Valentine McNeer

Valentine McNeer
b. 15 September 1844, Pendleton, Madison County, Indiana, to Kayser and Hester (Williams) McNeer
d. 27 October 1918, Colorado County, Texas

Sarah Ann (Buxby) Conrad

m/2. 18 March 1879, Eaton, Delaware County, Indiana
Lou Shideler
b. 26 February 1846, Shideler, Delaware County, Indiana, to Abram and Priscilla (Rowden) Shideler
d. 27 November 1897, Irvington, Marion County, Indiana

Children with Lou Shideler:

  • May (b. 1881)
  • Eda (b. 1882)
  • Pearl (b. 1884)
  • Ethel (b. 1886)

In 1863, Valentine volunteered to serve in Company G, 110th from Indianapolis. He was also in the 2nd Light Artillery Regiment, Indiana Volunteers.

Valentine’s first wife was a widow. They had two boys and one girl.

The family lived in Pendleton, Madison County, Indiana, until 1880, when they moved to Pleasenton, Lynn County, Kansas. They later returned to Irvington, Marion County, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Elizabeth Heiman
Kirkwood MO

2 thoughts on “Valentine McNeer

  1. bonniegaia

    The first wife’s name is Sarah Ann BUSBY, not Buxby, daughter of John BUSBY (1800-1880) and Phebe (BOGGESS) 1800-1887.

  2. bonniegaia

    The maiden name of Valentine McNeer (1844-1918)’s first wife, is BUSBY, not Buxby. She is widow Sarah Ann (BUSBY) Conrad, daughter of John BUSBY (1800-1880) and Phebe BOGGESS (1800-1887).


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