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Joseph C. Whisler, Jr.

Joseph C. Whisler
b. 22 July 1815, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, to Joseph and Sarah (Rayman) Whisler, Sr.
d. 23 September 1898, Mackinaw Township, Tazewell County, Illinois

m. 1 January 1844, Crawford County, Ohio
Emeline Emery
b. 14 October 1827, Beaver County, Pennsylvania
d. 26 June 1913, Mackinaw Township, Tazewell County, Illinois

Children with Emeline Emery:
• Sarah Elizabeth (1844-1938)
• John Raymond (1846-1915)
• Mary Catherine (1848-1940)
• Roseta (1850-1855)
• Emeline M. (1852-1936)
• Elizabeth Jane (1852-1853)
• Josephine (1854-1855)
• Martha Jane (1856-1938)
• Joseph Milton (1860-1937)
• Lewis J. (1862-1931)
• James (1856-1862)
• infant

Milling was the Whisler family occupation for several generations. Joseph’s father, Joseph, Sr., was a miller in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, in the 1830’s and in Crawford County, Ohio, in the 1850’s. Joseph, Sr. soon moved to Mackinaw, Illinois, where the family established the Whisler Mill. Joseph, Jr. and Emeline followed his family to Illinois, but stopped off in Rushville, Indiana, where Jr. worked at a mill for a few years.

Six of Joseph, Jr. and Emeline’s children were born in Indiana, and three of their babies are buried in Smelser Cemetery in Union Township, Rush County, Indiana.

Joseph, Jr. and Emeline lived to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. For some reason they moved back and forth between Illinois, and Rushville, Indiana, in the 1870’s and 1880’s. It is thought by their descendants that he must have owned mills in both states.

Submitted by:
Carol W. Moellering
Fort Wayne IN

Rachel Adcock Emery

Rachel Adcock Emery
b. 28 January 1823, Randolph County, Indiana, to Travis Adcock and Elizabeth (Frazier) Emery
d. 24 March 1901, Hardman, Morrow County, Oregon

m. 11 August 1839, Henry County, Iowa
Dillon Hoskins
b. 17 July 1814, Clinton County, Ohio, to Jonathan and Lydia Ann (Hodgson) Hoskins
d. 23 January 1889, Hardman, Morrow County, Oregon

Children with Dillon Hoskins:
• Ruth (1840-1905) married Samuel King
• James Birney (1842-1892) married Clarinda J. Kenoyer
• William (1843-1907) married Jane Deborah Deford
• Elizabeth (1845-1916) married (1) James W. Copelen, (2) W. C. [–?–]
• Lydia (1846-1937) married Jasper Deford
• Mary Ann (1849-1849)
• Joel (1850-1850)
• Jonathan Travis (1851-1925) married Hannah Mary Galloway
• Rebecca (1854-1932) married William Shaw
• Dillon, Jr. (1856-1938) married Mary Jane Kelty
• Mary (1858-1938) married (1) Thomas Hoskins, (2) Garret Haynes
• John Seward (1860-1940)
• unnamed son (1863-1863)
• George (1864-1864)
• Rachel Leoni (1865-1933) married Ezra C. Kelty
• Martha Katherine (1868-1927) married William J. Emery

Rachel left Indiana in 1839 from Randolph County. She and her husband moved the family west to Oregon, where they spent the remainder of their lives.

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Dale Davidson Harguess
Huntington Beach CA
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George E Emery

George E Emery
b. 29 September 1815, Pennsylvania, to William and Elizabeth Emery
d. 28 March 1907, LeRoy Township, Coffey County, Kansas


m/2. 16 August 1849, Seneca County, Ohio
Harriet Buell
b. 1817


Children with 1st wife:

  • Jonathan (1837–1909) married Mary [–?–]
  • Susanna (b. 1839) married (1) Daniel Taylor, (2) Allen Hosier
  • Elizabeth (1840–1847)
  • Mary Ann (1845–1846)
  • Samuel (b. 1847) married Margaret S. [–?–]

Children with Harriet Buell:

  • Adeline (b. 1850)
  • Emiline (b. 1853)
  • George Danuel (b. 1855) married Nellie G. [–?–]

Children with 3rd wife:

  • Daisy (b. 1879)
  • Annetta “Nettie” Alvyra (1881–1967) married William Henry Wright
  • Mattie Ellen (b. 1888) married (1) John Webb, (2) L. Frank Waring

George was a miller at three Indiana locations. Existing letters from him indicate that his life was a constant struggle. His second wife, Harriet, became mentally ill and spent much time at Central State Hospital in Indianapolis. His son-in-law, Daniel Taylor, was killed in the Civil War. His sons, Jonathan and Samuel, also served in the war, and Jonathan lost a leg at Chickamauga.

Harriet went with George to Missouri, where they lived at the time of enumeration of the 1870 U.S. census. She apparently died between 1870 and 1880 because in the 1880 U.S. census George is found in Coffee County, Kansas, with his third wife.

Submitted by:
Carol Wortman Moellering
Fort Wayne IN