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John Winters

John Winters
b. 28 October 1849, Jefferson County, Indiana, to James M. and Mary G. (Lichlyter) Winters
d. 17 March 1911, Jackson County, Kansas

m. 26 October 1871, Jefferson County, Indiana
Anna Itce
b. 9 October 1853, Girlitz, Germany
d. 29 June 1919, Jackson County, Kansas

Children with Anna Itce:

  • Albert Emmet (1872-1941) married Myrtle May Brassbridge
  • August Delmar (1874-1943) married Katherine Bonwell
  • Frederika (b. 1877) married Orville Bowser
  • Pleasant Griffeth (1882-1943) married Nellie Ruth Campbell
  • Florence M. (1889-1890)
  • Eli E. (1891-1952) married Lola Mae Crozier

John resided at Smyrna, Jefferson County, and Shelby County, Indiana. They moved in 1884 to Holton, Jackson County, Kansas.

Submitted by:
Betty Seprodi
Terre Haute IN 47802

Albert Emmet Winters

Albert Emmet Winters
b. 2 October 1872, Hanover, Jefferson County, Indiana
d. 30 January 1941, Holton, Jackson County, Kansas

m. 22 November 1893, Jackson County, Kansas
Myrtle May Brassbridge
b. 7 October 1876, Jackson County, Kansas
d. 13 September 1955, Holton, Jackson County, Kansas

Children with Myrtle May Brassbridge:

  • Eva Lenore (1895-1895)
  • Ruth Anna (1896-1985) married Solon Raymond Gooderl

Albert emigrated from Shelby County, Indiana, to Holton, Jackson County, Kansas, with his parents about 1884. After farming for 30 years, he and his wife became caretakers and managers of the county poor farm. Later Albert became a deputy sheriff, taking prisoners out each day to work on a railroad or road project and yet never carrying a gun.

Submitted by:
Betty Seprodi
Terre Haute IN