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David Forst

David Forst
b. 18 May 1833, Stark County, Ohio, to George and Elizabeth (Hartsel/Hartzell) Forst
d. 19 December 1913, Pleasantville, Marion County, Iowa

m. 18 March 1856, Wabash County, Indiana
Anna Jane Richards
d. 19 November 1911, Pleasantville, Marion County, Iowa

Children with Anna Jane Richards:
• Margery E. (1857-1860)
• William Edward (1861-1935) married Martha Oliver
• Joseph E. (b. 1862)
• James Allen (1863-1925) married Olive C. Galvin
• Harmon Ezra (1866-1930)

In 1847, David came to Indiana from Stark County, Ohio, and resided at Half-Acre and Speicherville in Wabash County. In 1856-57, he emigrated to Marion County, Iowa.

David enlisted with Company A of the 33rd Iowa Infantry in August 1862. He was mustered out the following month, but re-enlisted and was taken prisoner in 1863 at Helena, Arkansas. He was exchanged and returned to his company that same year. He was mustered out 17 July 1865 at New Orleans, Louisiana.

Submitted by:
Mary Jane Shackelford Kaiser
Ft. Wayne IN

Annette Britton

Annette Britton
b. 7 September 1849, Holmes County, Ohio, to Lewis DuWert and Martha (McCague) Britton
d. 25 August 1892, Ashland, Ashland County, Ohio

m. 21 October 1868, DeKalb County, Indiana
William Henry Riley
b. 31 March 1843, Montgomery Township, Ashland County, Ohio, to Charles S. and Julian (Vantilburg) Riley
d. 21 August 1919, Montgomery Township, Ashland County, Ohio

Children with William Henry Riley:

  • Ralph (1869-1891)
  • Lewis Britton (1871-1945) married Nora Wertman
  • Henry Herman (1872-1939) married Minnie Becker
  • Maud (1874-1960) married John Samuel Briggs
  • Arthur C. (1875-1876)
  • Ethyl (1877-1961) married Oscar W. Oliver
  • Charles (1878-1959)
  • Roy (1880-1880)
  • Durwood (1881-1917) married Ida M. Webber
  • Annette Navada (1884-1960) married Rufus Willard Reed
  • Edna A. (1886-1886)
  • Howard Stanley (1890-1920) Marie Elinora Jarvis

Annette’s family came to Indiana in about 1849 or1850 from Holmes County, Ohio, where she had been born. They lived near Corunna in DeKalb County, Indiana. She left Indiana in 1868 after her marriage to William Henry Riley as he returned to the family farm in Ashland, Ohio.

About seven years before her death, Annette (called Nettie) was canning and one side of her body suddenly became useless – now called a stroke. It is believed that she never fully recovered from that stroke. Eight of her children and her husband survived her when she finally died in 1892.

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Lois Wheeler
Cleveland OH
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