Joshua Emmons

Joshua Emmons
b. 28 January 1800, Virginia
d. 19 November 1883, Liberty, Johnson County, Iowa

m. 29 July 1823, Ross County, Ohio
Elizabeth Durham
b. 6 March 1805, Ohio
d. 14 April 1880, Liberty, Johnson County, Iowa

Children with Elizabeth Durham:

  • Amos H. (1825–1891) married Nancy J. [–?–]
  • John E. (b. 1831) married (1) Emily E. Love, (2) Hannah Fessler Miller
  • Mary Jane (1835–1899) married William Henry Loan
  • William (1838–1918) married Mary M. Bowden
  • Miranda (1841–-1912) married Cemiah Snair
  • George Wesley (1844–1907) married (1) Ellen Louisa Bowden, (2) Mary Miller
  • Isaac (1847–1917) married Anna Augusta Potter
  • Elizabeth (1827–1874) married John Keppler
  • Joshua (b. 1826) married Louisa Pretziner

Joshua resided in 1850 in German Township, St. Joseph County, Indiana. He moved to Johnson County, Iowa.

Submitted by:
Patrick Loan
Oxford IA

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