
  • Cora Iola (b. 1921)
  • Hazel Jeanne (b. 1927)
  • Esther Marie (b. 1929)
  • Ruth Ann (b. 1932)

Emery emigrated from Ripley County, Indiana to Lyons, Rice County, Kansas, in 1886.

Submitted by:
Elizabeth Hendrixson
Wichita KS 

Alexander Jesse Hendrixson

Alexander Jesse Hendrixson
b. 23 June 1834, Ripley County, Indiana, to John C. and Martha (Crandall) Hendrixson
d. 8 December 1911, Ninnescah Township, Reno County, Kansas

m/1. 16 April 1857, Dearborn County, Indiana
Catherine A. Engle
b. 20 November 1842, Indiana
d. 11 May 1890, Little River, Rice County, Kansas

m/2. after May 1890
Rosea M. (Campen) Duvall

Children with Catherine A. Engle:

  • John C. (1858–1859)
  • Henry Albert (1860–1954) married Hannah Edna Dole
  • Sarah G. (b. 1862)
  • George (1865–1873)
  • Clara B. (1868–1869)
  • Franklin Dayton (1870–1946) married Cora A. Mathes
  • Ida Mae (1873–1888) married Charles Rollins
  • Mary A. (1875–1876)
  • Nora Zelma (1877–1954) married William Enfield
  • Emery William (1881–1968) married Anna Estrella Cooley
  • Elzena Wheeler (1883–1957) married John T. Arnold

Alexander emigrated from Indiana in 1886 to Lyons, Rice County, Kansas.

Submitted by:
Elizabeth Hendrixson
Wichita KS