Mary Ann Huber

Mary Ann Huber
b. 15 March 1814, Europe, to Michael and Barbara (Schreiber) Huber
d. 20 May 1894, North Washington, Chickasaw County, Iowa

m. 27 April 1838, Franklin County, Indiana
Martin Beckel/Bachel
b. 2 November 1810, Schirrhein, Alsace Lorraine, France
d. 3 August 1903, North Washington, Chickasaw County, Iowa

Children with Martin Beckel/Bachel:

  • Frederick
  • Louis
  • John
  • Louisa
  • Ursula
  • Barbara
  • Mary A.
  • Robert
  • Elizabeth
  • Caroline
  • Magdalina

The Hubers, Schreibers, and Beckels settled in Oldenburg, Franklin County, Indiana, in the 1830’s. They were instrumental in building the Catholic Church buildings in this town. A small group of them, led by George Beckel, traveled overland to Spillville, Iowa, when the territory was opened to settlement about 1849–1850. The rest of the families, including Mary Ann, followed soon afterward and became successful farmers in the area.

One of the Schreibers said on his naturalization papers that he was born in Switzerland about 1804. The Beckels came from Scherrhein, Alsace Lorraine.

Submitted by:
Kathryn L. Smith
Edina MN

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