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Robert White Wilson

Robert White Wilson
b. 17 December 1813, Sussex County, Delaware, to Jesse and Lovy (Waller) Wilson
d. 9 June 1890, Mariposa Township, Jasper County, Iowa

m. 10 November 1835, Charlestown, Clark County, Indiana
Johanna DeMar
b. 27 October 1819, Kentucky, to Francis G. and Nancy (Haldren) DeMar
d. 6 April 1890, Mariposa Township, Jasper County, Iowa

Children with Johanna DeMar:
• Ann Jane (1836-1843)
• Rebecca Frances (1838-1920)
• Charlotte Regina (1840-1921)
• Sarah Irene (1843-1907)
• Mary Fletcher (1845-1846)
• William DeMar (1847-1884)
• Robert Fleetwood (1849-1932)
• David Rice (1852-1949)
• Fletcher Nesbitt (1854-1944)
• Eliza Laura Jane (1857-1882)

Robert moved to Bourbon County, Kentucky, in 1814, then to Fayette County, Kentucky, before coming to Clark County, Indiana, in 1821. He lived in Clark and Scott counties in Indiana before moving to Phillips County, Arkansas, in 1837. In 1842, he returned to Scott and Clark counties in Indiana, before going by covered wagon to Jasper County, Iowa, in 1854. He was a farmer, a Methodist, and a Republican.

Submitted by:
Donald M. Wilson
W. Des Moines IA
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Ila “Benton” Steele

Ila “Benton” Steele
b. 6 July 1866, Willow Branch, Hancock County, Indiana, to James Scott and Lydia Margaret (Waller) Steele
d. 30 December 1943, Newton, Harvey County, Kansas

m. 11 October 1894, Hancock County, Indiana
Emma C. Oren
b. 14 November 1874, Farmland, Randolph County, Indiana
d. 28 April 1957, Sedgwick, Harvey County, Kansas

Children with Emma C. Oren:
• Margaret M. (1896-1979)
• James Benton (1898-1900)
• John O. (1900-1959)
• Allen T. (1903-1981)
• Elizabeth N. (1906-1981)
• Edward V. (1909-1966)
• Marshall E. (1912-1974)

The family left Indiana in 1907 or 1908. Benton Steele was noted in A Round Indiana: Round Barns in the Hoosier State by John T. Hanou.

Submitted by:
Emily F. Steele
San Diego CA
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