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Bidda E. Temple

Bidda E. Temple
b. 11 February 1842, English, Crawford County, Indiana, to William and Martha A. Temple, Sr.
d. 19 December 1908, Spencer Hospital, Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania

[–?–] Longest
d. by 1880

m/2. 11 September 1883, Leavenworth, Crawford County, Indiana
Isaac Paden Fish
b. 6 December 1832, Fish Corners, Summerhill Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, to Amon and Manila (Joles) Fish
d. 23 March 1899, Conneautville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania.

Children with [—?—] Longest:
• Rufus (b. ca 1867) (twin)
• Luther Temple (b. ca. 1867) (twin)
• F. Temple

Bidda remained in Indiana as a widow after the death of her first husband and is listed in the 1880 census in Jennings Township, Crawford County, Indiana, living with her parents and twin sons, Rufus and Luther. By 1883, Bidda was living in Leavenworth, Indiana, and married Isaac at her home there before moving on to Pennsylvania where she remained until her death. Her son Rufus remained in Indiana and helped to organize the completion of one of the first roads in Crawford County, Indiana, in 1908.

Submitted by:
A. L. Bowerman
Howe IN

George Edgar Goldthwaite

George Edgar Goldthwaite
b. 18 October 1889, Marion, Grant County, Indiana, to Edgar Louis (1850-1918) and Candace Leah (1860-1930) (Zombro) Goldthwaite
d. 10 January 1960, Mahwah, New Jersey

m. 30 May 1925
Emily Jack Duncan
b. 23 September 1889, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, to James Staples (1854-1900) and Rosalie Emily (1856-1930) (Jack) Duncan
d. 16 June 1994, Jackson Heights, Queensboro County, Long Island, New York

Children with Emily Jack Duncan:
• Duncan (b. 1927) married Margaret Turner Temple

George was an electrical engineer who was an expert on rates, services and capitalization of public utilities in New York. He was a musician who played viola in a string quartet. He received the Distinguished Service Cross for service as a flight commander in France in World War I. The family lived in Jackson Heights, Queensboro County, Long Island, New York. He was preparing to hike in the Ramapo Mountains when he died on a train. Emily was a teacher and a YMCA director. The family left from Marion, Grant County, Indiana, about 1915.

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Marion G. Harcourt
Indianapolis IN
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