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George Hassig

George Hassig
b. 17 November 1808, Strasburg, France, to John and Barbara Hassig

m. 1840, Indiana
Margaret Keiffer

Children with Margaret Keiffer:

  • Napoleon (1840–1918) married Fiannah Schlott
  • Franklin (b. ca. 1846–22 July 1912) married Maria (Winters) Butler
  • Louisa (b. ca. 1842-d. young)
  • Eliza Ann (b. ca. 1844–abt. 1872) married John Keller
  • Emanuel (1848–1923)
  • Israel (b. ca. 1845) married Emma C. Miller
  • Margaret (b. ca. 1851 and may have d. in February 1908) married William Null

George came to the United States in 1832, and lived for about five years in Stark County, Ohio, before moving to Harris Township, St. Joseph County, Indiana, about 1837.

Submitted by:
Graylen K. Becker
Rochester MN

Emanuel Hessig

Emanuel Hessig
b. about 1848, Harris Township, St. Joseph County, Indiana, to George and Margaret (Keifer) Hassig
d. 25 June 1923, Winona, Minnesota

m/1. 6 May 1871, Plainview, Winona County, Minnesota
Arwilda D. Hodgkin
b. 27 June 1850, Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, to Stephen H. and Nancy A. (Hemprell) Hodgkin
d. shortly after the birth of a second daughter on 20 March 1873

m/2. 10 December 1878, Whitewater, Winona County, Minnesota
Nancy Albertine “Tina” Hodgkin
b. 18 March 1858, Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, to Stephen H. and Nancy A. (Hemprell) Hodgkin
d. 1 September 1915, near Garneill, Fergus County, Montana

Children with Arwilda D. Hodgkin:

  • two daughters who died at or shortly after birth

Children with Nancy Albertine Hodgkin:

  • Nellie (b. 12 October 1879, Harris Township, St. Joseph County, Indiana)
  • Victor Emanuel (b. 16 April 1884, Beaver Valley, Minnesota)

Emanuel emigrated from St. Joseph County, Indiana, in 1862 to Winona County, Minnesota. He moved about 1898 to Garneill, Fergus County, Montana, and returned to Beaver, Minnesota, about 1905.

Submitted by:
Graylen K. Becker
Rochester MN