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Eli Bird Thomas

Eli Bird Thomas
b. 5 October 1855, Milroy, Rush County, Indiana, to Eli and Mahala (Neale) Thomas
d. 16 December 1936, Carbon, England County, Texas

m. 7 August 1881, near Kinsley, Edwards County, Kansas
Elizabeth Angeline King
b. 16 July 1864, Madison County, Indiana
d. 27 February 1890, Rushville, Rush County, Indiana

Children with Elizabeth Angeline King:

  • Estella Mahala
  • Albert Eli
  • Chase Sexton

Eli emigrated from Rush County, Indiana, about 1880 to Edwards County, Kansas.

Submitted by:
Eugene F. Gray
East Lansing MI


William King

William King
b. 16 April 1792, North Carolina
d. 7 May 1869, Wabash County, Indiana

m. 17 November, North Carolina
Nancy Owens
b. 17 November 1816, North Carolina
d. 13 July 1887, Wabash County, Indiana

Children with Nancy Owens:

  • Richard
  • Lydia Ann
  • John W.
  • James
  • Nathan
  • Elisha
  • Henrietta

Submitted by:
Eugene F. Gray
East Lansing MI

John Wesley King

John Wesley King
b. about 1827, Madison County, Indiana, to William and Nancy (Owens) King
d. 23 January 1865, Paducah, Kentucky

m. 9 January 1859, Madison County, Indiana
Mary Catherine Hendricks
b. 29 September 1843, Lafayette Township, Madison County, Indiana
d. 19 May 1903, Fellsburg, Edwards County, Kansas

Children with Mary Catherine Hendricks:

  • Nancy Lucinda
  • William
  • Elizabeth Angeline

John Wesley King left Indiana to serve in the Civil War and volunteered 28 October 1864, from Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. He died of typhoid fever at the post hospital in Paducah, Kentucky, and is buried in the U.S. military cemetery at Mound City, Illinois. Having left three young children and a 21-yearold widow, he illustrates the tragedy of the war between the states.

His wife Mary Catherine emigrated from Indiana for Kansas sometime before her death in 1903.

Submitted by:
Eugene F. Gray
East Lansing MI

Jeese King Jr.

Jesse King, Jr.
b. 1813, Estill County, Kentucky, to Jesse and Lucinda (Abney) King
d. 2 August 1892, Anna, Union County, Illinois

m. 23 September 1846, Decatur County, Indiana
Elizabeth Barkley
b. 14 July 1822, Kentucky
d. 4 March 1864, Jasper County, Illinois

Children with Elizabeth Barkley:

  • Henry
  • Perlina married [–?–] Stanley
  • Jessie
  • Elijah
  • Euphma married [–?–] Rhoads
  • James M.
  • Addison
  • Isom
  • Joshua
  • Sarah
  • Sam
  • William

Jesse resided in Marion County, Indiana. He emigrated from Indiana in 1860 to Richland
County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Randall M. Grove
Dix IL

Henry Bruner

Henry Bruner
b. 19 May 1823, Kentucky
d. 27 July 1892, Exira, Audubon County, Iowa

m. 16 April 1842, Greencastle, Putnam County, Indiana
Lucenia King
b. 22 February 1822, Bracken County, Kentucky
d. 16 May 1903, Sutherland, O’Brien County, Iowa

Children with Lucenia King:

  • Daniel
  • William Riley
  • Harrison R.
  • Sanford
  • Nancy Jane
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Charles
  • John F.
  • Henry Cassius
  • Lucinda E.

Henry immigrated to Putnam County, Indiana, from Kentucky before 1842. He moved to Greene County, Iowa, in 1855.

Submitted by:
Judith L. Weber
Greenfield IA