John W. Simmons

John W. Simmons
b. June 1873, Sharpsville, Tipton County, Indiana, to John T. and Edith (Crousore) Simmons
d. 15 September 1909, The Philippine Islands

m. about 30 June 1903, The Philippine Islands
Antonina Del Rosario
b. about 1874, The Philippine Islands
d. 1943, The Philippine Islands

Children with Antonina Del Rosario:

  • James W. (1902-1941 married Sergia Beltrano
  • Goldie (1904-bet. 1985-1993)
  • Idadel (b. 1906)
  • John W., Jr. (1908-1943)

The Simmons family arrived in Indiana during the mid-to-late 1840’s. James M. and Hester Jane (Moore) Simmons settled in Howard County, Indiana, where their eldest son John T. Simmons married Edith Crousore, the daughter of Jacob and Anny (Ice) Crousore, in 1849. The couple had eleven children, the youngest of whom was John W. Simmons. John and Edith moved to near Sharpsville, Tipton County, Indiana, in 1867. John was born there in 1873. His mother died in 1877 and his father in 1909. John headed west sometime prior to 1898.

John W. was a resident of Washington when the Spanish-American War erupted in 1898. He enlisted as a private in Company C of the 1st Washington Volunteer Infantry at Camp John R. Rogers near Tacoma on 1 May 1898. The regiment was sent to Manila, The Philippines, in late October. The unit saw action throughout the first half of 1899 before returning to the States in August and being mustered out on 32 October 1899.

John re-enlisted and was serving with the U.S. Army Hospital Corps at Fort Vancouver in June of 1900. By November of that year, he was back in Manila.

During his first tour, Pvt. Simmons met Antonina Del Rosario and the couple was reunited upon his return. The couple married and had five children. One son, a twin to eldest son James, died at birth.

John W. died in September 1909, a little more than a month after his father passed away back home in Sharpsville. Antonina remarried a friend of her late husband and spent a few years living in Nebraska. After the marriage failed, she returned to The Philippines. Her youngest son, John, Jr., died fighting for the Philippine Resistance against the Japanese during WWII.

Although John W. Simmons never returned to the States, several of his grandchildren and greatgrandchildren did. They immigrated in 1977 and have made John’s homeland their own.

Submitted by:
Terry D. Prall
Arcadia FL

7 thoughts on “John W. Simmons

  1. Leo Rullamas

    Thank you very much for the info. I’m Leo Rullamas one of John’s Great Grand Children from Philippines now leaving in Santa Clarita, California, 91387.

  2. James S. Simmons

    Hello Cousin Terry, This is Nora’s older brother James. This is an awesome read of course. Thanks.
    Leo, this is James son of Pablo Simmons. Pablo is the son of James Simmons. James is the son of John W. Simmons. We have relatives from Aringay. The sister of James is Goldie who had 2 sons Felipe & Bartolome. Felipe and Simmons relatives worked together at National Semiconductor in the 80’s in Santa Clara, California.

  3. Jr. Rulllamas

    Hello Everyone
    Thanks for the info. I’m Felipe Rullamas, Jr. One of Goldie Rullamas grand son. Born in Aringay La Union and currently leaving in Santa Clarita, CA 91350

  4. James Ramos

    Oh my god!
    This is amazing.
    Im using Myheritage App and completing my family tree generation.
    And My Grandma told me all the names and found out this post also.
    From my grandma Juliana Ladores Simmons (Mariano) – Her father John Simmons Jr.

  5. James Ranell M. Ramos

    Hi everyone!
    This is amazing discovery.
    My name is James Ranell Mariano Ramos
    I discover this post with the help of MyHeritage App.
    My Grandma name is Juliana Ladores Simmons (Mariano),
    and her father was John Simmons, Jr..

  6. Nikki V

    I’m so glad to come across this page as I’m doing research on my family history.

    My name is Nikki Vidal. My mothers name is Mercedita Simmons. 1/9 children of Edilberto “Berting” Ladores Simmons. He is the son of John. W Simmons Jr.

    We are based in San Francisco Bay Area.
    If there is anyway I can reach out for more information of our ancestors please reach out!

    Blessings to all.


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