Absalom Peter Helton

Absalom Peter Helton
birth: 20 OCT 1836 in Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana to Andrew Helton and Hannah Jane Woolery
death: 04 DEC 1906 in Bloomington, Monroe, Indiana, USA
burial: Rose Hill Cemetery, Bloomington, Indiana

marriage: 03 Apr 1860 in Edgar County, Illinois
Elizabeth V. Clark
birth: 24 Feb 1838 in Harrison Township, Vigo, Indiana to James S. Clark and Elizabeth Ann Barbour
death: 04 MAR 1876 (location unknown)
burial: Edgar Cemetery, Paris, Illinois

Children of Elizabeth V. Clark and Absalom Peter Helton:

  • James Harris Helton 1861-1894
  • Carrie E. Helton 1862-1863
  • Luta Lee Helton 1868 – 1954

2nd marriage: 
Nannie B. Sanders
birth: 05 May 1858 in Spencer, Owen, Indiana, USA
death: 05 Sept 1899 in Atwood, Piatt, Illinois

Ancestor here lived in: Bloomington, Indiana on and off until death.

Locations where person lived outside of Indiana: Tuscola, Illinois, 1863

Other Information:

Real Estate and Insurance agent. His father, Andrew Helton a native of Tennessee, was a pork packer and merchant. His mother, Hannah Woolery, was a native of Indiana. They had eleven children. Absalom clerked in his father’s store and attended the State University of Bloomington. In 1863 he went to Douglas County, Illinois and opened the first hardware store in town and went on to real estate and Insurance agent. He was a Mason.

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Jenny Hawran
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