William F. Axtell

William F. Axtell
birth: 28 Dec 1855 in Solsberry, Greene County, Indiana to Andrew Jackson Axtell and Susan (Gilkerson) Axtell
death: 10 Oct 1935 in Washington, Daviess Co., IN
burial: Oak Grove Cemetery, Washington, Daviess Co., IN

marriage: 17 Oct 1883 at Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN
Clara “Kate” Bollenbacher
birth: 5 Feb 1854 at Bloomington, Monroe Co., IN to George Bollenbacher and Margaret (Shawver) Bollenbacher
death: 8 Apr 1953 in Yolo, California
burial: Oak Grove Cemetery, Washington, Daviess Co., IN

Children of William F. Axtell and Clara “Kate” Bollenbacher:

  • Norrine Axtell, stillborn 1884
  • Josephine Lindley Axtell, b. 19 Dec 1885, d. 7 Dec 1984, m. Charles Taylor Williams, 5 Apr 1910
  • Susan Axtell, b. 7 Nov 1888, d. 13 Dec 1955, m. Carlton Anderson Smith, 28 Dec 1911
  • William Jackson Axtell, b. 17 Jan 1892, d. 29 May 1971, m. Emma Georgia Frank, 24 Nov 1917

William F. Axtell lived In:

William F. Axtell lived in Solsberry until 1873, when his father, Andrew Jackson Axtell, moved his family and his medical practice from Solsberry to Bloomington. William lived in Bloomington until about 1885, when he moved to Washington. He resided in Washington, Indiana for the remainder of his life. The Axtell home was at Seventh and East Main Streets in Washington.

Other Information:

William F. Axtell graduated from Indiana University in 1880. He was a mathematics teacher in the Washington High School. From approximately 1894 to 1913, he was superintendent of schools in Washington. He is often called “Professor Frank” Axtell in news accounts of the time.

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James Axtell
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