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Clara Rosetta Arnold

b. 15 January 1873, Avilla, Noble County, Indiana, to William and Clarissa (Dosch) Arnold
d. 16 June 1968, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
m. 20 June 1893, Elwood, Madison County, Indiana

Hiram Griswald Coy
b. 3 July 1870, Stark County, Ohio, to Lafayette Waldo and Armintha (Kellogg) Coy
d. 18 June 1942, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Children with Hiram Griswald Coy:

  • Ralph Waldo (1895-1967) married (1) Gladys John, (2) Marie Stuart
  • Hazel Ione (1897-1970) married Harold Owen Drenning
  • Marguerite Leona (1898-1985) married Carl Frederick Melter
  • Hubert Lafayette (1900-1995) married (1) Dorothy Fitzsimmons, (2) Eleanor Cowin, (3) Winifred Samber
  • Chester Vaughn (1904-1993) married (1) Marie Gilbert, (2) Mary Pavlovich
  • Ethleene Lucille (1909-1994) married Clayton William Beach
  • Harry Arnold (b. 1911) married Helen Keichel
  • Helen Eloise (b. 1913) married Jalbert Cramblett

The family lived in Avilla, Noble County; and Elwood and Alexandria in Madison County, Indiana, until they emigrated in 1907.

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