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William Steers Peek

William Steers/Steeres Peek
b. 14 January 1839, Liberty Township, Shelby County, Indiana, to Robert B. and Permelia (Steers) Peek
d. 17 October 1901, Gridley, Coffey County, Kansas

m. 3 November 1859, Shelby County, Indiana
Elizabeth Thompson
b. 2 August 1841, Richland, Rush County, Indiana
d. 20 December 1919, Burlington, Coffey County, Kansas

Children with Elizabeth Thompson:

  • Alfred Everett (1861-1941)
  • Selina (1862-1939)
  • Cassandra (1864-1945)
  • Permelia (1866-1944)
  • John (1868-1945)
  • Augusta (1869-1957)
  • Lillian (1872-1951)
  • Nellie (1874-1959)
  • William (1876-1902)
  • Grace (1879-1970)
  • Charles Robert (1881-1941)
  • Mattie Pearl (1884-1961)

William emigrated from Indiana to Coffey County, Kansas, in 1881.

Selina “Lina” and Cassandra “Kate” Peek married brothers, Thomas C. and Joseph Carter, and remained on adjoining farms in Boone County, Indiana, when the rest of the family moved west by covered wagon. After the death of her husband, Elizabeth (Thompson) Peek went with her son Charles to homestead on land in New Mexico. After about five years, she sold her homestead to her son and returned to Burlington, Kansas, where she died.

Submitted by:
Mary F. Peek McBride
Huntsville AL

John Peek

John Peek
b. 16 February 1868, Liberty Township, Shelby County, Indiana, to William S. and Elizabeth (Thompson) Peek
d. 16 May 1945, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri

m. 20 December 1905, Iola, Allen County, Kansas
Belle Daisy Isom
b. 2 May 1885, Grayson County, Virginia
d. 24 December 1928, Iola, Allen County, Kansas

Children with Belle Daisy Isom:

  • Walter Sherman (1907-1988)
  • Sadie Elizabeth “Betty” (1916-1990) married [–?–] Brown

John emigrated from Boone County, Indiana, to Allen County, Kansas.

Submitted by:
Mary F. Peek McBride
Huntsville AL

Charles E Cooper

Charles E Cooper
b. 17 March 1870, Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana, to William and Elizabeth (Harness) Cooper
d. 11 September 1935, Neosho Falls, Woodson County, Kansas

m. 7 October 1908, Yates Center, Woodson County, Kansas
Virtie Ann Rains
b. 3 April 1882, Dallas County, Missouri
d. 4 January 1931, Woodson County, Kansas

Children with Virtie Ann Rains:

  • Flossie Florence (b. 1911) married Walter Sherman Peek
  • Fred Elven (b. 1914)
  • Carl Doren

Charles emigrated from Howard County, Indiana, to Neosho Falls, Woodson County, Kansas, in 1882. He walked behind the covered wagon driving livestock when his family migrated to Kansas. Although his father owned two sets of oxen, the boy’s favorites were Buck and Bright. His daughter, Flossie Florence, said that her father had told her that when his shoes wore out from all the walking, his parents had to wrap his feet in burlap sacks to keep them from freezing. The family arrived in Neosho Falls, Kansas, on Christmas Day, 1883.

Submitted by:
Mary F. Peek McBride
Huntsville AL