Edward James Roberts

Edward James Roberts
b. about 1899, Glam Treorhy, Wales, to William John and Elvira (Llewellyn) Roberts
d. 1958, near Avery, Michigan

Florence [–?–]
b. about 1905, Ohio

Children with Florence [–?–]:

  • Betty J. (b. ca. 1920)
  • Richard (b. ca. 1923)
  • William (b. ca. 1924)
  • Dorothy A. (b. ca. 1925)

Edward immigrated to the United States from Wales in 1904. He lived in Otter Creek Township, Vigo County, Indiana, with his parents. After his mother died in 1912, his father remarried and the family moved to Michigan. William was killed in an auto accident on the Michigan turnpike.

Edward was a dye maker for a steel mill.

Submitted by:
Jennifer Cruse
Terre Haute IN
E-mail: jencruse@msn.com

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